Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Contest

I did make it home safely from my year-commencing trip, thanks very much for asking. Give me a little time to shake off the long-drive vibrations and to get some sleep, and we'll back to the regular installments. Many thanks for your new year's wishes, by the way! I'm thinking 2011 is going to be good for us all, in one way or another.

It seemed appropriate that on New Year's Eve, I noticed that my blog had topped the four-hundred-follower mark. I'd promised one of my readers that when we reached that milestone, we'd have another underwear giveaway. Now, I know that some of my readers are a little skeeved out at the notion of dirty shorts arriving via the U.S. Postal Service. Quite a lot of you enjoy the notion, though. If you're one of them, and want to get a pair of my shorts caked with semen, you can enter the contest simply by commenting on today's post. Comment here anytime before Monday, January 10, 2011 in order to enter.

I don't need your mailing address or your email address right away. Simply identify yourself either with a Google or Google-compatible account, or give yourself a distinguishing nickname so I can notify you through the blog next week that you've won—in other words, don't be completely anonymous. If you're worried about someone finding out through the comments that you've entered the contest, simply email me at the address in the sidebar and indicate that you'd like to be considered.

The last time I had a contest, I entered all the names in a handy little application that selected one at random, with a backup name in case the first guy didn't respond. I'll announce the winner here, ask that he contact me with his private information via email, and then he'll get the cum-covered prize. Which I'll start spunking up immediately!

So enter already. What're you waiting for?

It also seemed appropriate that over the weekend I crossed the four-hundred-thousand unique reader mark. I always enjoy seeing what Google search terms guys are using when they stumble across me. Here's a few from the last couple of months.

black bull breeder gay blog

(Because that's me, right?)

4 dicks in 1 hole

(I can't even imagine how that would begin to work.)

only one naked boys laughed "suck me!"

(It's like a fragment from some porn story, of which I want to read the rest.)

daddy stuff me with cock

(Since it sounds like something Scruffy has said a few times, I'm not really surprised at this one.)

age:55 + lean + big dick

(I AM NOT 55.)

20 mins of asian men sucking dick and sniffing poppers while wearing camouflage 

(That is very, very specific.)

a male dick master tells his boy dick toy that he is going to remove his dick and balls and then eat them

(That is very, very specific, and very, very scary. What entry of mine pinged for this one?!)

mrsteed "sperm assault"

(Well, if you're asking for it by name. . . .)

Buddy Lawrence Family

(There is some Kristy McNichol fan out there with a very red face right now.)

Is Cazwell a top or a bottom?

(If anyone finds out the answer to this, please let me know.)

Mexican turkey breeders


i want to have sex on an ipad

(I suggest putting a towel on it, first.)

ever have a moment when you think 'how the hell did I get here'

(Yes, yes, indeed. And I'm having one right now.)


  1. LOL! hilarious. This pussyboi wants in on some cum soaked underwear action

  2. Hope the odds of winning are better than 1 in 400.

  3. Here's my entry. You didn't limit so count on multiple submissions - pun intended. Getting yours would be a great way to start the new year.

  4. Would love to have a pair of your underwear soaked in your cum....of course I would love my hole flooded with your cum too....

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Breeder,reading your blog is like a guilty pleasure. It's like masturbation--damn, I know I shouldn't but I just gotta! I hope I get a pair of your underwear..I could use a new cumrag for 2011! BTW, if I don't win the shorts, would you be open if I sent you a pair for you to dirty up for me? ;-)

  7. Entry submitted by: Jonking
    Prize sought: Breeder babies soaking a tasty cloth receptacle
    In 25 words or less, why should you be chosen as the winner?: Because I realize that they would be a delicious, nutritious, scrumptious, sexy, plentiful, creamy, powerful, erection-inducing, load-releasing, tangible way to have contact with the Breeder! (25 words total, noting that hyphenated words count as one word.)

  8. ive met cazwell a few times, and i'm pretty sure he's a top. maybe vers in a relationship.

  9. Hey, glad to see you back!
    I'd sure like to give it a try this time again! So, yes, count me in for the 'lottery' :-p

  10. Congratulations on hitting the 400 mark! I hope the 500 mark cums soon!! If I win I'll send you a pair of mine customized any way you like.

  11. Great blog as usual. Congrats on the 400. i have trouble reaching 15....LOL

  12. I'm in! Love reading about your adventures.

  13. Welcome back and congrats on the 400/400,000 marks!! Glad that you had a safe trip home! Great to have ya back buddy!

  14. What an excellent way to start 2011!!! Can't wait to win the big prize hopefully.

  15. Yes, please, I can't imagine a better New Year's gift than a pair of your cum-encrusted shorts...include me in the contest!

  16. What size are these undies?

  17. Welcome back! I didn't realize how much your posts have become part of my daily routine. Can't wait to read more.

  18. Did anyone google "nordic alien"?

    Of course, I want in for the contest :)

    I also want the sperm assault, but you already knew that.

    The sex-on-an-iPad reminded me of a new friend told me how, at the Apple store where he works, a customer brought her iPhone into the Genius Bar.... because it wouldn't work anymore after she'd used it as a vibrator.

    Not making this up.

    On that note, in lieu of a sperm assault, I have a new toy to try out...


  19. Congrats man! Can't wait for the coming year of this blog. My year has started off on a really bad note so could you a boost. Count me in, please!

  20. I've never had a desire to own someone elses underwear until reading this post.

    -Big Daddy

  21. Waiting on my knees with head bent in supplication...

  22. Eager for your cum drenched goodies!

  23. Dear lord, just the idea of this gets me rock HARD :-)

  24. and for a brief (stained) moment, I was thinking 400 loads.

  25. Jim said:

    I would love to wear your cum drenched underwear under my suit to a clients meeting. the thought of you cum so close to my hole while in a professional setting gets me going.....Regardless if I win, shoot a load on your briefs where one's hole connects - hot.

  26. Hey, just discovered there's still time to enter today.

    I would love to win your cum coated briefs.

    If I win, and am ever lucky enuf to get bred by you in person, I promise to let you gag me with those same briefs, so I can stifle my screams of delight as your cumload coats my smooth fuckchute.

  27. If only I had been reading back then…. wistful sigh…
    But, I think I could possibly convince you to supply a prize, if I framed the request nicely.