Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reader Asses: #6

Every time I post a Reader Asses feature, I get a deluge of comments and emails and tweets, all saying, Post MY ass already! Gentle readers, fear not. Your asses will be plucked out of my mailbox and slammed up on my blog wall, where they'll be spread out for everyone on the internet to see.

Pardon me while I wipe this perspiration off my brow. I got a little excited, writing that last paragraph.

The Reader Asses feature, of course, is what happens when I demand my loyal fans send me photographs of their hindquarters, and they willingly and gratefully obey. I tell you: the world would be a much simpler and pleasant place if everyone listened to me. There'd be a lot less lube available, but everyone would be happier. I am still happily collecting asses for the feature. If you'd like to contribute to the project, please read my original post and follow the guidelines as set out within.

And I swear—I'm posting the photos in the order in which I received them, more or less. If you haven't seen your butt up on my blog, don't worry. It's coming.

So are several of my readers, I suspect, after this week's batch.


When I said 'more or less', about posting images in the order I received them, this is where I meant 'less.' Faithful butt spotters may remember young Master E. from the Reader Asses #4 feature, in which  he sported a vibrating dildo up his tender young hole. Master E. wanted me to know he was an underwear fetishist. When he sent in these juicy photos to prove it, well . . . I thought I owed it to my followers to share the new photos of an old favorite.

The kid is beautiful, I think you guys will agree.


Regular commenter NovaStorm shared this photograph of himself posing in his favorite position. All right, posing in my favorite position. That is one fine rump he's got—and I love the shot of the balls, swinging freely below.

Great work there, NovaStorm. I am in love with that butt!


Faithful reader Duane has sent in three photos that tell a story of sorts. The oldest story of all. First we see him being fucked, then we see the load dripping out of his hole, and then we see his sexy body laying back, enjoying the fruits of good sex.

Duane's a hot one—and I know nothing about him save that he's got a sexy, furry butt and a body built for fucking. Sometimes knowing that is enough.


Know what I love about TomRyan's butt? Well, quite a few things. For one thing, it's round and full; it's the kind of ass into which I could bury my face and never come up for air. I like his trim waist and big balls, swinging between his legs. I like that little flip of hair we see peeking up over his shoulder. But mostly I love that furry, inviting cleft. Your photo gives me wood, Tom.

Tom is a loyal reader who says my blog has made him laugh, cry, and get horny. I'd say we've already run the gamut together, buddy. Let's consummate the deal.


My reader BritBoy wrote me a nice email in which he said that he was from Merrie Olde England, and that he liked to read my blog after waking up, with his morning tea. I had a picture of a quaint British gentleman in his pajamas and dressing gown, and then he slammed me with these photos:

Holy fuck, BritBoy. You can't DO that to a guy. Now I'm going to have to make that trip to the UK, just so I can get a shot at that incredible ass. Are you a porn model? You really ought to be. That first photo alone is going to make many of my fetishist readers very, very happy pups.

Thank you to this week's asses!

Of course, all of this week's reader asses are pretty fantastic in their own ways. Let's give each and every one of them a round of applause for exposing themselves like this.

And remember: Send me your asses!


  1. So many good, lickable asses. Is Duane only a bottom because his cock would be nice to sit on as well? ;)

  2. Thanks for the nice comments Rob! Made my day! :-)

  3. So you trying them all out. That would be fun.

  4. I love you, TomRyan.

  5. I have enjoyed all the asses posted--and then there's BritBoy. Grab your passport, Rob. I'll meet you at the airport!! Just remember to take the cockring off this time, before we hit security...

  6. I knew that first photo of BritBoy would make him immensely popular. All these guys are hot, though!

  7. You'd probably get less emails if you post where in time you are in your posting. So if you said "OK I've posted asses thru Feb 28", and the guy sent his pics on March 2, then he's not gonna tweet/email you about it :-)