Friday, August 19, 2011

Reader Assets: #17

Happy Friday, everybody!

I'm still soliciting more photos for the Reader Assets feature (which, for as few comments as it gets, certainly receives a ton of hits whenever I post it). You guys were almost unanimous in your desire to see more dick in addition to the asses I've been posting on a regular basis—and yet I'm getting almost no dick shots!

Don't be shy. We post all body types here, all ages, and all shades of skin. The only thing I ask is that the photographs you send in are of you, and not someone else (or someone you'd like to be).  If you'd like to participate—and you should—send an email to the address in the sidebar. Put the words 'MY ASSETS' or 'MY ASS' or 'MY COCK' somewhere in the subject line. And then give me the name you'd like me to use when I post them in my blog—or if you'd like to remain anonymous, tell me that, too.

Let's see what juicy specimens we have this week.


I can't say I know much about Joe other than the fact he's a fan of the blog  . . . and has a very hot body. Great shoulders, great arms, nice waist, and best of all, a perfect ass.

I mean, seriously. Look at that thing. It looks like two perfect melons in a sack. You can tell it gets stared at when he walks by. I certainly would. Nice work there, Joe.


My buddy in North Carolina has sent a couple of photos of himself in what everyone, by now, must know as my favorite pose—bent over, ass exposed, and submissive. He's even worn one of my favorite pieces of gear, a black jockstrap, and is doing that move of drawing apart his own ass cheeks that totally drives me crazy.

It's like Strapped here has made a little checklist entitled "Things to Make The Breeder More Likely to Mount Me", and gone down it, tick mark by tick mark. 

The only thing missing from the comprehensive checklist is the little plate of bacon on the small of his back. 

That's a beautiful ass, Strapped!


At last! Some dick to show you guys!

Mark here has sent me quite a nice collection of self-shots. Not only does he sport a fine and handsome ass, with a nice light coat of fuzz, but he's also provided a couple of dick shots that pretty much show all the goods from start to finish.

I love the soft dick shot with his cock snuggled in a nest of pubic hair. And the cum shot is fantastic. You're going to have a lot of fans out there, Mark . . . if you don't already, that is.


My buddy Ethan has sent a veritable cornucopia of beautiful ass shots. I couldn't choose between them, so I figured I'd just include them all.

Do asses get any better? It's a hot round butt, to begin with. Bent over, it's even more saliva-inducing and slobber-worthy. 

But what really makes these photos drive me crazy are those enormous nuts Ethan displays, hanging between his legs. Those are bull-nuts, my friends. Don't you want to reach out and tug 'em? Roughly? Or maybe tie them up with a rough length of hemp and . . . maybe that part's just me.

Ethan, I love your ass, my friend. Everyone else will too, now.

My contributors have been very brave this week. Show them a little appreciation in the comments!


  1. From Ethans photos it sounds like you enjoy 'playing' ball with a guy :-)

  2. Ah! One of my favorite things about this blog is the reader's ass(ets) posts. I always love to leave very extensive comments, so here I go:

    Joe: My god! What do you do to make that ass look so nice? I thought I had a sweet one on me, but you are rockin' it hard! I want to peel those cheeks apart and just start licking at whatever I find.

    StrappedguyNC: Hmm...what can I say other than I'm putting spit on my dick and sliding in? Seriously a sexy ass and I'm just waiting for it to show up in Boston some time so I can give it a good work-over. I agree with The Breeder, though: Get some bacon on that, STAT!

    Mark: I love, love, LOVE that fur you've got. A hairy hole makes for a happy Ace and you've got it, man. In spades. And may I be the first to say how much I want to just lick that cum up for you? Great shots.

    Ethan: What a sexy ass, and made even sexier by that tan line. I would love to go through all those same positions with you, only with my cock going in and out. Your balls are beautiful, and I bet your cock is hot too.

    Thanks to all the guys who submitted! I love these posts! I hope more and more guys submit because I enjoy this a ton.


  3. Oh, and I forgot to add that Rob isn't the only guy here who wants to tie those balls up with some hemp. How about a little mutual ball fun, Ethan?


  4. Wow, some really nice ass, balls and cock. Dthan big bull balls are especially nice and should have my hand wrapped around them tightly for tugging. His fuzzy ass is hot too. I would have liked to have given Mark that blow job he shows in the pic. Hot cock Mark. Joe's ass is cute too and in position for some hot breeding. Thanks for sharing your hot junk guys.

  5. Ethan: the grey in your shorts and in your curtains really compliments the junk in your trunk. i'm gonna go praise other beings for giving us your ass.

  6. Ethan: the grey in your shorts and in your curtains really compliments the junk in your trunk. i'm gonna go praise other beings for giving us your ass.

  7. congrats guys on your hot assets and thanks for sharing



  8. Rob man,

    These are some great ass and one nice cock that you post this week. Wouldn't mind going and have some fun time with some of them. I will send you some photos of me again soon my friend.


  9. Thanks guys! I admit I was surprised by all the attention my balls got, but I do like all the ideas of what to do to them.

  10. What a great set of butts! All are beautiful. I would so love to be down on my knees right now, my face buried in those marvellously deep and wide clefts between the spread cheeks of Strappedguync or Ethan, feasting like a pig....