Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Morning Questions: Subtlety Edition

I know, subtle, ain't it? My birthday's a week from tomorrow. Don't worry, I'm not hinting for expensive gifts! (Though if you were in that kind of mood, I've got an Amazon wish list you can always browse.) I'm not demanding that a porn star give me the fuck of a lifetime. I'm a low-maintenance kind of guy.

You know what I would like, though? Photos of you all, if you wish to share 'em. Male, female, young, old. I don't care. Just take a pic of your sexy body with a sheet of paper on which you've scrawled a birthday wish. Or take a snapshot of your face and your pretty smile while you're holding up your phone to show me you've typed out a birthday greeting in big bold type. Make a really short movie in which you're yelling happy birthday! at me. Be creative! Email them to the address in my sidebar! Seriously, nothing would make me happier.

I won't share them with anyone. Honest. I will bask in a glow warmer than any of my impending for-mmph-mmph birthday candles could create, though.

Let's get to some questions from , shall we? For those of you who made an effort this week and last to come up with some truly unique questions for me, I'm grateful. They were interesting!

Your first time: with a man vs woman. Which was better / more memorable?

My first time with a man was special. It was with someone I knew and adored, and scary though it was, I trusted him enough to guide the situation and not let me come to harm.

My first time with a woman I've written about in my blog. It was supervised by someone I trusted, but involved a couple I didn't know, neither of whom had inviting personalities. I might've gotten the job done, but it was an act more of corruption than of pleasure.

Have you ever eaten anything special or different in an attempt to make your cum taste better?

I have not, though I once had someone try to make me experiment with pineapple juice to see if it made my loads sweeter, as it was suggested it would.

I did used to take zinc supplements to see if it would give my loads more volume, but I found that simply keeping well hydrated did that trick.

And I have consumed beer, which I don't particularly like, in order to make my piss taste different, for some men.

What do you do when you can't sleep?

When I played World of Warcraft, I would get up from bed and work on my fishing. That was such a dull and tranquil experience that I'd be ready to go to sleep in no time.

I no longer play, though. So usually I will get up and either browse web pages, or I'll lie in bed and read on my iPad. I find that if I just do something for an hour other than think about sleeping, I'll fall back to sleep. And if I don't . . . well, it's only a night.

Blindfolded, butt up, door unlocked. Hot, or not? And should the blindfold stay on until you leave?

That's very, very hot to me. If the blindfold stays on, even better. I love that scenario.

Open Relationships, are you a fan or do you disagree with them? Why?

Everyone in a relationship should feel not only the freedom to be able to express himself to his partner, but with his partner to set the course of the relationship. For some couples, that will mean a sexually open relationship. For others, it'll mean monogamy. Both of those—and every variation between—can be good options.

I'm a big fan of people taking control of their own lives and relationships and working with their partners to make life not only agreeable, but fulfilling. No matter what the details happen to be.

If you only had one night in Toronto, (Say, for instance, on a Thursday) where would you go to find a hole or three?

Steamworks. It's clean enough, centrally located, and attracts not only a good number of guys, but a good quality of men as well.

Years ago I would've suggested the Bijou or The Barracks, but sadly, they are long gone. I loved those spots.

How close has lightning ever struck near you? Were you outdoors or in?

I once had lightning strike the electrical transformer behind the garage of my previous house—about thirty feet from where I was inside. It shorted out all the electronics (except for those I'd unplugged because of the storm) and set off the house's alarm system in a way that it couldn't be turned off. Fun.

Whenever you read a profile on A4A or other hook-up sites that says "I'm just looking to make friends," do you ever mentally add "...with my cock/ass"?

Quite a lot. I also look at the ads that say 'I'm not here to hook up!' and mentally add, '...unless I'm horny.'

Do you ever have a hook up turn into a meanful active friendship?

Quite often. When I lived in Michigan, I had active and meaningful friendships (and continuing sexual relationships, in many cases) with several guys whom I originally met for a hookup. My intense relationship with Spencer, which I documented in my journal in the latter part of 2010 and early 2011 and which lasted for the better part of a year, until I moved, began as a hookup.

The longest-lasting relationship of my life started as a one-night stand. I'm pretty adept at making friends with my fucks.


  1. Oh, I can definitely think of one or two things to give you for your birthday...

  2. Happy happy happy early birthday Rob!

  3. Rob my friend,
    I can assure you that you will recieve one from me for your birthday.
    I'm not telling what but you will have it.
    Take care sexy man.


  4. Hey there Rob, great birthday idea, I wish I had thought of that for mine(which is today...woohooo) I will be sending out a hello photo to you too.

  5. Hey there Rob, great birthday idea, I wish I had thought of that for mine(which is today...woohooo) I will be sending out a hello photo to you too.

  6. [ Flashback to 2/6/11 ] I'm pretty sure that respondents to your Birthday Pics Invitational 2012 won't hold a candle to my submission in 2011.

    (I'll save my warm wishes for next week.)


  7. Bud, I don't post pic on the web. but if i did, it would be for your B-day.....
    thanks for the sharing and the insight.

  8. I'll pass on the photo. Package from Amazon is on the way.