Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Morning Question: Texas Tea Edition

I always find that things ebb and flow, in my sex life. There’ll be periods of high sexual activities followed by lulls; I’ll be doing group after group for a while, and then none for a long time. Some weeks I’ll have so many offers that I legitimately couldn’t take them all if I tried, while others I can’t find a mouth for my cock if I wrapped it in bacon and a twenty-dollar bill.

The quality of the interactions I have with men, both online and in person, tends to follow a sine wave, too. I had a great couple of weeks off on vacation in which I very easily met some incredible guys. Then I returned to normal life and a flabbergasting amount of outright rudeness.

Oh, I’ve this week had the usual stand-ups and no-shows, the guys who come on strong and then, after we’ve made a firm date for coffee the next morning, manage to ‘completely forget’ about it when nine a.m. rolls around, leaving me sitting at the local Starbucks sipping my skinny mocha and tapping my foot until finally I just get up and leave. I’ve had a lunch date in which I seemed to get along with the guy and we made an agreement to get together and discreetly bang sometime in the future, only to get home and discover the other guy had not only Googled up articles about me online over a decade old that he presented to me with all the pride of a housecat offering up the fresh kill of a baby bird at my unsuspecting feet, but somehow managed to find three old phone numbers (one for a job I haven’t worked at in over fifteen years) and wanted to know which one was best to keep in touch with me.

I mean, even Mr. Killer Stalker of 2013 wasn’t that thorough, especially in the space of an hour and a half.

There might’ve been a time in my life when I would’ve found any of these experiences soul-crushing, but now I just have to laugh. No, really. Instead of feeling dispirited by the little-mindedness of it all, I try instead to find amusement and even delight in the ways that boys have of surprising me, even as they’re displaying both bad manners and bad taste.

Take, for example, this brittle repartee that I am quoting verbatim:

HIM: Wow! You have a really great smile! And dick!
ME: I appreciate the compliments. Thank you. You’re a handsome man yourself.
HIM: I didn’t say you were handsome.

Technically he’s right. I shouldn’t have assumed. But ouch. Right? Trust me, laughing helps when you get a kick on the shin like that one.

Or this:

HIM: You have a hot dick. You kind of remind me of a guy on television.
ME: Thank you. Which guy on television?
HIM: The one about that family that moved to Hollywood.
ME: Beverly Hills 90210?
HIM: No. Oh, I know. You remind me a lot like a kind-of-hot Jed Clampett.

Because trust me, you can’t make up that kind of comedy gold.

Let’s get to some questions from readers, shall we? If you’ve got questions to ask your resident sex blogger, either get on and ask me there, or send me email to the address in the sidebar with Reader Question in the subject line. I have a backlog of these that I work my way through, but I’ll get to them sooner or later.

Your child goes off to college and comes back during the summer. He's made a very attractive friend who happens to live in the same neighborhood. He shows interest in you. Would you ever consider fucking him?

Oh please. I was already texting the kid and getting nuts-deep in his hole before I got to the word 'neighborhood.'

I understand updating a profile keep it interesting, I've noticed guys abandoning their profiles creating entirely new ones. Is there a new trend emerging? 1 guy has had 3 on MH, 4 on Adam and Jack'd! Do you think a new moniker helps or hurts?

I've noticed the phenomenon myself—though it's difficult to account for, in many ways.

I can understand why some people have three or four profiles on a website like Manhunt, for example. It's a site that requires a paid account in order to do much of anything beyond read and respond to three or four emails a day; having a second or third account allows someone to double or triple the amount of activity he can undertake there.

Why someone would need multiple accounts on a free site like Adam4Adam or on a GPS app like Jack'd is beyond me, though in the past people have attempted to explain to me why. I knew one fellow who kept two profiles because one was 'nice' (with only a face and a chest photo) and the other 'naughty' (the camera was pointed lower). I knew another fellow who kept one profile that said he was in the mood to bottom, and another profile for when he felt more versatile. And I've known a couple of people who flit between cities and keep a separate sex profile for each.

There are legitimate reasons for a person to eliminate a profile and start anew. I'm not going to knock those in the least. I do find it slightly irritating, however, when someone will start a conversation with me on one profile and then assume I'll recognize them when they approach me on another—especially if there's no continuity between the photos in them both.

In light of the recent murder using the Grinder App while sad and tragic I found it disturbing that a man of 25 in a 17 month relationship had an "open relationship" they weren't together long enough to have a relationship to open! Is monogamy dead?

One of the things I've learned over the years is that there’s no shortage of people out there who are more than willing to invalidate other people’s relationships.

I've got conservatives and fundamentalists telling me that gay marriages are an abomination. I've got gay friends who say that if a relationship is open, it's not a ‘real’ relationship at all. I've known people who had fancy weddings with extensive registries who look down on those of us whose weddings were much humbler and hastier affairs. I've known people who've become serious after a very short period of time, only to be told by outsiders that it wouldn't last.

I'm not going to judge how long is appropriate for a relationship to be in existence before the pair open it up to others. For some couples it's bound to take a long time. Others might be ready for it instantly. That's a matter for a couple to decide on their own, and not for you or me to judge. What's disturbing is not the open relationship, but that someone would murder anyone else—and murder, sadly happens not only only to men on Grindr, but to people in all walks of life in the real world. It happens in families, and to straight people, and to people who are half of a monogamous couple.

An open relationship did not cause this death. A murderer did. That’s what we should be focusing on.

Do you believe there is such thing as "the gay look?” Not effeminate men but average looking men who are tagged gay cos of their general appearance.

I believe it's possible to have a personal gaydar that's pretty accurate.

I know people talk about being able to identify other gay men by having something they call 'gayface' or by the way the men dress, or by the way they walk or talk or, god help us, the way they cross their legs when they sit down. Perhaps some of those indicators actually work. (I personally believe in the 'gayface' thing myself.)

I've always prided myself on my gaydar, however, but it's based not on the way men look, but on the way they behave when they think they're not being observed. From my teens I've always observed the way guys look at other people around them—whether they check out the women or the men, where their eyes linger on the body when they do look someone over. Is it at the guy's watch, briefcase, and car keys? Or is it at the guy's eyes, chest, and crotch? Because of those is what straight men do, and the other is what gay men do when they assume no one's looking.

While straight men let their gazes linger on the bodies of attractive women, gay men's eyes wander over male forms. Even those men who think they've managed to button down and corral their desire do it for a split-second before habit and fear rein in a perfectly natural instinct.

Some men might have some kind of external indicators that constitute a gay look, accurate or not. My own experience is that there are little behaviors that are a better indicator of secret desire.

What age is the oldest guy you have recently fucked? As I hit 60 I find it curious what role age plays in sex.

There’s a guy at one of my group sessions who has a monster dick. I’m not exaggerating. The thing’s at least nine inches and beer-can thick. I feel like a little pea shooter when I’m erect next to him. He’s an older guy with gray hair, but he’s got a good physique on him, is handsome as all get out, and has a pair of blue eyes that could make a guy do anything.

I’d spent half a morning with him sucking his dick and fucking him and being rewarded with coffee-flavored kisses when he announced to the group that he had a birthday that week.

“Happy fortieth!” I said, thinking I was shaving off twenty years and complimenting him at the same time.

“How old will you be?” asked the group host.

“Sixty-nine,” admitted the guy.

Readers, if I’m still performing like that man when I’m sixty-nine, I’ll start taking the extra vitamins today, thanks very much.


  1. I do think it's a pretty good bet that Buddy Ebsen who played Jed at 6' 3.5" was pretty well hung....i'd go with that.....

  2. I still don't get why guys make arrangements to meet up and then don't show. Must be the hardon and fast dick pumping while setting up a date and then have they cum, they chicken out. At least a note of 'never mine' saves the other person from wasting their time.

  3. I see FP's comments on the Jed Clampett comparison -- I was thinking that, although hie looked much older, he was probably supposed to be about your age, was tall and lean and had a good head on his shoulders. It wouldn't hurt if what FP said was true, as well!

    And that guy who wrote you about the murder victim and it being too soon for an open relationship, what can he be smoking? It really smacks of blaming the victim -- If he was in an open relaqtionship, then what would you expect? I guess he deserved to be murdered because he didn't conform to my idea of propriety. It seems like you get this kind of tripe from a lot of people. It makes my blood boil, and not in the good way.

    Paul, NYC

  4. I was already texting the kid and getting nuts-deep in his hole before I got to the word 'neighborhood.'

    You get me every time. Great questions and answers this week.

  5. 69! Wow! Yes! Take those vitamine pills! :-) I sure hope you will be around for a long time to keep us readers virtual company through your blog and many lucky people actual company! HUGS!


  6. Rob,
    Your response are always great and precise man.
    You will be sexy and going at it no matter what. I'm getting closer and closer to my 60th bday (in less than 2 years), i don't find myself attractive but i get the looks even now and then and i enjoy it every time. Have a great week sexy man.


  7. I've also learned to laugh about the seemingly inherent rudeness and lack of common courtesy. It helps make it past the small crap. You, at any age, will continue to be a sex god among us mere mortals. And, thanks for that! As well as your blog.

  8. You need to find out, and then tell us, how your 69 year old friend got to that point on the calendar in such good shape. I don't think that it would have been vitamins alone (if at all).