Friday, April 4, 2014

Adventures with a Cum Rag

Remember that old sock of mine I used as a cum rag for a month, then gave away to commemorate the fourth anniversary of my blog?

Yeah. That'd be the one. Right there in that cocksucker's mouth.

Well, the winner of the prize was so turned on to receive a memento so thickly encrusted with my DNA that he decided that since I was too far to deliver my sperm in person, he'd get some of it in his hold by any means possible.

So he greased himself up and prepared his hole.

Then he fucked the sock in, and just let his hole absorb all that dried semen.

Then he took those photos just for me and you guys.

I'd call that a devoted reader, wouldn't you?

And now he's a favorite reader, as well. I'm sure you guys can see why. Certainly made my day.


  1. Wow, hot pics and that is devotion. well done

  2. By any means necessary!

  3. Sadly from the original post the sock also had semen from the Runt and others so was contaminated by the juices of mere mortals and did not contain the pure nectar of the one true Breeder God. Now that would have been a sock to treasure and worship. :-)

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