Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reader Assets: #15

Your humble blogger apologizes for the brief (one-day) hiatus in his regular posting habits, yesterday. Not only did he have something along the lines of bad weather of the brain, but his notebook computer grew erratic to the point that typing on it became a misery.

However, thanks to the local Apple store, which replaced the trackpad in the space of an afternoon and gave me a new battery, to boot, we're back in business.

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that the title of this week's feature has changed—from asses to assets. What a difference a single letter can make, eh?

Since we had such an overwhelming support for the idea of our readers showing off their dicks as well as their holes, starting this week, I'll be accepting photographs of any kind of reader junk you'd like to show off. If you're shy about your butt, but want readers to see your rod—now's your chance to lure admiring bottoms to your boudoir. If you've showed off your ass previously and want to turn the other way for the camera, give it a shot. I'm game. Dripping with cum, rock hard, soft and relaxed . . . we like all kinds of dick here.

Of course, I'd be happy to share your asses with the world, too. So don't hold off on those. Make sure to check out the original post to see how you can show off your best side to the world.


It's kind of tough to find any fault with this photo. I love the sexy shot of that exposed, tight hole, which looks to be fringed with just a tiny bit of fur. The submissive position makes me drool. I love the dick and balls, prominently on display. The underwear around the ankles is a realistic touch. And I even love the shape of this guy's feet.

You know, BrooklynAss, I'm not that far from Brooklyn, now. You should invite me to help you take some more photos. Of me inside you, specifically.

Indiana Guy

"Not the best you'll see, but what the heck," said Indiana Guy of his photos, in his email to me.

Sorry, Indiana. You Hoosiers are way too fucking modest. That is one beautiful ass. Round, smooth, perfectly exposed (both in the sexual and the photographic sense) . . . I think you're discounting its appeal way too much. You, sir, have a fine ass. You should be proud of it. I'd be proud to have it wrapped around me, or sitting on my face.


Oh, Stefan. You actually made me drool, with that full-body rear shot. Fucking beautiful, my friend. I love the shot of you prone, with the gentle curves of your furry butt exposed for us all to see.

And that other shot with the hat? It's a little sassy, a little Fosse, a little Liza, like some lost porn version of Cabaret. And with that comment, gentlemen and ladies, I have earned my gay card. Thanks, Stefan. I know many of my readers are going to appreciate those shots.


Sorry, gents. In a Reader's Assets first, Rafael has requested
that his photos be removed because he is worried 
that his family might recognize him in them. It's a pity.

What his family is doing reading this blog, I'm 
still trying to figure out. 

And that's it for this installment, my friends. Make sure to send me your nude photos for display in this very space. You'd be surprised how many friends you'll make by it. If you enjoyed this latest batch, be sure to let our contributors know!


  1. Praise the lord for the Apple Store. And for assests. I wish I had more assests in my life. So when do we get to see the author's assests...lord knows, after licking it, I need to see it daily. :)

  2. I always feel required to take at least a small amount of joy out of Mac products going on the fritz, considering all the shit I get from Mac users for having a Windows PC and laptop.

    But now on to those asses!

    BrooklynAss is definitely the kind of guy I would want to keep the underwear around the ankles. Perfect place for grabbing it and using it to put his legs where I want them. Or to munch on while I fuck his hole.

    Indiana Guy sure knows how to show off his ass. I can see my fingers or cock sliding in there and going for hours at a time and loving every moment.

    Stefan's furry butt is very sexy. That forest is just begging to be licked at and I'd like to toss my less-fabulous hat in the ring for some ass-munching time.

    And Raphael, you sexy young man. If I ever get to NYC again, I'll have to show you all the things I can do to a guy while he is in that position. And there are a lot.

    Thanks to all the guys for submitting!


  3. Writer,

    Everyone's tired of my assets. They're all over the freakin' place.

  4. Ace,

    Any brand of hardware can go on the fritz. But a five-hour repair turnaround time and a new battery, free, for a two-and-a-half-year-old notebook is tough to beat.

    We had some very good asses this week.

  5. Rob,

    That is a very impressive time/fee for that work, but with my laptop, when the motherboard melted, I shipped it off to HP and had it back in two days, as good as new, and everything (even shipping) was free.


  6. Indiana Guy... Thanks Breeder & Ace... Loved what you had to say, especially the "for hours" part... love hours long sessions... and except for both of your choice of conjunctions... I much prefer 'and' to 'or'... too bad about Rafael...

  7. Ace, you're making my hole blush :$