Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: The Spencer Edition

I wanted to remind Breeder's Readers that I am conducting another spunked-up underwear giveaway, to celebrate the four-hundred-reader milestone we passed right around the new year. If you'd like to enter, just visit the contest entry, read the instructions, and make a comment--or drop me an email to say you'd like to enter. I'll be accepting entries all the way through midnight tomorrow, and then we'll have the drawing.

The last time we had this contest, I had several stragglers moaning at me after that they didn't see the contest until it was too late—which means that you need to be visiting more frequently, from my end. So let's not miss this one! I've already got a few loads soaked into the things.

We'll be reviewing several of the answers I've given to questions asked of me on this week, as we usually do on Sundays. The site allows anonymous (or not-so-anonymous) queries, and I've really been getting some good questions of late. Usually I stick to recapping questions from several weeks back, but for this entry I'll be including a couple about my relationship with Spencer that came in a few days ago; I think they're pretty relevant and might allay some concerns or questions that a lot of my readers seem to have.

Of course, if you have questions or concerns of your own, please feel free to use the service to share them.

How old is Spencer?

How did you meet Spencer?
I met him on

So, you've mentioned Spencer's big cock several times now - how big are we talking here?
Basically the same length as mine, but narrower at the head and wider at the base.

Does Spencer know that he is on your blog?
Nope. To be fair, I make sure that he's not easily identifiable by anyone who might know him and read my blog.

If you let Spencer go, truly, you're a fool. You've both been given a rare gift & you're letting it go? SAD, for you.
While I'm glad you recognize what a gift I've been given, it's a shame you feel the need to berate me at the same time. It's not nice, nor is it necessary.

It's fairly easy for an outsider to read my blog and assume that he can tell me how to live my life better than I ever could tell myself. Never forget, however, that your view into my world is only a pin-prick, a peephole that I've created that gives you only a blinkered glimpse into what I see.

I have been given a gift. However, it's not sad in the least; I'm relishing every moment of what I've been given. I consummate it in the flesh, and celebrate it in my recollections. Both of us entered this relationship knowing that would have an end point—an as-yet unspecified end point, but an end point all the same. Many beautiful things in this world only have a season to flourish before they expire. This happens to be one of them, and trust me, I'm appreciating it while it lasts. The true fool, in my mind, is the man who would assume that these gifts last forever, and who takes them for granted.

I think the previous question asked was more a reflection on how all of us who follow your blog are seeing this wonderous relationship with Spencer bloom and grow. And none of us want to see you hurt when it ends. Because we will hurt too for you.
I appreciate the concern behind the question. I honestly do. What I didn't appreciate was being called names. As I said, it was neither necessary nor nice.

My philosophy has always been that if one keeps one's heart and eyes open, life brings all kinds of opportunities. Not every opportunity is going to be of permanent duration, as much as we might like. But they need to be seized, and relished, and appreciated for what they are, regardless of whether they last a night, a month, or several years.

When my time draws to a close with Spencer, it is going to hurt. There's no way around it. Hopefully we can find ways to soften the blow. But to turn away from joy because of the prospect of eventual pain is a cowardly betrayal of life's bounty.

You rim. He rips. Then?
It's never happened to me. I'd hope he'd give me a little warning.

what is the one spot on your body that someone can touch that winds you up really fast.
The sensation of hands or lips on my neck or back drives me absolutely around the bend.

I am so jealous of your tiny waistline! Both of the pictures at the top of your blog show it off well. A tiny waist always makes the piece look even bigger!
Well, thank you. I appreciate that. I'm way too tall and long-limbed ever to think of myself as 'tiny,' but it's nice to know my eating habits pay off.

Do you own a "cock ring"? If so, how many and what style? Leather? Chrome? Rubber? Other?
I own over twenty different cock rings, in leather, chrome, rubber, and weird stretchy materials. My favorites are the heavy chrome, or the thicker, more donut-like rubber rings

I want to fuck you so bad.
As in, to top me? You're welcome to try, I guess. I just don't think it's likely to happen.

Of course, if you just mean to fuck around with me, that's always easily enough done if you're within a reasonable driving distance.

Has your pubic hair changed over time?
The stuff has spread over the decades, but it's still soft and blond.


  1. As the entries in the contest pile up (and the odds of any particular person winning decline), I'm inspired to ask:

    Is there any chance of a consolation prize for those of us who do NOT win? I'm thinking that, for example, it would be a great "second place award" for all the rest of us to have the opportunity to watch you deposit a "final load" of sperm into those briefs on a cam4 broadcast sometime. Any chance of you appearing there? (Just hoping!!!)

  2. Congrats on the number 400+ landmark -- quite an achievement. Consider me entered. Oh God did I really just say that?

  3. Hey Rob - you have two milestones to celebrate - the 400th reader, and the relationship with Spencer. How wonderful and of course your one man is more important than all those readers, all of whom want the best for you or they would not be regular followers. Enjoy the pleasures of that fine man and keep sharing the wonders with us.

  4. Jonking,

    That's an interesting idea and one I certainly will consider. My only problem is that my cam time tends to be extremely spontaneous, so predicting or scheduling a time could be a little dicey.

    I confess that sometimes I have problems shooting on camera too, since I prefer fucking over masturbating...but I'd have no problems showing off for any of my readers. :-)

  5. Loki,

    I've entered you. And yes, we both just said those things.

  6. Jayson,

    I celebrate my relationship right here in these very pages. Thanks for being here to help me. :-)