Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I’m fucking him, but I’m thinking of you.

When I forced my way inside an hour ago, it was tight. It resisted. Now his hole is wide open. Sloppy. It’s oozing two of my loads onto his floral bedspread. Those pussy lips are stretched wide. They’re inflamed from the fucking, made puffy and swollen from the constant thrusting of my dick. He’s turned-out, worn like an old rubber band. He feels good. I could fuck this ass for days.

But I’m still thinking of you.

Maybe it’s the decor. We’re fucking on a massive torture chamber of a bed. The room is overstuffed and overdecorated. There are tapestries hanging everywhere. The wallpaper is flocked. There’s not an overhead lamp—but there is a heavy chandelier. There are lamps done up in red velvet, and chairs that look like they were lifted from the Game of Thrones set. With all the triptychs and gold-framed icons and lit votive candles and heavy furniture littering the joint, it’s like we’re fucking in the goddamned Cloisters.

Maybe it’s the guy himself. He’s a little more feminine than I remember, a little more perfumed. His grunts are more like gentle moos. He kisses well, but his breath is slightly sour. I could power through and perform regardless. Fuck, I’ve already bred him twice, despite those minor details.

Because it’s not his performance that’s at stake here. The guy’s making me feel good. He sucks without a gag reflex, so I can grab the back of his head and skullfuck him without having to worry about going too deep. Fuck, the cocksucker likes it deep. His hole is nice and clean, so I can whip it out when I’ve fucked and know he’ll clean me off like a good boy. No, it’s not his performance at all.

But a little distracted, is all. He’s kneeling on the side of his four-poster monstrosity, his head buried in one of the dozen pillows, his hard uncut cock pointing straight down to the floor. His ass is wet. Glistening. He’s a tall man, a smooth man. And I’m thinking of you, small and furry. I’m imagining it’s your hole I’m stretching. I’m imagining the sounds you would make as my head nudges against your lips, parts them, and makes it home deep inside your cum-filled hole.

I’m not usually like this. I’m usually in the moment. I don’t like for my head to be elsewhere—it’s not fair to the guy. It’s not good for me.

But damn. I wish he were you, today.

It’s you I think of when I guide him forward into the middle of the bed and assume my place behind him. When I plant soft kisses on his neck, on his shoulders, down his spine, I think of the pleasure they’d bring to your flesh, not his. I think of how you’d quiver. In my head I hear the thanks you give as my meat slithers to the base and swells at your core. I think of your sharp intake of breath, how you’d arch your back, how you’d lift your head and tilt it as if to look at me, even though your eyes are still closed.

I think of holding you in my arms and letting you know that you’re desired. That you’re beautiful. That you’re loved.

When my fingers dance down his spine, it’s your spine I feel. When I grind savagely into the hole I’ve already made mine, I’m thinking about you, sixty miles away. You’re probably still in your shorts. You’re probably still watching TV and thinking about the day ahead.

I’m wondering if you ever think about me, this way.

My third load floods him after a flurry of sharp, short thrusts into his deepest recesses. He cranes his neck, speechless, to stare at me with wide open eyes. I avoid his glance as my nuts empty into his gut. I don’t want to be in this moment, good as it feels. I want to be inside you. I want to be marking you, to be seeding you.

I’m fucking him. But god damn, am I ever thinking of you.


  1. It's been awhile since your last blog, and now you tease us with the wonderment of who the 'you' is. You're so naughty for doing that. :-)

  2. The runt? That's sweet.

  3. Hi Rob,

    You've been missed by many of us -- by me for certain. But I must say your return to the blog world is a stellar one! Of course we wonder about the object of your affection is -- I think Anonymous 7:08 might have hit upon it, but I'll be you'll never tell us!

    Paul, NYC

  4. Hey Rob,

    You have been missed and hope all is well with you. After re-reading your latest and stroking out my third load, I have figured out that the "you" is of course, me.

  5. Wow, Rob! This story was pulling me in two directions - hot and horny, as expected, and distracted. I've no idea who "you" is, but that he can distract you says quite a bit. I hope you get time soon with "you". I hope you know what I mean.

  6. sometimes it's impossible to live in the moment, no matter how much we try, no matter how much we know we should.

    you've been missed.

  7. Tsk. I was just certain you were thinking of me, until you got to the 'small and furry' part. One of those rare moments when I wish I wasn't so tall. Sigh.

  8. What a great way for you to return to your blog after your time away from posting. It was a sublime pleasure to be inserted into the center of this post. I think of you also and savor my thoughts of you in the your absence.
    Thank you.

  9. Always great to read you Rob. I'm short and furry but i'm not 60 miles away and i'm sure he wasn't thinking about me hehe ;( Nice post once again and i would say like all the others, you've been missed my dear friend. Every one of us love you. Thanks for being who you are, kind, generous and very loving. xox


  10. Sounds like you are in love. Wish i was your object of affection. Assume he is reading your blog and knows who he is. He must be so touched. New love.

  11. Excellent story, as usual. But it's been a month since you last posted. Fans are probably beginning to wonder why we haven't heard from you. Please let us know that you are OK, not incapacitated due to illness or injury.
    Cody in CT

  12. Sending you good wishes for health and happiness.