Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reader Assets: #16

Gentle readers,

Do not forget that for inclusion in the newly-retitled Reader Assets feature I'm soliciting photographs of my stalwart followers—front or back sides. Or both. We would all love to see your dick. Or your ass. Or some combination of the two.

For clarification, let's go over the updated rules.

If you'd like to participate—and you should—send an email to the address in the sidebar. Put the words 'MY ASSETS' or 'MY ASS' or 'MY COCK' somewhere in the subject line. And then give me the name you'd like me to use when I post them in my blog—or if you'd like to remain anonymous, tell me that, too.

Because yes, I'll be posting the names or handles you give me along with your asses, and a few appreciative comments about each. And so will the readers looking at them. Right, guys?

Q: I am way too pimply/fat/skinny/young/old to appear in such an enticing and drool-worthy project.

A: No, you're not. All body types, conditions, and  are welcome. I won't tolerate unkind comments, and will delete them immediately.

Q: Do you want just my ass? Or my ass and my dick? Or my ass and my face? Do you want a shot of my hole? Or just my butt cheeks? My foreskin peeled back? Soft, or hard?

A: The details are totally up to you. Share with my readers whatever you're comfortable sharing.

Q: In what formats should I submit my ass and dick photos?

A: JPGs are nice. But I can work with most formats.

Q: What if I know of a pretty ass or dick I want to show you, but it's not mine?

A: Nooooooo. I want to see and share your ass. Not some porn star's. Unless you are a porn star, of course. (Don't laugh. I have several porn star followers.)

Q: What if I want you to take the photos of my ass or my dick?

A: I am totally down for it. (Was there any doubt? Really?)

Q: What if my mother sees my naked photographs in your blog and recognizes me?

A: Your mother is probably not reading my blog. If she is, more power to her.

Q: What if I want to include my email so guys can contact me?

A: Then tell me what email to link and I'll link it.

I've still got a bunch of previously-submitted asses to work through (I hesitated to say 'old asses'), but send me some new material, guys. I know from the web statistics that Ass Day is pretty popular!

Let's get to this week's ass-tacular!


Manholepinellas is his nickname on Adam4Adam, Squirt, Manhunt, Asspig,, and BBRT, fellows. (There were at least two of those services I'd never heard of.) My correspondent was of the assumption that my readers only like young, pretty asses in their daily diet—but he's proud of his 55-year-old ass and enjoys showing it off.

I can see why. That's a handsome ass at any age. Prove him wrong, readers, and let my new buddy know how attractive that 55-year-old ass is!


When he submitted his photo, Jose wrote in his email simply, "I wish you were inside."

Jose, you are not the only one who wishes that. That is one beautiful Latin ass . . . and I love the submissive, face-down pose on the bed. That's fucking perfect. I know a lot of my readers are going to be popping boners over this one.


I am so glad this particular correspondent identified himself as a bottom. Because otherwise I would be cursing the heavens that his jock-framed, lightly furry, perfectly round, munchable butt was being wasted on a top.

I love this shot, and I love the contrast between the black muscle T and the white jock. Great body, Bttmguy. Really lust-inspiring shot there.


Here we have an illustration of a rule too many of us tend to forget: One doesn't have to pull down one's pants in order to show off a great ass.

Thom has one of those classically round butts that looks absolutely stunning in tight, white cotton. You can tell by what's showing that the rest of his body is equally sexy. A man in white briefs is always a classic look.

Let's have a big round of applause for today's batch of exhibitionists. Hopefully you guys are feeling inspired to share your own photos. We've seen nothing but asses so far—so send me your dicks! And your balls! And your chests! Whatever you're willing to flash! 

I've got the sexiest readers in the world, no matter what the age, shape, or color.


  1. Bravo! *sips whitewine and ogles*

    Again: Not exactly your target audience but then I'm sure the other 2000 who follow you will make up for that :)

  2. Rob my friend,
    These are some wonderful butts to look at. Love Bttmguy's butt a lot and Manholepinelles has a great one too. He's not to old cause you saw mine and i'm the same age so. I will send you some photos of my assets soon so you can put them in here my sexy friend.


  3. Thanks to the guys for posting! I always love these posts when they come because you're right Rob, every ass is beautiful and every cock is hot.

    Manholepinellas' ass is wonderful and I would not have known his age had you not told me. That ass is great, and the age doesn't matter anyway. Look at those cheeks!

    Jose is getting me hard looking at that picture. I can just see myself crawling up behind to stick my cock in. I bet that hole opens up nicely.

    All Bttmguy needs to do is stand there like that and my tongue and cock will give him an amazing night/morning/day after. I'd make him keep the jock on.

    And Thom looks amazing in those white butt-huggers. His ass is round and inviting. I just wish it was inviting me over!

    Great set, Rob, and great pics to all the guys! I love this time of the week!


  4. Nothing like three hot asses and a little imagination to cause the bulge to grow instantly. Thanks for sharing guys.