Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Morning Questions: Straight to the Chase Edition

I keep forgetting exactly how busy I get when the school year starts back up. It'll calm down some within the month, but dang. It cuts down on my writing time.

That's why I'm hopping straight to the chase with this week's round of questions collected from my page at Won't you pop over there and ask a few of your own?

What are the questions that you get repetitively & what is a question that would shock you and one question that you would love to be asked but haven't been asked yet

1. The questions I get asked repeatedly are 'have you ever been caught masturbating/fucking?' and vague, generic questions like 'what position do you like best?' or 'what do you like to do during sex?' I get asked a lot of questions about my home life to which I don't respond.

2. I'd be shocked if someone asked a question based on reading my blog and actually synthesizing what I put out there, in a non-abusive way. That is, if someone had a critical follow-up question to some point I posed.

3. I don't really have a single question that I am dying to discuss but am waiting for someone to ask about. I am a self-starter, and if I'd wanted to talk about it that much, I probably would have already. That said, I like questions that let me ruminate about sex but that aren't mundane or fall into the first category here—in-depth questions that let me draw on my experience and offer my opinions. I like personal questions that don't pry into my home life. And I like questions that let me be silly.

If you could have an orgy with the cast of a tv show, which show would you pick?

If you had asked me this question when I was a kid, the answer would've been Gilligan's Island. I know, so embarrassing. But The Professor was my first TV crush, and I had some vague Gilligan/Skipper fantasies that I couldn't explain, in my presexual single-digital days. Plus Ginger was hot.

These days? Probably Firefly. Everyone on that show was pretty damned fine.

Did you watch any of the Summer Olympics? If so, what is your favorite sport to watch and why?

I just turn the sound down low and watch the sports featuring the men with the least clothing. It's kind of like socially-acceptable porn.

Do you sleep on the left or right side of the bed? Does it matter for you when making out with someone which side you are on?

I sleep on the right-hand side of the bed. Even when I'm alone, I stick to that side.

During sex, though, I don't really care what side I'm on. I've got other stuff on my mind.

When did you understand that sexuality is more fluid than most people think? and I don't mean the bodily ones..LOL

Although I was born in the relatively repressed early nineteen-sixties, I was lucky to be born into a household with parents who thought rigid gender roles were pretty much utter nonsense. In other households the boys played with certain types of toys and the girls with others; I recognized pretty early on that it was unusual for me to be able to play with any toys I wanted. Even a doll or an Easy-Bake Oven.

I remember reasoning at a very early age—before I started school—that the rules weren't 'rules' per se; they were just constructs that different families adopted for themselves, and my family played fast and loose with such things. And if that applied to toys, then it had to apply to other areas of life.

I didn't discover sexuality until I hovered around my double-digit years, but even then I could sense that my family was different. My parents were anxious to talk to me about the facts of life, where other parents wouldn't even allow them to be mentioned.

When I started playing around, the sheer number of married men I had sex with made me realize that there were clear-cut societal rules about fidelity, and then there was the actual way married men behaved when their wives and families weren't present. The fact I recognized such a thing didn't surprise me at a young age. It wasn't really that different from learning that although at home a male friend of mine would have been scorned and punished for playing with a Barbie, at my place he'd put the doll through its paces as if he'd been playing with it all his life.

How much time a day/week do you think you spend looking for a sex partner?

Very little.

The answer might be surprising, given the amount of sex I sometimes have, but I put very little investment into it. If I go onto a hookup site online, I do not sit at my computer and pore through the profiles hunting for the ideal partner; I simply log on, and if there's an option to set my availability to 'looking for now' or something similar, I'll do that. Then I let guys hit me up.

In the meantime, I'll do my work in another computer application, return every ten or fifteen minutes to see if I'd gotten any offers, and otherwise go about my business.

It may take an hour or more to get the right offer, but the amount of time I actually spend looking is next to nothing, and all I have to do is write back a handful of short emails in response to the ones I collect. I tend to get a lot of inquiries from horny bottoms, but a lot of them are of the 'nice cock!' variety, another huge bunch are along the lines of 'I wish I were closer to take that monster!', and a handful are 'Looking for now?'

I tend to be pretty disciplined about not actually hunting for sex, but casting the net and getting the sex to hunt for me.


  1. had a huge crush on The Professor myself way back when LoL.
    Mr E

  2. I loved the Professor. And the head Doctor on "Daktari"...

  3. The part about growing up really resonates with me. I played with my Barbies right along with my Lego sets, Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joes.