Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Buddies

He’s showing me a video on his iPhone. It’s tough to tell what’s going on. It’s as if he’s walking with the video recording. I catch glimpses of a carpet, of a frilly bed skirt, of a lamp on a bedside table. The sudden light causes the screen to flare and bleach, before it adjusts again. Then I can see a pair of feminine legs, lying on pretty floral sheets.

Then there’s a dick, red and engorged. It’s one of those fat, almost flat dicks, wider than it is thick. The head is enormous. As the camera focuses, I can see it flare. I wince, and pull my expression into one of disturbed disgust. “Why are you showing me cock?” I ask.

The Landscaper is watching my expression intently, I notice. We’re in the front seat of his van, parked in the usual lot of the local strip mall. From the Starbucks he’s brought two cardboard cups of coffee, one black and one what he calls ‘regular,’ which means with cream and sugar. (“I didn’t know what you liked, so I got one of each,” he told me, proffering both, like a shy boy with an apple for the teacher.) I’ve got the regular between my legs, warming my thighs. The roll of bills he’s given me makes a lump in my jeans pocket, to the right. My dick is bulging to the left.

“It’s mine,” he says, unnecessarily. I look away from the screen to his groin. His faded designer jeans are tight in the crotch. He’s managed to sidle over the gap in the seats and insinuate himself close to me. His shoulder’s only a hair away from my own, but we’re not touching.

I curl my lip. The Landscaper likes thinking I’m the straightest of straight men, the married guy he’s managed to talk into showing off his dick for cash when we meet. “So why are you showing me your cock?” I ask, like he’s some kind of sick bastard.

He gets off on my tone. “Just watch,” he says. “You’ll see something you like better.”

I can feel his breath on my cheek as he watches me watching. I get the impression he’s actually trying to smell me. I hold my attention on the jittering screen in front of me. Through the little speakers pressing against his palm I hear voices, his own and a woman’s. I’m assuming his wife’s. I can’t tell what they’re saying, though. The woman’s legs appear again. Then I see the Landscaper’s big, meaty hands lifting up the hem of some kind of oversized T-shirt or night shirt. Her hands swat him away for a minute, but then he’s thrusting two of his fingers in her slit, none too gently.

“You like her pussy?” he asks, over her mild and somewhat amused protests. “Sweet one, huh?”

I have to clear my throat. “Yeah,” I murmur. On the phone, he’s moving the camera back and forth between his own dick, which is throbbing and pulsing, to his wife’s pussy.

His shoulder touches mine. I can feel him freeze. He desperately wants to be there, touching me, and he’s hoping I don’t notice. It’s an intimacy I shouldn’t allow. A real straight guy would pull back from it. I pretend to be too absorbed in the video to care much. He’s using his left hand to pull apart her pussy lips, to show her off to me. She’s laughing and trying to swat him away, the entire time. “You like that, huh? I did it for you, buddy. I figured you’d want to see her.” I grunt, deeply, sexually. I’m turned on that he made this video with me in mind. “You should see her when she shaves,” he says. “Like a fucking teen. You want me to make her shave? I’ll tell her to do it. Make another video. For you, dude. I’ll do it for you.”

I’m not one of those guys who really gives a crap whether a few square inches of skin are shaved or not. But I’m turned on at the idea of him shaving his wife at my say-so. “Yeah,” I tell him. “I want her shaved.”

“Dude, I’ll do it!” he says, thrilled beyond measure that we’re conspiring together. “Fuck, I’ll do it tonight.” His dick appears again at the bottom of the screen. He’s having issues getting both it and his wife’s pussy in the camera at the same time. In a moment, the camera tilts, confusing the view. Then it shuts off. He pockets the camera. “You turned on?” he asks. I nod. “Maybe you should get in the back and let me take care of that for you,” he whispers.

“What do you mean, take care of it,” I ask, wary.

He licks his lips unconsciously. “I’ll suck it.” He’s aware instantly he’s asked too much. I’m opening my mouth to warn him I don’t do that fag shit, when he overrides me. “Let me stroke it off for you, buddy. Just two guys. Kids do it for each other. Nothing wrong with it.”

I puff my cheeks and blow out air. He’s overstepped the line, and he knows it. What he doesn’t know is how much I enjoy putting him through the wringer, every time he tries to inch his way a little further into full-on man sex. I get off on knowing he wants it so desperately, that he wants me. Obsesses about me. Makes videos for me. I could just feed him my dick and get it over with, but I like prolonging his agony. I’m a cruel bastard that way.

I’m really considering how far I’ll let him go this time, but he seems to think I might just step out of the truck. “Sorry, sorry man,” he says. “I know you’re not gay. I’m not either, honest. Just something about you, you know. Makes me get a little crazy.” In a husky voice, he asks, very politely, “Please let me taste it.”

“I don’t think so,” I say. I look toward the back of the van, where we’ve played before. I shake my head.
“Let me lick your nuts,” he pleads. “You’ve let me do that before. You liked that, right?” I shrug, like I’m trying not to remember it happening, or like I was just doing him a favor and it hadn’t really done a thing for me. “Get in the back,” he suggests. “Just get in the back and let me watch you. Okay buddy?”

There’s such a note of yearning in his voice that I’m aroused even more than before. It hurts, that need. I can tell by the catch in his tone, the raspy grating at the back of his throat. His breathing is heavy. He wants me badly. Without a word, I climb into the back of the van and take off my leather jacket. He’s ramped up the heat over the last few minutes. The floor is cold when I settle on it, though.

He follows and takes his place between my sneakers. He pulls down my jeans. We wrestle for a moment with exactly how far I’ll let them descend. He wants them above my knees; I want to keep them just below the nuts. I let him win. He’s a handsome man, this married daddy, this well-off professional, this boss of a dozens. He’s an eye-catcher, a prize. And he looks fucking ridiculous, prone on the floor of his work van, thrall to my erection. He rests the side of his head on my leg above the knee, gazing at my hard dick like he’s in love with it. I allow it.

“Let me suck it,” he pleads. I make a show of thinking about it, like I’m a straight guy who could use a mouth, any mouth, even a dude’s mouth, no matter how dirty I’d feel afterward. I give it a moment before I curl my lip and shake my head. “Let me lick those nuts then,” he begs. “Please. Please.”

I wait another moment while I stroke. I seem totally absorbed in my own meat. My fist grips it tightly, making the head red and shiny. Precum starts oozing out. After a while, I grudgingly nod.

Then he’s up there, right between my legs. His breath is hot on my sac for a moment, and then I feel the warmth of his tongue, the pressure of his chin. His eyes stare up at my meat, then into my eyes. They’re heavy-lidded, as if he’s half-asleep, or having the best dream in the world.

His hands hold my thighs as I jerk. They’re strong, and the grip is relentless. From time to him his mouth starts to travel up; his tongue licks out at the base of my shaft, as he tries to get a taste. I let my face wrinkle with disgust whenever he does, and then get him back on my nuts by adjusting the angle of my hips. I don’t touch his head. Touching is something he does, not me.

“You want her pussy, don’t you?” he asks after a while. “You want that shaved pussy?”

“You want to see me fuck her?” I grunt. My own eyes are shut now. I’m getting closer, and he can tell.

“I want to see you bang the shit out of that bitch!” He’s turned on at my excitement. It’s okay for a straight guy to shoot at the thought of fucking a buddy’s wife. Normal, even. “You wouldn’t tell her our arrangement, would you?”

I’m assuming he means the money, or maybe the nut-licking, or perhaps both. “Fuck no!” I spit, as if I’d never tell anyone about that perverted shit.

“Fuck her,” he says, urging me on. “Fuck that cunt! Would you watch a movie of me fucking her if I take it?”

I’m real close now. My fist pounds over my shaft rapidly. “Yeah,” I grunt.

I’m shooting. It’s a thick load that slides out of my slit like lava from a volcano, just as hot, burning a trail down the back of my knuckles. He’s mesmerized at the sight. My dick lets loose glob after glob as he watches. For a minute I think he wants to lick it off my hand, but he’s not got the courage to ask.

Instead, he pulls a canister of baby wipes from a bag lying against the van’s wall. Softly, almost tenderly, he swaps away the goo. In a couple of moments my hand is clean and smelling of shea butter. “You are so fucking hot,” he whispers with reverence. Then, with a note of longing, he asks, “Do you like my lips on there?”

It’s time to throw him a bone. The pup’s worked hard enough for it. “Yeah,” I say in my normal voice. “Yeah. It’s not too bad.”

The light that shines from his face is worth all the acting I’ve had to do. He’s so fucking happy at the back-handed praise. The pride is palpable. I can still feel it emanating from the van as I gather my jacket and get back into my own car.

I’m pulling into my own parking space at home when I get his text a few minutes later. think we got a good thing going here, right buddy? It says.

Yeah, I text back. It’s cool to have a good buddy like you.


  1. I loved your post! I wonder how long it will take for him to suck you and you to breed him -:) pretty hot as usual and I love the longing and yearning in your mate's voice. Please send us more updates on your latest fling.
    With love from France

  2. He's like a little kid in a toy store wanting a certain toy. "Can I have it please please can I have it".

    You can tell he's at the point he'll do anything you say to get a chance at sucking your cock.

    Now the (exciting) question is how long will you make him wait and what else will you have him do?

  3. "Then he’s up there, right between my legs. His breath is hot on my sac for a moment, and then I feel the warmth of his tongue, the pressure of his chin. His eyes stare up at my meat, then into my eyes. They’re heavy-lidded, as if he’s half-asleep, or having the best dream in the world."

    Spoken by a man who has LIVED it!


    Cheers mate.

    Then he’s up there, right between my legs. His breath is hot on my sac for a moment, and then I feel the warmth of his tongue, the pressure of his chin. His eyes stare up at my meat, then into my eyes. They’re heavy-lidded, as if he’s half-asleep, or having the best dream in the world.

  4. You are a complete and utter bastard, and here's me, trying to hide the wet spot on my pants...and there's the Academy, wasting Oscars on Colin Firth.

  5. I think it's pretty dubious that your manipulation of this guy both feeds into a social experience of homophobia (of the sort that this guy obviously experiences) and also now entails his manipulation of his wife. Maybe you want to rethink this one.

  6. Are you sure you aren't related to the guy who invented water-boarding? I don't know how you can control your own urge to just flood this guy's throat with a load!

  7. Rob my friend,
    That post is just incredible man, love everything about it. Just the way you play that role with him is amazing. The way you describe it is a fantasy to a lot of guys in here. I can read those posts of you with that man for hours and read them over and over again and always been aroused by it, like right now. Those posts with him are just the best. Keep them cumming.


  8. Frenchie,

    I'm glad you enjoyed. I get off teasing the guy more than I do the actual sex. It makes it hotter for the both of us.

  9. Cyberi4a,

    I'll be playing that one by ear.

  10. SIR,

    You, of all men, would know. Thanks, mister.

  11. 4:18 Anonymous (and of course, it's an anonymous),

    You are correct, both in that I am manipulating him and that I'm relying on a social experience of homophobia to fuel the encounters.

    However, I'll be up front in admitting that I don't much care. I came to terms long ago with the notion that I am not going to micromanage the morality and ethics of the other men and women with whom I sleep. I can't do it, nor do I care to double check the backgrounds of every potential fuck in order to make certain that they are totally falsehood and commitment free. As for the manipulation of his wife, sure. But she's not being put at risk, here; he's not even asking her to do anything she obviously hasn't done before for him.

    You may babysit your partners, if you have them. I consider them to be big boys who can make their own decisions.

    As for the homophobia, I believe that most academics would celebrate the gleeful appropriation of homophobic tropes for ends plainly the opposite of what they were intended. On this point I am also cheerfully amoral.

  12. JFBreak,

    I doubt the flooding would be half as much fun without the build-up, for this guy.

  13. Yves,

    It probably is just as much a fantasy to many of my readers as it is for this guy. It's interesting how it works both ways, right? Thank you, my friend!

  14. Why is it that the 'holier than thou' stuff so often comes from 'anonymous.' I mean, if their convictions are so strong... you think they'd be proud of it.

    In the mean time, in reading this I totally get that feeling of desperately wanting someone. The ache it creates inside.