Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: In and Out Edition

Just a quickie this morning, my friends. I've got a busy week up ahead.

I wanted to mention that one of my buddies and frequent commenters, our very own Seph, has started his own Tumblr blog. If you're a fan of scruffy guys, bearded guys, or guys with tattoos, you'll probably enjoy the parade of men he assembles there. So check out Beardos, Indies, & Baddies, and give him a bit of support.

My only complaint about the blog is that it should've really been titled The Big Blog of Men The Breeder Wants to Fuck (And Maybe One He Already Has). That'd be more accurate.

Let's get to some questions from, where you can discreetly and anonymously ask me questions about my life. Some of the questions I've gotten from you guys this week were great—keep them coming!

Have you ever had cum up your ass?

Oh yes.

If you were still working in academia, would you include face pics in any of your online profiles? Would the site make a difference? Would it make a difference if you worked a staff (e.g. administrative or support) or faculty type position?

If I were working at an institution like a Catholic university, I probably would not.

If I were still working at a public university or a liberal private institution, sure. Why not? I had my face pics up during my teaching and administrative days. Let me tell you, if having a profile on a sex site were today declared a crime in academia, there'd be a hell of a lot of students arriving to empty classrooms tomorrow morning.

Would you rather never use the internet again or never watch TV again?

Hey, I could give up my TV and still watch all my favorite shows off the internet. So I'd go that route.

Have you ever had an orgy of 4 or more guys?

The biggest organized orgy I've been in had about three dozen guys in a hotel room.

What was or is you favorite Crayon Color?

I was always fond of Olive Green and Copper.

Hated Mahogany and especially white. I never understood the white crayon,

when dating, at a bar, online, at the baths, or otherwise on the prowl - are you the hunter or the hunted?

I choose my prey, but I don't chase it. It comes to me.

If you receive a call by someone who isn't aware of calling you because he or she paced that call mistakenly: Do you discreetly hang up or do you continue to listen in?

If you mean do I hang up when someone has dialed me on his mobile phone with his butt cheek . . . I hang up after saying the guy's name a few times. Especially if I hear a car motor and him singing along to some random song on the radio.

Once in college I was summoned to the shared hall telephone in my dormitory by one of the other residents. I started talking to the person on the phone and had a difficult time identifying the speaker, but I didn't ask who it might be because I was waking up and confused and embarrassed to admit I didn't know. However, after about two minutes of casual chit-chat that suddenly turned to topics about which I knew nothing, I suddenly realized that the reason I couldn't place the person is because I didn't KNOW him. The person who'd summoned me to the phone must have misheard my name, or mistaken me for someone else.

Of course, by that point saying, "Hey, I'm sorry, I think you've got the wrong number" would've been really mortifying for us both, so I continued the conversation with vague responses and finally a plea that I needed to get to dinner.

That was the very last time I answered a phone without making very certain I knew who was on the other end.

I am in a curious mood today. As usual actually :) Do you ever ask others a question (on Formspring)? If yes, what was your most intrusive question (one you considered the most intrusive)? If no, why?

I used to ask quite a lot of questions of other people on Formspring, but I had a couple of people who would ask for questions and after I'd obliged, would ask for even more questions with a proviso such as, "Make sure they aren't stupid."

After a couple of times of that, you can imagine I was a little burned out by it.

The one question I used to ask that would get people into a tizzy would be, "What is the one question you hope that someone asks you here?" or, more tellingly, "What is the one question you hope that no one asks you here?"

And no, you don't get to ask it of me.

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  1. 3 DOZEN- that's like cock heaven!!!! I'd be a kid in a candy store!!!!