Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Morning Questions: Day Late & Dollar Short Edition

What the fuck happened to the month of May? It was as if some giant time monster marched up and took a huge chomp and came away with three weeks of my life in its mouth.

I vaguely remember stepping back into that peculiar time warp that happens whenever I visited my pop's old place. Then after I returned back here, I found myself swamped with catching up . . . and then I looked up and it was Memorial Day weekend. Weird. I didn't even get to fuck a sailor for Fleet Week here.

Let's catch up on a bunch of questions that have been ripening since the last time, shall we? And if you have anything you'd like to ask anonymously, pop on over to my profile and ask away.

What's you're favourite porn scene? I know you like Treasure Island Media's output. My personal favourite would be Dan Fisk and Ian Jay in Breeding Ian Jay.

I find the fuck scene between Jesse O'Toole and Erich Lange in Breeding Mike O'Neill to be one of the hottest and most romantic fuck scenes between two guys on film.

The first scene between Dan Fisk and his bottom in Breed That Faggot Boy Ass is also pretty hot. Dan Fisk is an amazing top.

Trying desperately to hookup; as a married guy, staying discreet is a challenge. Most hookups don't happen coz they insist on face pics. I'd rather meet.Please advise!

To be totally honest, I wouldn't meet you without a face pic, either.

That's simply the reality of online hookups. If it comes down to meeting a guy who has a clear and recent face pic in his profile, or a guy who has no photos, or photos of one-quarter of his dick and nothing else, I will take the guy with the face pic every time.

If it came down between meeting a guy with no face photos and jacking off, I'd probably choose the jacking off.

Something's got to give, here. You've got to decide which has more primacy in your life—the need to get laid, or the need to remain completely unknown. I suspect your fear of having your face seen is way overblown, and you need to get over that fear before you start getting laid regularly.

When your in NYC do you go just about every free moment? And do you go looking for a hook up?

I'm not sure I understand the question. Do I go into NYC just about every free moment? I live on the city's outskirts, so it's within easy reach at any time of day, but I usually only head into the city once or twice a week. Do I go every free moment when I'm in the city? Yes, I'm pretty much on the go from the moment I get off the train until the moment I get back on it, that night.

Do I go looking for a hookup? Often I do. Sometimes I have one pre-arranged. My luck at finding hookups spontaneously in the city is pretty low, sadly.

Did you have a favorite toy as a kid? Do you have a favorite toy now?

I had a lot of toys I liked very much as a kid, and most of them were open-ended in nature. Things like my Erector set (no jokes, please) and my chemistry and electronics science kits kept me interested and active for a very long time.

My favorite toy of all, however, had to be the Atari 2600 I got when I was in high school. I played with that thing for hours at a time, and have been a video gamer ever since.

My favorite toy now is my dick. Only now I've learned to share.

Would I have to beg you to serve me up your schlong in every position imaginable?

Only if you get off on begging. Otherwise you just need to arrange it.

When one of your sexual fantasies or desires is considered as taboo by the society, do you feel frustration and shame? Or does it help you to assume it and do it ? More generally, do u feel comfortable with some of your darkest desires you don't confess?

Feeling shame over sex is a waste of time, and none of us have unlimited time here on this earth. What constitutes taboo sexuality changes from decade to decade, from generation to generation; I've seen acts that were considered commonplace when I was a kid become taboo and unthinkable in the course of less than forty years.

Enjoy sex. It's a gift. Squandering it is the real sin.

Do you sometimes partake (or dream about) bondage? If so, what about it turns you on?

My philosophy about any kind of sex gear, whether it's toys, or something to wear, or bondage equipment, is that if I wasn't born with it, then I don't need it in order to fuck.

Some of my partners enjoy bondage, though. I enjoy making them happy. That's what turns me on about it.

if your wife were to reveal an attraction for another man and followed through would you be pissed,while you talk about men youvé slept with have you slept with women other than your wife while married

This is a couple of questions and a lot of assumptions about my relationship. I'll leave the latter behind for now.

I don't really believe that finding someone else attractive is an offense; it's certainly not worth getting pissed over. The human animal is wired to find others attractive, and even to act upon it.

I'm always surprised that people assume the stock reaction to one's spouse meeting up with someone else should be anger and the end of the relationship. Not every relationship has a zero-tolerance policy about infidelity—and a lot of couples have the balls and emotional maturity to arrange their relationship in a way that suits them, rather than pretend to live in a manner that flatters the relationship.

Everybody's got the freedom to find a relationship they deserve. It does not have to be the relationship other people have, or their parents had, or their grandparents presumably enjoyed. It does not have to be the relationship you see on television or read about in romance novels.

It's your life. Make conscious and intelligent choices about how you navigate it, rather than let it pass as you float in its stream.

Have you ever banged the babysitter?

No. Nor have I required the use of a babysitter for some time.

At work, one of your superiors proposes you to get promoted... But there's a condition. You have to be a sexslave for him and his friends during a whole weekend. No limit. If you refuse 1 order from them, no promotion. What do you do?

I'd get him to email me about, then I'd forward it to the human resources department.

Is there anything you do better when you're angry than when you're not?

I become highly verbal and articulate when I'm in a rage, and suddenly sound as erudite as I do when I'm writing my literary wordiest. I wish I could speak so well when I'm in a normal mood.

Do you have a personal age of consent (such as 18+) that you use when hooking up with guys or do you go by whatever the age of consent is in the state you're in (such as 16+ in Connecticut and 17+ in New York)?

I think it's safest to pay attention to the age of consent in the locality of the younger person.

Did/does your early sexual experience influence your opinion concerning age of consent laws?

I understand the need for age of consent laws; as a general rule, it's inappropriate to seek sexual consent from someone who doesn't really understand what they're getting into.

On a practical level, though, I think it's foolish to make generalizations about mass amounts of people. Age of consent laws are right for a large number of youths. A smaller number of youths (and I speak from experience, since I was among them) are going to ignore them and attempt to seduce their partners into being scofflaws. Age really doesn't qualify anyone for having sex. (There are some fifty-year-olds who aren't really ready to be having sex with others, either. I wish we had laws for them.)

Here's my basic beef with our current society's hysteria about teenaged sex: in our cultural dialogues, we tend to see the issue only in terms of black and white, and any attempts at actual discussion of the subject are met with such shrillness and condemnation that it's impossible to take a stance without being accused of a perverted agenda. The act is highly inappropriate, yes, but to paint all teens who engage in sex with older partners as victims of molestation or as abused—especially those who might have done so quite willingly, or sought it out on their own—does a severe and grave disservice to those who truly are abused against their will.


  1. When I was a park rat at 14 making $$ by letting men suck me off and me fucking them, I was fully aware what I was doing. I was not a victim. Age of consent is an interesting subject.
    Matthew Darringer

  2. I agree with Matthew D. ...the legal age of consent is irrelevant!

  3. It may be ill-conceived and ineffective, but it's definitely not irrelevant, it can wreck your life in a moment.