Monday, September 10, 2012


While I was taking my blog vacation (which went well, thank you—I survived family, heat, black flies, and a number of other surprise hurdles), I met up with a reader in Manhattan for an afternoon of fun. Nice guy. Sexy ass. Great mouth. And most importantly, on a blistering hot New York City afternoon, working air conditioning.

We’d fucked for a couple of hours and enjoyed ourselves immensely and then, in the casual and comfortable way that two men will, when they’ve enjoyed each other’s bodies and are basking in an afterglow of intimacy and confidence, started swapping stories. We talked a little about some of our old lovers, and griped about the vagaries of guys online. Somehow we started talking about escorts. After listening to one of his stories on that subject, I laughed a little and mentioned that I met up with a guy every few weeks who would drop a whole lot of cash just to watch me jack off in the back of his van.

His eyebrows went up. Not for the reason I thought. “Yeah,” he said. “I read about that.”

“Oh,” I said, laughing again. I’d forgotten that he was one of my readers. I felt kind of dopey, to be honest. It’s very easy for me to forget that when I meet readers, they usually know a hell of a lot more about me than I ever learn about them. Most of the time I forget that we’ve already met, so to speak, on opposite sites of the computer screen. “Sorry.”

“But . . . but that was for real?” he asked. His eyebrows were still sky-high. “I mean, that wasn’t just a story?”

I had to explain that no, it wasn’t just a story. This blog is not fiction. I make that statement right there in the sidebar. But as I gear up again to start sharing some of my more recent experiences, I think it bears repeating. So here goes.

What I write in my journal, and what I post publicly in this blog, is what happens to me in my real-life fiction. It’s not made up; it’s not fabricated. I change some details in order to protect my partners. They don’t ask (usually) to be represented here. They don’t always know that I keep an online record of my sexual encounters, when we meet. So I change their back stories a little, if I put them here. I alter the descriptions of their houses a little, so that other readers don’t say, “Hey! I know that house in the Bronx with the two concrete lions out front!” and immediately know their neighbor’s a big ol’ fist pig. I change the descriptions of their tattoos, or sometimes alter their hair colors or speech patterns, if it would help mark them as one of my sex partners. Those little amendments that have no effect whatsoever on the thrust (so to speak) of the material, I feel free to alter.

That’s all the liberty I take, though. When I write here about my sex life, I share just about everything. The amazing, the rotten, the confusing, the romantic, and the downright nasty. It’s all fair game to me.

We don’t talk about our sex lives honestly enough, I feel. A lot of us have amazing encounters—either with one chosen partner, or with multiple fuck buddies—but we feel compelled not to talk about them openly or honestly, especially not in front of polite audiences. We stick to the polite narrative that we’re all too busy to enjoy carnal relations of the sort we all fantasize constantly; we think ourselves as good boys and good girls who would never have sex with strangers, much less talk about it.

For a lot of us, that’s bullshit.

It’s important for me to discuss one of the most vital and important aspects of my life in an open fashion. I wish more of us did so without fear of being shamed or slighted. Keeping silent about sex is assenting to its oppressors; stepping out into the daylight and saying I am a sexual being, and these are the things I do is, these days, a bold—and yes, liberating—act of assertion that, in the eyes of the more conservative and of politicians, is something akin to civil disobedience.

We live in a culture of must nots and can’ts. We’re a population, increasingly, of want tos and don’t dares. My sex life, and my blog, aims to be a record of yes I cans and why don’t wes and why haven’t yous. My not so secret aim is to change the world, one fuck at a time.

Won’t you join me?


  1. Hi Rob -- SammyBear here from Des Plaines, IL - a suburb of Chicago near O'Hare. I'm fat, not too bad looking, but fat. I deal with it. My favorite place is an adult bookstore in Roselle, IL. Some pretty boys but mainly men who come for action on an anonymous basis. Some days are excellent where I get several loads of cum. Some days I get cum, kissing and body contact. I think all the men are hot - all of them - and I'm inspired by you and your blog. I have to get out there and make something happen and it does. My dream is still to be with you. Missed out when you were in Michigan but know that some day I'll be a fuck for you in Connecticut where I have family. Thanks for this blog and your sharings. You have made me realize that I have to create my sex action. I've learned not to take to heart the rejection of the prejudiced and to love the action of the moment. Thank you for that and thank you for your blog. My dream is to be with you and make love to your neck, shoulders, back for hours on end laying on you with my weight and making love to you. Oh yea - being fucked by you too. Hugs,

  2. The after sex chat can be fun sometimes when you both kind out you've have some partners in common or know personally who they are talking about.

    But then you must also face the fact that you will be their after sex chat with someone else one day and you'll wonder "What are they saying about me"

  3. Wow Rob, it just gets better and better reading your blog. I'm glad you had a great time on vacation.

    I agree with you 1000% that we as a society are way too uptight about sex. I love sex, a lot. I also don't necessarily believe that we are meant to be with one mate our entire lives. I think as long as we're honest with ourselves and others the sex is so much better.

    I look forward to reading each entry, because I do feel like I'm getting to know you...but I already feel that kindred connection.


  4. Ah, lovely post.. Thoughtful, honest and well written. As always. Of course it's a tease as well.. Any landscaper updates? Shall we beg?

  5. Welcome Back Rob!

    I appreciate that you are willing to share your sex life with all of us and by your writings you have encouraged me to do the same.

    Hugs My Friend,


  6. Welcome back from your vacation! I absolutely agree about the need to be open about sexuality, kink, and carnality today. Very much an act of civil disobedience as you say. I very much came for the hot stories (literally and figuratively of course), but I've stayed for your great spirit and great writing.

    Welcome back!

  7. I met this guy at the gym wet area again the other morning. These encounters are always by chance as I hate planning and can't really have people texting me as I'm married and don't want my partner finding out. We meet before and I sucked his gorgeous fat cock in the handi-shower. It has an opaque curtain so you can really get into it without fear of someone disturbing but there could be a few guys waiting in line for a stall a few feet away while I'm sucking cock and fingering his hole. I don't know if he's of middle eastern decent or Latino but he's in his 20's about 5'11 with a little hair on his chest, lots on his ass and a thick long uncut dick. 8" maybe don't know don't care I just love to lick it and stroke it while I pull on his hairy scrotum and knead his fat balls. He's tight cause when I try to stick my finger in his hole I can only get in to my first knuckle. I watch his face and he likes it but then looks like he's about to be overwhelmed with pleasure so I take it out and just stroke and suck his cock. I want his cum in my mouth but can't make him cum with my mouth and he strokes himself off shooting it all over his smooth brown chest. He strokes furiously to get there. I cum within seconds of another man touching my cock so it amazes me how different people are in their stamina. It's all good cause it more time I get to play with his. This time I just got to taste some of his precum but look forward to seeing him again.