Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: Irene Edition

What a week of disasters it's been, for those of us here on the east coast of the U.S. First, we had the novelty of an earthquake that could be felt all the way from Virginia to Boston . . . though somehow it thrilled New York City and then mysteriously seemed to skip the suburb in which I dwell. (I suspect the Stepford Wives here of somehow paying someone off so as not to mess up their catalog-perfect living rooms.)

And then we had Irene, the class one hurricane that thrilled many a newscaster with forecasts of disaster for Manhattan itself, which was supposed to turn into a spectacular watery holocaust. Didn't really happen up here, but it was enough of a scare to shut down everything and clog up the highway as frightened locals lined up at the exits leading to Sam's Club and CostCo.

We members of Team Breeder are safe and dry, though, without even a loss of electricity about which to brag. Which is why, with only a little delay, I'm able to bring to you this morning your weekly dose of questions from

Which do you prefer more a tight hole or bid cock?

I don't really care how big a bottom's dick is. Tight hole, every time.

Do you have an opinion about prostate-stimulator toys, as a way for a bottom to sensitize his hole?

I do not have an opinion, as I've never tried one. I've never known anyone who's tried one, either; though I had a couple of friends who were heavily into toy play, they usually enjoyed the big dildos than the prostate-stimulators.

I'm curious about them myself, though, so if any of my readers or Twitter buddies have an opinion, I'd love to hear them.

Have you ever sounded your urethra with a clinical probe? with your finger?

I've used sounds before, yes. It's an interesting, but not for my needs essential, form of play. I've been with several men who really enjoyed the effects of them, however, and I'm more than willing to help them out.

I can usually stick my fingertip in my own urethra. I like digging out the precum that way.

Do Big Boys/Real Men cry? Do you? How often does The Breeder find male lacrimation acceptable? (Your opinion RE how many men bottom inspires these questions.)

Sure they cry. Strong men cry. Boys cry. I've made bottoms cry many a time with my dick.

The last time I cried, corny as it might sound, as a few days ago. I was sitting on a boat headed to the Statue of Liberty, watching it loom up out of the water, backed by the sunlight, and I thought to myself, "You know? As many times as I've seen it in films and photos and in Planet of the Apes, I've never see the Statue of Liberty in person before." Then I got a big old lump in my throat and teared up.

But you know, everyone else on the boat was doing it too, so I didn't feel so badly.

While a passenger in a car, do you ever give the driver a hand job? or a blow job?

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the car to come to a complete stop before I engage in any action with the driver.

Besides, it's easier to fuck him that way.

Would you say you are genuingly Bisexual?

It's easier to find sex with men because, basically, they're dawgs. Yet I would say that I've had good sex with more women than have most genuinely straight men, and than have most guys who call themselves bi because they've been with their wives and screw around on the side with hundreds of guys.

My involvement in bisexual relationships has tapered off in the last two years after an involvement with a married couple got a little too complicated, but yes. I would consider myself an equal opportunity cock wielder.

What scares you the most and why?

I tend to be extremely frightened inwardly, despite being rock-solid on the outside, when a loved one faces a health crisis, or is in jeopardy of death.

What do you take in your coffee?

I don't drink straight coffee. I was a fan of Starbucks' cocoa cappuccino last winter, though.

What papers do you read, either nationally or locally?

I read the New York Times, online. Sections of it, anyway.

Stumbled on your blog a few months ago but didn't pay much attention, then last week I saw one of your history posts and I've been hooked. I grew up across the river from Richmond in the suburbs, so it's been very interesting. Any good stories from Bon

I grew up on the northside, and never really got out to the suburbs. (I didn't have a car, for one thing). To be honest, I don't even know how to navigate around Richmond's southside. My family never, ever went there!

Morning person, or night owl?

I arouse the ire of my loved ones and the contempt of my neighbors by being a bright, perky, and supremely chipper morning person.

Do you or anyone you know have to get completely naked before you can poop? It's the only way I can be comfy enough to do it!

I cannot say I do. I can go naked or clothed. (That is, if my pants are down.) It's all the same to me.

I know you have said since your move you have not really been getting any action, but is there anything about your new location or your move that you like? Really enjoy reading your blog.

Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad you read.

There are several things I like about my new location. The easy access to New York City is probably at the top of the list—it's a six-buck train ride into Grand Central, and from there I've got all kinds of cultural opportunities and sight-seeing to do. My new location itself is quite beautiful, and I like that the state is not as spread out and far-flung as my old Michigan home, where a forty-mile trip to get to a favorite location wasn't atypical.


  1. I tried one of those prostate stimulation toys a few years ago (I still have it packed up somewhere) but only used it about five times. And of those five times, it made me bleed four. No idea why. And this was a time in my life where I was using large dildos and taking cock frequently. So I didn't really like it. But I know there are entire communities of men of all sexual orientations that love them. Maybe I was just using it wrong, but I'm not inclined to try again.


  2. Watching CNN yesterday did were not showing any damage from where Irene had been, but they kept talking about what could happen to NYC.

    Just to keep talking, one reporter even said New Yorkers might expect their garbage cans to blow over. I just started laughing at that, good reason to shut the city down, blown over trash

  3. Rob my friend,

    I'm glad that everything is ok at your place. I'm dwelling with hurricane Irene this evening too. We are having high wind and a lot af rain but not big disaster. I will know more tomorrow when i will here the news. I know there are a lot of trees that went down and that some people are missing electricity. I missed about 45 min and that is it.


  4. On the issue of bisexuality and other couples...

    I know most readers here are probably interested in the action you have with other men (and why not? Your descriptions are boner inducing and usually leave me with sticky underwear.), but aside from your wife which we all know is an off limits topic, would you ever share some details of your activities with other couples? There has to have been some husbands who loved to watch you ravish their wife and then promptly provide clean-up service. Or perhaps that was just a fantasy of mine.

    Glad you guys made it through the storm!

  5. Ace,

    Bleeding is never good! Were you inserting it correctly?

  6. Yves,

    I hope that's the worst of it for you. Be strong!

  7. JFBreak,

    I have been with a lot of male-female couples, it's true. Someone asked me on formspring a few weeks ago why I haven't written about them and I outlined a sad little tale of a couple I got involved with about two or three years back that went south in a way making me unwilling to pursue those avenues for a while.

    I've been feeling the yen again, though. Hopefully I can find someone locally who'll help me out.

  8. ...a few weeks ago why I haven't written about them and I outlined a sad little tale of a couple I got involved with about two or three years back...

    How the hell did I miss that entry? Back to the archives for me! And good luck with the locals.

  9. Bleeding makes me really concerned actually. I was using it right...I just think that maybe the shape doesn't fit right with the shape of my ass. I think that maybe my ass is a bit longer or something. All I know is that when I was into anal play, I could easily take a thin toy that was twelve inches all the way in. So maybe my colon is too straight? I don't know. I just stopped using it. It also wasn't the really expensive brand Aneros.