Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Round with the Runt

The runt’s hole is a sloppy little pucker, red and raw from my teeth, tongue, and beard. When I draw my face away from between his ass cheeks, the car’s cold air hits the wet flesh. The shock makes it contract and expand, like a winking eye.

It’s quiet at this end of the parking lot, which runs alongside the New Haven line. Every few minutes a Metro North train roars by, obscuring his whimpers as it rattles along on the tracks and stops at the station this parking lot services. A few commuter cars still pepper this remote section of the lot, so far away from the station that it would take a brisk three-minute walk to make the train. By and large, though, this time of night the lot is deserted. In the back seat of my car, parked in a pool of shadow, we’re invisible from anyone who might drive by. Invisible from the banks of apartments that rise four stories above us, over the empty lot. Invisible from the world.

I’ve been eating at the runt’s hole for a good half-hour. He’s been loving it. His cock is dripping pre-cum like a faucet. I’ve told him not to touch his meat. His skinny legs are up in the air, sometimes resting on my shoulders, sometimes resting on the back of the driver’s seat. Most of the time, though, his completely naked body is curled into as tight a ball as possible. He’s conserving heat. He’s pushing up that hole, exposing it, giving me the maximum possible access. He wants more. He wants my face buried in that private place, and he’d take it forever, if we had world enough and time.

But I haven’t picked him up from his folks’ place to munch on his butt indefinitely. It’s awkward in the back seat, even with the seats pushed up, but I perch my left leg on the seat as my right squats on the floor. I raise myself up and align my dick with the boy’s hole. I use my right hand to spread a glob of spit over my meat. My left hand cups, then covers his mouth, pressing down firmly. I feel his head make a dent into the seat cushion.

Then I cock my head, like a curious bird. Ready? I’m asking him silently.

The runt begins to nod. I’ve already anticipated him. Before he’s given assent, I’m driving in.

I hadn’t planned it, but an Acela speeds by at that moment. The high-speed Amtrak is a rush of noise and wind that shakes my car as it passes—or perhaps it’s the runt’s attempt to escape the cock stretching open his asshole. He’s still yelling when nothing’s left of the train’s passing but a few still-vibrating signs, and the memory of an echo. “You want me to stop?” I ask him.

No. He shakes his head no, panicked I might pull out. His eyes have a watery film covering them that reflects what traces of light seep into the car.

“I could pull out and drive your scrawny ass home,” I drawl. “Is that what you want?”

No. He shakes his head more desperately, trying to dislodge my fingers. “Do it,” he says. It’s cold enough in the car that his breath spirals up toward me, like smoke. “Fuck it,” he begs. "Fuck that hole."

The little runt brings out the sadist in me. I shove the rest of my meat in, without mercy. My hand claps down on his mouth to muffle the rest of his yell. His legs flail helplessly in the air to either side. For a moment there’s panic in his eyes, but ultimately he knows there’s a price to pay for all that pleasure I’ve given him. He’s paying, now.

Soon enough, it starts paying back to him. Mere seconds after I’ve hit bottom, his body is shifting and accommodating me in ways that only come from an experienced hole. Then he starts nodding. Yes, he’s saying without words. Yes. Yes.

It’s okay to remove my hand. I pull it away from his mouth. His breath is ragged and heavy when I take one stroke, then another. His hole is the warmest thing on the earth at that moment, and my dick is growing harder and hotter by the second.

The third stroke triggers something in him. He’s already breathing like he’s run a four-minute mile. Now his chest heaves, and his ass bucks so strongly that I almost slide out of him. His hands grasp at my hips, though, keeping me in.

He’s shooting. The first spurt arrives with such velocity that I can hear it hit his skin, like a tightened drum. He shakes and quivers through the rest of it, loud in his pleasure.

I haven’t even touched him yet.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers. I can hear him trying to moisten his lips. "Oh fuck. Sorry."

“Why?” I ask.

“Because I came too quick?” It’s more of a question than a reply.

“Do you think we’re done here?” I ask. I pull my dick out, all save for the head. That I leave inside, marking my place.

“No,” he says, in a tiny voice. Even in the silence, he sounds like he’s speaking from the bottom of a well.

“No. . . ?”

“No sir,” he amends.

“That’s right, son,” I tell him, pushing him back into the seat. Then I drive back inside him, hard. I’m awarded with a cry of need that borders on distress as once more I split open that hole.

I was just getting started.


  1. I do like the way you treat him. It reminds me a bit of when I was younger and bottoming regularly. Plus, I love that he gets into it. Great post.


    1. I'm glad you think so, Ace. (It kind of looks like you and cyberi4a were the only ones who liked it, I guess.)

    2. I'm sure more guys liked it--even more than we who commented. We were just the few who had something to say.

  2. """""For a moment there’s panic in his eyes, but ultimately he knows there’s a price to pay for all that pleasure I’ve given him. He’s paying, now."""""

    That's so hot and erotic.

  3. Rob my friend,
    I just love those posts about you and him. Well with everybody you are with. You are giving us so much details that we are all aroused by it, well i am. You always know how to write everything so specifics and you give us the chance to visualize it in our mind. Nobody does that better than you, Ace is also one who does that.
    Thank you for this amazing post one more time sexy man.


  4. My hard dick is telling me I liked that post.

    1. Well, good. I won't argue with your hard dick.

  5. Some of us have only just read it, Rob. Some of us are jealous we didn't meet you when we were runts age.



    1. I know I'm coming off like a sour curmudgeon, Jamie. It's just rare that I have a post for which I think, Man, I actually like this one, and then when it had gotten only two comments after it'd been up for over twelve hours, I was a little baffled.

  6. Loved it.That young dude is lucky to have you to fuck him.I can imagine the pleasure you give him.

  7. Rob-

    Holy Fuck....that took me back to my early teens in lightning speed. A skinny adolescent, still smooth, but so wanting to offer my body for a Man's the back of a Torino perched on a hill in the middle of nowhere....being bred for the first time and wanting it so bad..knowing what it meant to surrender to Him...being violated and feeling that pain rack me with pleasure and unable to control my own of the first few wet ones...

    Your young man, Runt takes me back in time: simple, uncomplicated and wanton desire.

    1. Tyler,

      I think your comment outdid anything I wrote in my entry. Nice job.

  8. Well, Rob...I for one was so incredibly turned on by it that I got all flustered and couldn't remember my commenting password.

    In a word, hot as blazes and beautifully written. OK, six words.

    May we expect a continuation of this tale, since it ends with you "just getting started"? Perhaps with (dare I say it) pictures of this young man, or at least of his skinny little butt?

    1. Jnk,

      I think you know how this story ends. I'm sure Runt will be making future blog appearances!

  9. Dammit! [looks around] um, excuse me, I just need to go--adjust myself.

  10. you had my cunt itching reading about how you fucked him till he creamed and kept going. in fact, i grabbed a bottle of poppers, rubbed some of my spit on my hole and fingered myself until i was a good 10 minutes late for class.

    Pakistani Pussyboi

  11. Rob,

    That post was so fucking HOT!
    The image of Runt being pale skinny and legs folded, writhing under the sensations of you rimming him, then you drive your cock in as the train whooshes by? And he cums so hard it splats on his abs? FUCKING HOT!
    And THEN you have him call you SIR and fuck him hard, giving him the whole nine yards?

    I grew a pre-cum-dripping boner just for you at reading that story.


  12. Breeder,

    So much power. Love having a bitch who begs for it and relinquishes all his power to you. They love it even more when they figure out it really is about the dom being in charge. They are there to be used. Hot post.


  13. Rob,

    Fuck to be treated to such pleasure.....would love to be fucked by you next to the train track or on the damn train....fuck and use my hole for your pleasure.