Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: Remedial Formsping Edition

Every week for months and months now I've been doing this weekly roundup, because it's a nice way to collect little snippets and bits that wouldn't make an entire blog entry on their own.

In a weird way, sometimes the individual questions get more responses, privately, via email, than do my regular, much-labored-over entries. I've had some of what I thought were off-the-cuff remarks really strike a chord in some of my readers, and the follow-up conversations have really been both interesting and touching.

I've had a fun experience there-despite the people who use the anonymous nature of the site to be rude, every once in a while. Most of the questions have been both provocative and thought-inducing. And it's odd how people remember what I've answered, only to toss the answers back at me months later.

One of my readers pointed out to me this week, however, that it may be that while many people are used to me plugging and know that I've included a little widget in the sidebar of my blog for people to submit questions, many might not have visited the site and poked around. He pointed out that some readers might not know, for example, that by following the link I provide every week, it's possible to read all nearly twelve hundred questions I've been asked over the last year and a half. It's possible to poke around and see how other people have answered some of the questions I've answered, as well, and set up your own profiles and get your friends and networked buddies both to ask and answer your questions.

As long as the queries I get aren't too invasive, spammy, or whiny, I'll address them. Eventually.

Speaking of backlogs, I'm still working on my emails, my friends. I've whittled my accumulated emails from my move down to about half—which is good progress!

And now, onto the questions.

I want to create a wishlist on a site with sex toys. What are the most trustworthy sites and with a satisfactory variety of products?

I had good success with . However, Amazon stocks some sex toys as well. My own Amazon wish list is back up, for those who are absolutely itching to be my sugar daddy.

Have u ever opened the bathroom door accidentally, while someone being naked inside or peeing?

Not at home, no, because the bathroom doors don't tend to stay closed here. (I mean, what's the point? Everyone knows what everyone else is doing in there.) And nudity is not really an issue at home.

I did once accidentally open a bathroom door at a friend's home when I was a kid and found his sister taking a massive dump on the other side. I think I was more mortified by the experience than she was.

If you knew the world would end soon, what would you do? Would you prepare for a religious reckoning or become thoroughly hedonistic? Or??

This is a question I think everyone should ask themselves every day, really, because I think it's important to live with the knowledge that our time here is not permanent, or unlimited.

Everything in our world can change on the turn of a dime. Our health can easily go into sudden reversal with one test at the doctor's, with one accident, with one wrong turn on a busy street. Our loved ones can find themselves in peril at any time. Bad things happen constantly. We shouldn't take for granted the good, because it doesn't always last.

Instead, recognizing the good for what it is, and celebrating it, should be our constant goal in life. It might sound cheesy to advocate living every day as if it was the last, but I think if you ask those who adopt that philosophy, they never regret it.

Have you ever had a specific moment that you recall when you felt "old"? What happened, how old were you, and why did it affect you?

When I fucked a kid who had literally no clue who the Beatles were, I felt very, very old.

Two truths, one lie. GO!

In no particular order:

1. I've never ingested an illegal substance.
2. I don't give a shit about what people say about me.
3. I've never had a moving violation or even a parking ticket.

Have you ever written a porn story?

You've actually read this blog, right?

Have you ever been caught touching yourself, sexually?

I got caught getting screwed in a restroom when I was fifteen, so after that I was pretty careful to be aware of my surroundings when taking care of business. No, I haven't been.

How would you define "addiction to sex"?

I'd probably define it much more narrowly than many people would, especially those in the media who seem to assume that any many who has sex with multiple partners suffers from sexual addiction. Fuck that. They're just doing what men do.

A true sexual addiction would be one in which the guy is rendered incapable of holding down a job because of his inability to stop having sex, or forced him to lose his friends and family, or interfered with the actual quality of his life and livelihood. Calling a guy who screws around recreationally an addict demeans those who have a true problem to confront.

Obviously it's your history and not fiction, but does Jim get his "just desserts," such as it is, sometime in the story? Or do things just peter out? I should hope that there is some karmic retribution in store here...

If you'd like him to get hit by a truck or stricken with some dire disease, no. I think sometimes satisfaction has to come by knowing someone caught in a prison of his own motivations and pettiness is its own punishment.

Is the sadistic side of you part of your past or of your present as well?

I believe everyone has the capacity for great kindness as well as cruelty. Attempting to suppress the latter only makes it more uncontrollable, instead of muffling it completely.

In a way, they're both tools in an arsenal. A good artisan know when to employ them, and at what appropriate time.


  1. This section of you're blog has become stale. Time for something new.

  2. 12:48 Anonymous,

    My reply to this kind of comment is always going to be the same. No one's making you read this blog. If you don't like it, fuck off and read something else. It's no skin off my back.

    If it were stale, the questions would dry up--and they haven't, by a long shot. Feel free to comment elsewhere in the future.

  3. I remember there was one day where I just went through and read all the questions and answers. It was tiring, but also really fun. Shortly after that was when I finally made my own Formspring account. Love having it. And I still love when you come up on my feed. So forget the idea that this is stale. It is way too fun for that.

    And someday I should tell you about a time I got caught. It wasn't as bad as yours with the police and everything. It's more like one of those stories that suck at first but are hilarious later on.


  4. How would a one day a week blog on formspring questions asked be stale?

    That reader who pointed out people might not know formspring is a real place you can go to and read all the questions asked you, must be one of the most smartest people in the world to mention it to you.

    Oh wait, I said I was an idiot and didn't know that formspring was a real place didn't

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  6. There's always a Debbie Downer in the crowd.
    (And she's a TRIPLET when it comes to blogs).

  7. I had fun deciding which of your 3 statements might be a lie.

  8. Mr. GHJ,

    No shit, right? I know you know.

  9. 10:15 Anonymous,

    And which one did you decide upon?

  10. Another couple of blog entries really. I...was not careful enough when I was younger. I got caught a couple of times.