Friday, September 14, 2012

Return of Reader Assets: #24

You asked for it! And here it is!

Well, okay. Technically, I asked for it. I begged and cajoled and pleaded for you guys to send in photos of your assets—your butts, your dicks, your chests, your fuck shots. Whatever it is you wanted to show off to other readers. And, ahem, to me.

Thanks to my smooth and somewhat shrill pleas, I got enough entries for a couple of columns. Go you guys! It only goes to show what great sharers you are. And what great-looking guys you are, as well.

A reminder: if you'd like to participate in the feature, just read my instructions in this post and send me your junk! I'd love to see it.

Let's take a peek at a few of you. And as a reminder: if you click on the photos, they'll get bigger. Like so many other things.


Now, I have to confess that Leatherman is a buddy of mine with whom I've swapped photos and stories for quite a long time. He hails from the city of Toronto, one of my favorite metropolises—and don't think I'm not disappointed that he and I never met during my visits there.

What I really love about Leatherman is how perfect that ass of his is. Round. Hairy. Beautifully framed by that black jock, which is one of the few pieces of gear that really turn me on. And in that second photo, he's obviously ready for mounting.

If it can't be me, it should be one of you guys. Any volunteers?


When I see photos like this one, I just sigh, and sigh.

Now seriously. Isn't that beautiful? Look at how the hole peeks out from that sexy forest of hair. And look at how that hair covers those hot thighs and the small of his back. I mean, you can't get made-to-order guys with hair like that. I've tried.

This ass is one of the most fuckable I've featured in this column. Mr. Breedmeup goes by the same name on BBRT, for those of you who are inclined to get in touch with him to arrange a meeting. (And if you do, let me know the details!)


Let me give you guys a little general hint about guys who send me email who happen to have nicknames like Shyandquiet. They usually are anything but.

Or maybe he is the quietest and shyest exhibitionist I've ever had. I don't know. Maybe he blushed several times before he flopped back on the floor next to his computer and remote and lifted his legs to show off his hole to several thousand readers. Maybe he was really, really abashed to flip over and raise his butt in the air as if he were about to be drilled.

Or maybe, like so many of my readers, he's a normal guy—a sexy guy to be sure—who might be a little bashful when he's out in polite company . . . but who turns into a total wildcat slut when his pants drop.

Either way, he's turning me the hell on.


(If this video isn't showing up for you, follow this link.)

My occasional commenter Seph, with whom I share a delightful correspondence, is a handsome fucker. He suggested that his rear end is perhaps not his best asset. After this video, I'm inclined to agree that he has a hell of a cock.

There's something awesome about watching a guy masturbate, isn't there? It really shows how he likes to receive pleasure, and the types of touches and squeezes that will lead him to orgasm. Seph's hand action isn't at all the straight up-and-down beating motion. He twists his fist around the knob with a slight circular motion that I find really, really sexy. And the deep bass grunting noises he makes when he unloads? Fucking pricesless.

Thanks for sharing this, Seph.

Thanks to all of our exhibitionists, shy and otherwise, today. I hope you guys will let them know in the comments how much they're all appreciated.


  1. Rob - okay I admit that I sat here looking at Breedmeup's ass and jerked off. Delickable, delicious and delovely! Love all that hair, the roundness of his ass cheeks - the way everything is spread out. I could feast for hours. Thanks for sharing one and all. Some day I'll get my fat ass picture sent over. Got to encourage us chubbies! Hugs Rob, sammybear

  2. What beautiful men and wonderful derrieres! And I absolutely loved the video. Not that I am exactly target audience but please forward Seph my uncritical adoration (if he doesn't mind it).

  3. I couldn't choose just one...a great crop of pictures...

  4. Thanks for making my day worth (way MORE than worth) waking up for. Leatherman does indeed have a VERY pretty ass and shyandquiet (particularly in that last picture) makes me yearn to pull some noise out of him. As to Seph, well, the squishy noises he makes as he strokes his dick and the way he grunts when he dumps that load are incredible. But it's Breedmeup who sends my hunger into overdrive. Like Sammybear, I've already stroked off while feasting my eyes on his body. The hair - especially the hair running up his back - and the sight of his fantastic hole are just.....well, just fucking INCREDIBLE. I could eat meals for a month out of that hole if he'd just lay there and spread like that. What a picture. What a man.

  5. It's been said about the quiet ones that the reason they are is because they have so many skeletons in their closet, that if they opened the door bones would fly out. As for the grunting, I think I was pretty quiet. I'm a rather noisy, growling fuck. Seph.