Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Morning Questions: Juiced Edition

It was quite an exciting week for those of us in the northeastern United States, what with the hurricane and all, last Sunday and Monday. Those of us in the tri-state area were particularly hit hard, which is why I was pretty much offline until yesterday.

The worst of Sandy hit my neighborhood Monday afternoon and evening. We had no electricity, a fire in the street, huge trees coming down around the house, and flood waters lapping at the front yard. The neighborhood looked for several days following as if it had been hit by bombs; people here walked around stunned and shell-shocked—particularly when we found out how many houses were going to have to be demolished because of storm damage.

Despite the lack of power for a week, and despite the dark and the cold and the inconvenience of having extremely spotty cell reception and limited access to electrical plugs, I'm grateful for a lot of things from last week. I'm grateful to have heat and light again. I'm grateful to be safe.

I was also grateful for the many well wishes I got from readers after the storm, and the expressions of concern before it started. Know they meant a lot to me, and that I didn't take them lightly.

As for those who used a natural disaster and some internet anonymity to exercise an opportunity to enjoy some schadenfreude—well, if you don't understand what that says about you, there's no hope.

Let's get to some questions, and as life gets back to normal, hopefully I'll catch up on some entries this week.

Did you have a job while you were in school? if so what was your first? Did you like it or hate it or whatever? How much time did it take? Did you want money for a specific reason, or just wanted to have some money, or something to do?

My first paying job was as a page in the state legislature, when I was in high school. Not only did I get paid for two years, but I got to skip school for three months out of both my freshman and sophomore years.

In college, I worked almost full time at a number of different jobs. The big money-maker was as a soda jerk at a local ice cream store. I also held down a part-time position giving campus tours to prospective students and parents, playing organ at a local church (a very small local church that was so grateful to have me that they didn't mind that I couldn't really play the organ), and lifeguarding and teaching swimming in the summers. I was usually holding down all those positions at the same time.

What is your opinion of people who perform in porn videos?

It depends on how well they perform.

What’s a good ratio of bottoms to tops for an orgy?

My friend who used to organize sex parties swore by a strict ratio of fifty percent total tops to fifty percent total bottoms/versatiles, and would allow no more, no less, to attend his parties.

This is the friend who got really pissed at me for topping all the tops at at one of his parties and throwing that ratio completely off whack.

Where did you parents meet?

My parents met in graduate school, the week they both arrived there, when they were persuaded to go on a blind date with each other by their new roommates, who were dating at the time. She thought he was arrogant; he thought she was kind of slutty. Years later they had a kid who was both.

If your partner was going to talk about your best feature while having sex, what would they be saying?

"Damn, his cock is perfect!"

Have you ever been to a nude beach?

I have indeed. I like being nude outdoors, and I love the beach. However, I'm not really fond of the two of them together. It's tough enough to get the sand out of the crevices between my toes, much less my butt crack, my groin, and all the other parts of me that seem to collect sand when they're exposed to the free air.

I prefer nude camping—a more relaxed and shady sort of pursuit. And it's generally cooler, too. Join me sometime.


  1. Glad to hear all is well with you and your family. When are we going camping?

  2. Good to hear you have power again, that makes such a big different in time of woe.

    Nuke camping seems to be the favorite of a lot of men, must be that back to nature feeling or they don't like getting their clothes dirty while

  3. Thanks for the update! Glad everything is getting back to normal.

    LOL @ you throwing off the bottom-to-top ratio and topping all the tops. What were you supposed to do, NOT stick your dick inside an otherwise total top who wants you to? Psssh.

  4. Your comments on your parents and the top/bottom ratio had me cracking up. Thanks for the laugh.