Friday, April 29, 2011

Open Forum Friday: Cocksuckers

The other night I found myself being hounded by a guy on Manhunt who wanted to give me a blow job.

I told him up front that I love getting head, but I rarely, rarely shoot from it. I went through the explanation I always seem to make: that I rarely will agree to meet solely for a blow job because when I don’t shoot, I feel badly. And if I’m pressured to shoot when I don’t want to or can’t, it’s definitely not going to happen.

But the guy was nice, and kind of good-looking in a goofy way. He told me that in that context, he didn’t care if I got off—he just wanted to suck on a very big dick for a little while. So I invited him over.

We went up to my bedroom. I dropped my pants. He got to work. At first, the sensations of his mouth on my dick were pretty pleasant. Not very long after, however, I started to feel less like I was getting sucked off and more like the guy thought if he pumped my dick long and hard enough, he’d bring up well water. “I am kind of more into a slow and sloppy blow job,” I directed him.

He went back to sucking for about thirty more seconds. Then once again his hand latched onto my meat and began flying back and forth over it. I had to stop him. It wasn’t pleasant. It just hurt.
“You do remember you said you weren’t going to be in a hurry to try to get me off, right?” I asked.

He ignored me and started beating harder. “I know I can do it,” he growled. “Just give me a chance.”

Awkward. I had to detach him from my dick and gently send him home. I’m not sure why he even came over, after all my caveats and warnings, if he was going to be like that. It’s not an uncommon phenomenon, either.

Part of me thinks I’m just kind of hard-wired for fucking. It’s what turns me on the most. Getting head feels good. But when I’ve mounted a guy and am sliding in and out of his wet hole, it’s better than good. It’s right.

Another part of me wonders if I’ve just run into some guys who give spectacularly bad blow jobs. One of my readers shared with me a half-facetious, half-dead-serious open letter to cocksuckers that he’d posted to Craigslist. Let’s see how long it takes before it’s flagged and removed, he joked with me. I read through the thing and you know what? It resonated.

With his permission, I’m reposting it below.

Dear Cocksuckers, 
I have a tip for you. If I present you with my steely hard cock, and after a couple minutes of your attacking it, it starts getting soft, I'd recommend that you not continue to attack it even harder and faster. If you do, don't be surprised when it gets even softer. 
Not everyone enjoys having their cock practically ripped from their body, put in a death grip, or jacked and bobbed on so fast it makes for an entirely unrelaxing experience. Besides all of this, a hand job is not a blow job. 
Then when I take control of your head to show you how to do it, my cock gets all steely again, and I let you take over again, why do you go back to your old ways only to soften me again? 
Then when I lightly and slowly jack in your mouth to show you how to do it, my cock gets all steely again, and I let you take over again, why do you go back to your old ways only to soften me again? 
Are you really that unobservant...that unteachable? The worst of you are the ones who are all like "pick me, pick me, you won't regret it." I always do regret it as it seems you're so damned sure of your skills, that you can't be bothered to tune in. 
Oh, and I really don't like to have my nipples ripped off of my chest either. My God, they're still burning from last Sunday. So when I brush your hand away, get the message. 
Why am I posting this? It's because the last four blow jobs I've gotten have been baaad, and since you all seem to be tripping all over each other to get a fat dick and wad in our mouth, I thought I'd give the teachable among you a leg up. 
7.5 thick cut leaking inches 
PS...I've never understood why cocksuckers post or reply with their dick pics...especially only dick pics. I just don't get the relevance.
Like I said, the rant resonated. It does always seem to me that the worst oral experiences I’ve had come from the men who badger me with promises that I won’t regret picking them. The men who think that attacking my dick harder and faster and with more violence is going to make me produce a payload more quickly are pretty much deluded.

So in today’s Open Forum Friday, I’m curious about your own experiences with oral sex. Are my ranting reader and I isolated cases, or is the plague of poor cocksuckers more common than we think? What makes a bad blow job, for you? Or more to the point, what makes a really good one? If you think you’ve got the mad skills, step up and share with us your trade secrets.

After all, the more good sex going around, the happier we’ll all be. Right?


  1. I definitely don't think I have mad skills. More to the point, I'd imagine I'm quite out of practice. But the rant did strike a nerve. I've been so - ahem - on my own lately, that for me the best blowjob is one that ends up with me jerking off in my partner's mouth while his tongue is licking/touching my head, so that I can shoot in his mouth.

    But really, I guess I'm the kinda guy who keeps a deathgrip on my dick while bating that a blowjob is never never never tight enough. Granted lately an ass is rarely tight enough as well. So I think the ideal situation for me is for there to be porn playing (hot, piggy, bb porn) while I'm fucking a bottom. And at least for the time that he and I are fucking for him to STFU, cause otherwise my brain's never going to get there. LOL

    But oral: I never have sex just for oral. It's pretty to watch, but gets boring after a while.

    Oh, and also as a bottom, I prefer the load in my ass anyway. My buddy Darren could cum in my mouth while I gave him a blowjob (though I prefered him fucking me), but he's the exception - most of the times I've given blowjobs, other guys would be so uncommunicative, that I really didn't know what was pleasing and what wasn't. But once I gave my ass up, I could tell.

  2. I must be one of the fortunate ones. Any mouth will do and any blowjob seems to do the trick. Maybe it helps that I don't have a huge dick and I'm not a top. I know Rob that you've written about some successful blowjobs (ie Scuffy, I think) plus a couple more so it's not always a hopeless cause. Maybe there is something to be said about being mostly locked into a certain feel. C'est la vie. Just keep on fucking down the road.

  3. Man, the part about getting one's cock ripped off made me flinch because I recently had a gut do something similar with a blow job. To the point where it hurt and I had to make him stop. Later I looked at my cock and he had scraped some of the skin off. I was really pissed because for a few days it hurt to even get hard. I'm also not a fan of the guys who only work the top 2 inches and then gag when you try to push any father in. I work to take a cock when I give a blow job, I expect other guys to as well. I -can- shoot a load from a blowjob, but it has to be a really good one. Most of the time though, if it isn't leading to fucking, I have to jerk myself off at the end. And so few guys even know what to do with balls. Maybe it is because I live on a campus and don't have access to more experienced guys, but then again the guy who tore my dick up was 39, so that can't be right.


  4. steve in vancouverApril 29, 2011 at 9:47 AM

    Hi Rob
    Still following, just not responding as often but this post made me laugh at its truthfulness. It would be my belief that the best sexual experiences (fucking, sucking or even just a handjog, involve a connection. I do not mean love or particularly emotional, I mean the ability to read the signs. I have given many blowjobs in my life, some successful, some not so much. I have found the ability to read the body language and notice the reactions will most likely lead to success. Follow the clues (overt or subtle) and it will usually work. I gather from following your posts that you do have a connection on some level and when you don't it does not work. It is my belief that anyone who says they are the best at giving tend to forget we are not all built the same. I love the challenge of blowing someone who says it does not work for them, but I am honest enough with myself to realize they may be right. It is still fun trying but it does involve using all five senses. Giving pleasure is an amazing thing, but you have to pay attention to succeed.
    Keep up the posts and I would love to spend some time giving you the pleasure you deserve.

  5. I too feel compelled to comment on the subject, because I LOVE GETTING SUCKED OFF.

    I love the slow unpredictable nature of the bj. While some love being deep throated, I love the top two inches played with, licked, sucked and nursed on like a calf on it's mother's teat. I too like it slow and passionate.

    And to emphasis a point you already made... a hand job is not a blow job!

    I know some of you cock suckers out there don't have the stamina to last the 15 or 20 minutes of sucking that I need to blast off. I say it's worth a try anyway, but if you just keep it up, without getting panicked, then I'll reward you with a few pearls of jizz.....unless you're that guy who pulls off at the last minute and finishes me off by hand. (curses....foiled again!)

  6. The thing that really separates the ho-hum BJ from the eyes-rolling-into-the-back-of-my-head one is undoubtedly passion and enthusiasm. Of course, there are many technical aspects that come into play, but even the most experienced, tongue-twisting mouth would be boring if there was no desire behind it. There is nothing sexier for me than when the person blowing me is performing enthusiastically and getting turned on while doing so.

  7. Sucking cock

    Ah, what a pleasure!

    First, make sure the men are divided from the boys, and lets state what you need for a good blowjob. A giver and a taker(sucker)

    The "givers" can be divided in 3 categories:
    The passive giver
    The active giver
    The right giver

    A passive giver. With this one you have to put a lot of effort in, if you would like to please him, as all he does is lie and/or sit down and let you pleasure him while enjoying a cigarette, drink or something else.

    The active gever. This one takes the matter into his own hands and will be very dominant and thorough while he fucks your pretty throat. Something you should be well prepared for and should not complain about afterwards.

    The right giver, who takes a middle ground between passive and active giving. He will give you your first approach towards his cock to continue to act as you may like, but soon will let you notice who is in charge. You do get the change to lengthen the pleasure as he may fill your mouth and throat.

    I’m just putting my thoughts out there.

    Now, the taker/sucker. (I am writing this down with an oral movie -Skull Fuck- playing in the background and my experience of last night playing in my head, to have some consideration, I hope I express it well/properly)

    First: DO NOT HURRY, DO NOT FORCE, indicate that you're HUNGRY, be PASSIONATE about sucking cock. The giver always determines where and when it’s going to happen.

    Then, when you meet, get on your knees, show your humility, your head leveled with his crotch, looking up at him in appreciation and gratitude for what is to come.
    With foreplay: Your head in his crotch, pushing and rubbing your head or with your hands, grab the bulge, SMELL, a crotch has a separate men smell, which works hypnotizing. Unwrap the gift calmly, or let the giver decide what comes off.
    If there is underwear as an intermediate layer then stop and rub the hardened cock again, sucking the cock and wetting the cock through the fabric is also nice. PLAY, extend the pleasure, let yourself be guided by instinct and orders.
    When the cock is coming out, by lowering an elastic band or by taking the cock out through the hole in the underwear or simply by opening the pants with no underwear, be surprised and delighted, show your admiration, look up and behold your donors gilded look.
    What will happen next is a special bonding moment.

  8. Smell the cock, inhale his scent, go quietly to work. Careful with your teeth, VARY.
    Everything must be addressed. Do not go to work like a mad man, but everything must be worked over little by little. Smell and sniff the balls, lick them, take them 1 by 1 in your mouth, just let them roll in there, take them both and suck them into your mouth, tickle them a bit. Let the dick rest on your forehead. Work your tongue towards the head, go down or up the shaft, and if you are already licking the dickhead, reach for the glans, lick at the pisshole, lick it, tease it, maybe there is a prize to find! Enjoy the taste of it, let your mouth become mastered by the sensation. The ridge of the head has some nice spots to give attention to.

    Take the cock slowly but confident, if you're hungry, I repeat, beware of your teeth. Do not lick deep at once, lick to where you can reach, make the cock WET with your spit, sniff poppers if necessary if you want/can. Pay lots of attention to the head, it has the most sensitive spots. It doesn’t matter if the cock escapes from your mouth, let him go quietly over your face, it might trigger some nice feelings, or your beard/stubble might arrouse the glans/dickhead more.
    LISTEN, the giver will show his appreciation by making groaning noises or horny words. You do not always answer a question, leave your mouth to it and give the response by adding some more suction, show your appreciation for this gift. Maybe your giver adds his hands to your head/neck and clamp you down, ACCEPT this, leave them. He has control over your mouth, do what he says. After he has given you some non-verbal guidance, as he has shown you how he likes it, ADDAPT to it, it's the rhythm or way in which he currently wants to be sucked.
    Apply pressure with your throat, let him slide in the full cock. My experience is that the slower you go down on a cock on its way to the base, as it slowly fills your throat, while the giver has a spectacular view of what you are doing, enjoying the view of a tight mouth around his genitals, the more erotic and hot the experience, because a slow cock entering and going out of a mouth/throat, gets more pressured on all the parts and feels every ridge and tightness there is in your moist tunnel.

    Maybe you can go down on it deep for a few seconds. Take a good inhale and go deep! Relax your throat muscle and let it slide in. Then, tighten your throat around the cock as the cock is deep inside you. While logged deep in your throat, lick the balls with your tongue where you can reach. If the giver wants to hold you there, leave him, but with a short tap on the legs, you can gently tell him that you no longer can maintain the depth, come up for air, preferrably through your nose, leaving the dickhead in your mouth to be nurtured, take another breath and repeat the process. With lots of spit, you can also massage a cock. Not harsh! It can not come off! Treat it, as you like your cock to be treated, give it a slow and good massage. Perhaps the giver likes a jerk-off or a massage. With your flat hand full of spit, make gentle circular motions over the glans. Always monitor the response of the giver. Think right away what your next step will be if he does not respond or reacts unpleasant. Change positions if necessary, let the giver stand for you, sit or let him lie down. Put yourself somewhere standing/sitting/kneeling where he wants you to.
    Go to work well thought, know that, if good work delivered, a great reward awaits you.
    Swallow, if you like swallowing, or have him squirt it on you if you wish. This is obviously something you and your giver must be in-sync about, as is the relationship between you two. You know soon enough if you're compatible.

    I’m probably forgetting something..... :-P
    Enough said for now.

    Oh yes: ENJOY! RELAX! And let YOURSELF GO!


    PS: Don’t eat anything one or two hours before the session.

  9. Oh, wow...YES. I think it's our payback for having big dicks--having it mauled as if it were just a piece of meat from the deli--my cock is so heavy guys treat it as if it were a salami. And often until it HURTS! I NEVER hook up for oral only. I have found many, many guys don't really know how to suck. I can tell in the first 30 seconds if a guy has the skills to work it right. Now as a cock sucker myself, I must be doing something right...I think it's all about a constantly moving tongue...

  10. Writer,

    I think there's something to the theory that if you get so accustomed to your own hand that you can have problems shooting any other way than masturbating. That's one of the reasons many years ago I stopped masturbating as much and kept my orgasms primarily to my fuck sessions.

  11. 8:56 Anonymous,

    I've written about a couple of successful blow jobs. When I did, it was with a sense of surprise. Sadly, Scruffy wasn't one of them.

    I was originally going to say that maybe size didn't matter when it came to the quality of blowjob, but maybe it does. Maybe when a guy finds it easier to take the entire length of a dick in his mouth, he's more prompted to give it the proper attention. And perhaps with larger dicks like mine or FelchingPisser's (see his comment above), the guys feel they have to maul it with their fists to make up for what they're not able to suck.


  12. Ace,

    I've had that exact thing happen to me. A guy I met once who promised me he could suck the chrome off a bumper left my dick so raw and flayed of skin that I couldn't use it for over a week after. I had actual rips beneath the head. I actually had to stop him several times during the act because it was so bad, and finally just left because he wouldn't stop.

    He verbally abused me as I left and online. I eventually had to block the ass.

  13. I don't care for getting a blow job myself, I like giving them. And the sure way you know you are doing it right/giving pleasure, is if the same guy keeps coming back for more.

    As I've read in other online sites is that a blow job is just that, using your mouth and not your hands. A 'Feeder' never lets a cocksucker put his hands anywhere near his cock. It's mouth only or as the term goes 'face fucking' or in your cast with a long cock, 'throat fucking'.

  14. Vancouver Steve,

    I totally and utterly agree that a good cocksucker readers body language and non-verbal signals to know when to ramp up the stimulation and to know what's working and what isn't. I do that when I suck. It's vital. Every person is different. You can't apply the same stimulation to them all and expect the same response.

    I usually agree that a connection is good to have for successful sex, but I have to say that the most incredible blow job I ever had in my life was from someone whom I found unattractive physically and repellant in personality. The guy came in and cursed me out for wearing a cock ring—he found it a personal affront that I assumed he couldn't keep me hard. Then he complained about a pube on the tip of my dick. I was miffed and not at all turned on when he finally started sucking. I swear to god, the guy did SOMETHING that gave me the most convulsive orgasm I've ever had from oral, roughly in the space of three minutes.

    Then he went back to being so obnoxious I never saw him again.

  15. Explorer Jack,

    Yeah, a blow job is definitely not a hand job. I might employ my fingers while I'm sucking, but the mouth is supposed to be the main attraction. I'll only switch over to a hand job if the guy's body language tells me it's what's getting him off.

  16. Philipp,

    I know, right? Watching a hungry cocksucker work on the inches he wants is always a turn-on to me. I'd hook up for oral more if I could find guys who get genuine pleasure from sucking my dick without the expectation of my load at the end. (Since I can't reliably guarantee it.) He could indulge his enthusiasm. I could enjoy the attention. He could shoot while he sucked if he wanted, and we'd both be happy.

    Sadly, the guys with whom I tend to collide aren't happy until they try to wrench a load out of me.

  17. Esteban,

    You've got a lot of good suggestions there, my friend. I especially like your advice to adapt—because ultimately that's what distinguishes the run-of-the-mill cocksucker from the real deal.

    Thanks for all that work. That was a great read.

  18. FelchingPisser,

    Maybe it is the tongue thing. The best blow jobs I've had tend to combine a number of different stimuli—the sensation of the lips around the shaft, the tongue beneath the head, and perhaps the lightest of touches on my balls and against my hole.

  19. Cyberi4a,

    I know that some sites and some men get pissed off if you use your hands in addition to your mouth, in a blow job. I'm not one of them, though. I've had good oral sex with just the mouth alone, and even more good sex using both.

    Putting your lips against the tip and beating it furiously with your fist is not good oral sex to me, though.

  20. I have always felt alone as someone who has a nice cock but usually can't cum from a blow job. Maybe from seeing too much porn but I always felt that it was something wrong with me. Now I know better.

  21. I personally have the same issue. I've only gotten off a handful of times in my life from a blow job. They just don't do it for me, BUT I do tend to use them as a my-dick-is-soft-get-it-hard tool. I'm a fuck to get off sort of guy. So I wonder if there aren't just those of us that need to fuck to get off. It may very well be a hard-wired thing and have very little to do with the giver.

  22. I'm a bottom so I give head, but it's usually the appetizer before the big meal (the ass-pounding). I'll suck dick lovingly, I'll savor your scent, I'll tease your cock head, the shaft, your nuts, your taint and your ass with my tongue.

    After that it's all about the pleasure my other hole can provide you.

  23. Esteban had it right, folks, when he said you need to find that "inbetween place" amidst passive and aggressive. It's all about using all your senses. Marveling at the shape of the cock in your hand and mouth ... exploring the contours and veins slowly with your fingertips and tongue ... tasting the hints of sweat from the head and balls ... inhaling the sweet aroma of a foreskin before and during the entire encounter ... listening to all the subtle aural clues that you are bringing on the pleasure this chosen man deserves. And that sixth sense ... your brain guiding you and hoping that you are giving this stud the treatment that you yourself enjoy.

    Also, I love the differing views on a blowjob being an independent act or a conduit to a good plowing. Personally, blowjobs have only been "ultimate" when they have been a means to a sloppy, loud fuck!!

  24. I've really enjoyed reading other guys' stories here. And I've taken a kind of sick pleasure knowing I'm not the only one who's had a cocksucker rip them apart. Makes me feel less alone. And Esteban has it SO right! That's what I do when I blow a guy and I don't get many (if any) complaints. And I also agree with Ranter that there is an intuitive 6th sense to sucking that some guys just don't have or don't use.

    And Rob, you'll be happy to know that you're one of a small few guys who has ever gotten me to cum from a blow job. ;)


  25. Wow, I've been published.

    I'll admit that I'm not a minute man, so I will require some effort from a cocksucker. But that effort should be nothing more than patience really, not working me over.

    The same applies to fucking; be prepared for a thorough and probably extended ass-fucking. Bottoms who talk the talk but can't walk the walk (or fire off too soon) will find my demeanor sour.

    But trust me, I have no problem cumming. Actually I have several triggers that when tripped will send me into quickly into countdown...if I'm getting into it in the first place.

    Communication has been brought up, as it should be. I'm more often than not non-verbal, but I think the simplest of non-verbal communication is that hard equals doing something right and soft equals doing something wrong. And actually showing someone exactly how to do it, well that should be a no brainer.

    Another thing, if I'm squirming away, the meaning is 180 degrees different from me growling (yes, vocal rather than verbal) and glaring at you with fire-eyes saying, "yeah bitch, just like that."

    Am I being unreasonable with my non-verbal (instead of verbal) communication? I don't think I'm asking anyone to read my mind. I think my body's speaking loudly to anyone who can tune in at even the most basic level.

    Based on Esteban's taxonomy of passive, active, and "just right", most of the time, especially after I'm worn out after being particularly physically active, I just want a head to toe rub-down and a blow job...passive.

    But I've noticed that the best blow jobs I've had, are when I'm somewhere between active and "just right". Mr. Breeder, I think I sent you my write-up of the time I roughed up and almost knocked a hole through the throat of that Vietnamese stud. This is infrequent thought, because something in the back of my mind makes me worried that I'm taking things to far...

    ...but really, can't a guy just kick back, spread his legs, and bliss out. Isn't that what half of the ads promise?


  26. In my experience, cocksuckers who treat sucking cock like an appetizer or foreplay on the way to fucking aren't very good cocksuckers. For it to feel like the main event, you have to treat it like the main event.

    As a feeder, I have (twice) recently run across stop-that-it-hurts! cocksuckers like the ones described. One was in a public playspace and I had no choice but to withdraw with a loud "Ouch!" and what surely must've been a WTF?! look of incredulity. That encounter left me sore and with a hickey-like bruise for several days. I enjoy the full range of oral from making (letting) the cocksucker work for it to full-blown (!) gag-the-fag throat-fucking. I can cum from both and like to reward an eager cocksucker with my load, but in a long evening of play I'm likely to edge and pace myself.

    As a cocksucker (which I prefer), I'm responsive and enthusiastic and (totally) take my cues from the feeder. I agree with everyone who has said that it's about the connection—no matter how brief that may be. I'm a full-service cocksucker who goes the distance. I am content to serve and service cock with or without cum; it's nice when it happens but isn't a "requirement" or (even) an expectation. I derive genuine pleasure from the sights (I love eye-lock), sounds, tastes, textures—and the very act of sucking a man's cock. But I fully acknowledge that sucking cock is about his pleasure.

    I don't "get" lazy or halfhearted cocksuckers and I'm even more leery of cocky and cocksure suckers who claim to be the best. (They never are.) I think both extremes give cocksuckers a bad name. And I do my best to undo their damage.

  27. If I ever have the privilege of meeting Rob, i will for sure want to suck his dick...but one of the reasons i'd want to meet him is to get fucked and bred by an expert top...not to just chow down on some dick!

  28. Some of the people who give bad head may just gag easily. You don't have to be aware of it to end up protecting against it. If you have a strong reflex like me, you have to work harder and learn to control. That you can, with effort.

    A fast hand may be bad. But a fast tongue can be good.

    The best givers in my book know the difference between a mouth and a vacuum cleaner. Worship sums it up. You may need to get over macho hangups and think of your mouth as the best lube. It should glide and carress, not gobble and clamp. The tongue can slither like in a good rimmig A hard cock may be the most male thing in the world, but it's not even a lollipop. It's sure not a hot dog.

    Nips aren't so different. Too many of us may be afraid to make love to them, not war. If you really see yourself as more of a man because you twist, bite and clamp or put up with it, OK, fine. That seems to work for some. But the best sex I've had was a BJ that started out slow and stayed juicy and gentle, no hint of teeth. A hand job where the giver made love to my nips with the back of his thumb was just as good. I don't cum that easily, but I sure did for those dudes.

    This kind of sums up what Esteban explains. You go, boy!


  29. So. Here I am at CLAW--Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend. (Details to be written up if I can stop having sex long enough to sit at the keyboard.) Last night is the huge Recon/reFlex party in a mini Fort Troff-like dungeon. Maybe 150 or so guys attend over the 5 hours I'm there. This post is still whirling around in my brain--so I decide to count the "bad" or the "grab my cock and twist" blowjobs. I am guessing about 30 guys went down on me last night. Some were fantastic. A full 33% had to be told to cover the teeth or be instucted how to suck. One guy twisted my cock--thinking he was butch and hot-- so painfully I considerd slugging him...I told him--and he did it again...

    So there's my very unscientific poll...what I won't do in the name of research...

  30. @FelchingPisser: First of all, I'm so jealous that you're at CLAW. I live in Ohio and I couldn't get enough time away from school to go. It's like being separated from food by a piece of glass when you're starving to death. :)

    Second, holy crap! 33% were that bad? Make you wish they had a try-out process before letting guys into parties like that. I would totally volunteer myself for judging, by the way...


  31. @Ace--sure you don't want to get to Cleveland for Sunday? I have a big old king sized bed to share....

  32. 11:42 Anonymous,

    No, I think it's pretty common. I run across more men, however, who tell me that they can't shoot from fucking. It's difficult to remember in a porn-saturated age, but we're not all adult film performers. We don't shoot on demand.

  33. Otter,

    You sound like me. I love oral. Love giving it. Love getting it . . . as foreplay. And I confess I tend to be disappointed in the guys who don't offer it before I fuck them.

    For me it really is an appetizer before the main course, though. I think it's just the way I'm wired.

  34. PDQ,

    Come on over! We sound compatible!!

  35. Ranter,

    I'm so glad that others recognize what a good couple of comments Esteban made. And yeah, isn't it great (I really mean it!) that not everyone likes the exact same thing, the exact same way?

  36. Ace,

    But I didn't make you shoot when I blew you. Which made me feel inadequate.

  37. Seph,

    Thanks for contributing your Craigslist post. I was planning to let you self-identify, if you wanted. So did it get flagged for removal? Did you get any responses to it?

    I've always found it boggling that guys don't think flinching, removing my dick from their mouths, and saying, "Stop doing that!" loudly isn't communication enough to get them to change their behavior. And yet it happens time after time.

  38. Throb,

    You know you sound ideal to me. You could slobber on my tool anytime.

    My fingers are crossed that you might get a couple of local guys to track you down, after that short promotional piece. It worked for me!

  39. 6:51 Anonymous,

    I'm glad you've caught on to my list of priorities. Come on over!

  40. Augie,

    Fear of gagging might explain why some guys don't go down as deeply as they ought. It doesn't account for excessive squeezing or biting, though!

    I'm one of those guys who actually likes teeth on his nipples. A soft rubbing sensation is nice at first, but I like 'em chewed as I get closer. But you know, a good lovemaker would be attuned enough to recognize the cues and get right to the appropriate level of stimulation the individual desires.

    Plus, you know, he could always just ask.

  41. FelchingPisser,

    I love what you do in the name of scientific research, my friend. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures (and I'll probably share them here for you!).

    I'm not surprised about a third were terrible, though. Not surprised at all. I'm actually astonished it wasn't higher.

  42. My Xtube profile:

    "Turn Ons

    Genuine bottoms or who have the balls to call themselves "bottoms". My cock is most responsive to masculine, cheeky, horny, piggy sub boys.

    PREFER shorter, caucasian, boy-next-door types who are keen to be taken on a wild ride.

    Can sit back and get head for hours...however long it take to train a boy how to service me and my cock properly.

    Bottoming is a skill, learned at the hand of countless selfish horny men. Being a boy is a state of mind, communicated in his eyes, moans, sighs and absolute surrender."

    I have a very high regard for this type of man. As such, I derive a significant degree of sexual satisfaction when we're in sync and there's no room for interpretation or reinvention about 'roles'...clear boundaries, followed by clarification and if necessary, put the brakes on any 'momentum' to challenge any subtle or overt suggestions of concern.

    Much easier on paper...easier said than done...hind-site is 20/20, etc...all true.

    Thusly, I encourage ALL parties to demonstrate due flexibility about the possibility that the dynamics are amiss and perseverence is not an option. Best nip it in the bud respectfully and firmly to reflect this...yet also expect very little in return, not unlike giving a Christmas gift...


  43. SIR,

    I agree, this turned out to be a really good conversation. I learned a lot from it.

    That's a great profile description you have--upfront, honest, and specific. I like that.

  44. Much appreciated, Rob...and right back at ya too. This particular thread reflects one of many qualities I value greatly about you which can be summed-up by advise or wisdom passed down from our parents, "'re and always will be judged by the company you keep."

    One need only randomly browse the 'comments' posted by your blog followers to experience the quality, intergrity and artistic merit you contribute through your blog, which is thereafter reinforced by your readers.

    I must admit I will engage the occassional persistent, wannabe, "best cocksucker ever" types with self-congradulatory profiles and f/up chat messages hellbent on grabbin' my attention by appealing to YIN of my YANG.

    In all fairness, many wannabe-cocksuckers sincerely 'believe' what they're advertising, hopeful that hookin' up with 'the RIGHT TOP' will magically release their inner uninhibited sub to selflessly service said TOP's cock yet fail to deliver due to primarily to poor listening skills and the selfish need for 'false' sexual validation and to avoid rejection.

    Far from perfect, I too have taken the bait despite the many redflags and instincts I chose to ignore...fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on YOU INFINITY for wasting my time and undermining the genuine respect and 'reverence' that TRUE COCKSUCKERS DESERVE.

    Over time, I've learned to navigate through these wannabes by reinforcing MY NEEDS, BOUNDARIES and EXPECTATIONS...challenging their intentions, promises and agendas every step of the way...and I make NO APOLOGIES for it...I value my time AND my cock far too much to entertain any more big-talkin' wannabes.

    Somethin' tells me that you (along with your readers) know precisely where I'm cummin' from...after all, what kind of fool would one have to be to fuck-up an opportunity to service a cock as mouthwatering as yours???

    I'm just sayin... ;-)


  45. I am an avid cock sucker and have found that most guys...well they don't suck suck cock well because they don't have the love of it. I personally have a love of it. For me there is nothing more exciting the getting a dude off with ur mouth.

    Since my first time to every time in between, I get such a rush that its never about me getting off, but there is always a huge wet spot in my pants from the dripping. I mean a blowjob is about servicing someone else and being the bringer of pleasure, some just think it's about getting off. I have a technique I use and never sign up for something that is not what i to do.
    I love to met guys in public, in private, the bathroom at public, the beach. I mean honestly if you are good, you never are lacking in willing guys to come empty there sack. I have guys who have been cumming for 5 years or more cause each gets exactly what they like. Some guys like slow and sloppy, some guys like long and hard...some like to jus sit back and you have ur way..

    The guys who say they can't get off to head, most of the time I can get them off...because when's get pleasure from the way the softness of his cock head slides over your tounge, or the scent of musk emitting from his bush or the salty sweetness of his precum, you will work on his cock like its the only thing in the world you want, wether nits for 15 minutes or 3 hours. I have had both and prefer the latter of the two.

    Bottom line for those who are servicing. The cock is to love it and do it for them. Those getting serviced, be selective in ur cock suckers, because if its a seriously hot blowjob you want, most of ur super model boys are not going to be the best. I am not a super model just a average good looking guy, but the boys whose cocks I suck.....lets just say they are models literally.

  46. Yeah if ur looking to suck what does your cock have to do with it?you pull ur cock out and if i guy is predominately str8, he will disappear.
    a cocksucker should have one thing on his/ her mind, making his cock feel like he has a 10x8 and savoring every ridge and protruding vein like fine dining.
    And begging for his cum which is more precious than the worlds' best caviar!
    There is no time for a cocksuckers dick, his or her efforts should be 100 % submissive to his grand staff.

  47. I am a verbal feeder, always looking for the best cock service. Ads stating :I deep throat, get there and find they gag when the head disappears past their lips.No tongue action, a lot of manual service ( jacking ). I have gotten up and left. Not to be mean or unappreciative but that isn't what was promised. I showed up for deep throat servicing that is what I want. Or they say they swallow, then catch mu cum and spit it out. I don't return. Be truthful about the service are willing to provide.

  48. As A cock sucker, I do not use my hands for any reason on the feeder I am servicing. I am submissive, a servant to the cock I am sucking. It is my pleasure to make sure the feeder is getting what he wants. Whether is be a slow wet BJ, a deep throat service, or to face fuck. I am there for his needs. I do enjoy a good throat fuck from a hung feeder. I also DO NOT play with myself while I do my job. Yes, I do swallow, for that is my reward.

  49. I've just found this blog and have been reading from oldest towards newest.

    Esteban and Best Blow (and from the other side of the GH, Sir) have it right.

    Breeder, you are da MAN! Sex isn't just hydraulics and pumping fluids. You don't have to fall in love, but when the sex starts, it's vital to make those connections. It might be coaxing some secret thrill out of him, taking a clue from a word and running with a role play or sucking Him off while He talks to His woman on the phone!

    Esteban clearly knows what head is about! Serve the man, worship the cock, savor the sperm. Sucking and spitting is kinda like opening a birthday present and throwing away the gift! You KNOW ejaculation happens at the end of a successful blowjob, why would you run from it?

    It's vital to swallow and more, to savor His unique flavors on your tongue, roll the load around like a fine wine or swish it noisily like mouthwash. Let Him see that His cum is the most delicious thing ever and make sure you tell him so!

    If your mouth can't make love to a dick for at least half an hour without stopping, if you can't bring yourself to swallow cum, you're not really a Cocksucker, you're just a guy who likes having dick in his mouth and that's not the same thing.

    If you never get any noise out of a guy, you're not the right cocksucker for that guy.

    The best cocksuckers are those who devote themselves, completely, totally and without reservation, to the pleasure of their feeder utterly disregarding their own needs.

    What turns me on is getting my feeder turned on. The more pleasure I give, the more I get. I'm much happier with a drop or two of cum from a four inch dick on a fat guy who moans, groans, flops about the bed and shouts filthy words than a Hollywood gorgeous muscle guy with a long thick cock who just sits or stands there silently with his eyes closed waiting to drain His quart of cum out. At least sigh once in a while! Let me know how I'm doing! The more feedback I get, the better the blow job will be.

    Every Man is different, every Cock is different but both deserve a sucker's respect, reverence and full attention. So all you cocksuckers remember, He's not there for you, you're there for *Him* and if you remember that every time you put a dick in your mouth, you'll find yourself enjoying those dicks more and getting more of them!
    Not every hookup is going to be right. Maybe he has cheese or an ugly dick or it's too big or too small or his cum tastes bitter or he doesn't like the way the top of your head looks. Still, always give your best.

    I agree that ball smell is essential. While I insist a guy be clean, I mean that he showers regularly - not right before he soaks his groin with Right Guard and rushes to my house!

    A note on hands. Nothing wrong with hands being in the mix. A light stroke together with your mouth can impart some amazing sensations but more important are other body parts. Gently coddling testicles, lightly stroking flanks, show your appreciation of his manliness by twisting your fingers gently in his chest hair or gently *gently!* circling over his nips with your palms. I love to stroke a Man's thighs and complement Him on their firmness, hairyness or other fine feature. Thank Him for allowing you to touch His body. Feel as free to whimper and moan your pleasure.

    And lastly, my Secret Touch. Sometimes the hard isn't quite all you'd like it to be or He doesn't seem to be enjoying it so much. At the top of the penis base, at the bottom of the patch is a small hollow that opens up when a dick goes hard and is tugged slightly downward. Gently (*gently*), press your thumb into it and slightly down. The dick well get visible stiffer and the sensations your feeder gets will be more intense.