Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Far-Flung Correspondents: FelchingPisser Does MAL

One of my frequent commenters and readers of this blog is my buddy FelchingPisser. He's a friend in my real life as well, a demanding top guy who's made an appearance or two in my blog. Yes, we've nailed hole together. He's handsome, hung (he claims he's 'slightly bigger' than me, but he's being kind—he's much, much bigger) and insatiable once he gets going.

And he's one of the friends I knew was attending MAL last weekend. The account of the trip he sent me was so engaging, nasty, and hot, that I asked if I could share it with you guys. He consented. So for today's field trip, pack your bags and get ready to see what happened in D.C. through the eyes of one of the best guys I know.

The photos in the post are of him. Be sure to let him know in the comments how much you appreciate his diary—it's a scorcher.

I guess I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I’m another Great Lakes area, full service top. I’m slightly older, slightly taller, slightly thinner and, yeah, slightly bigger then the Breeder. While, the Breeder wrote about attending one of my gangbangs, I more often appear in this blog with a comment or two.

I wrote what follows as a way to keep track on my first Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) experience. I had often gone to CLAW, but never to DC for what any number of guys told me was the “Rolls Royce of leather events.” I sent it off to the Breeder daily. He suggested that his readers might be interested. I want to thank him for even thinking it was worth posting here...

This is not a writing competition to see if I can write better than what appears daily in this space. I know I’d lose. This is simply the chronicle of my weekend: How I went to DC…and had a fuckin’ blast…

MAL Day One: Thursday

“I’m sorry, sir. You‘re a pound and a half overweight.” I look down at my thin frame--I have never heard those words before in my life. “Your suitcase. If you can get that much out of it, you can check it for free.”

I take the case off the scale and start unzipping. Thank God I am checking in early at DTW and there is no line. “A pair of blue jeans often works,” the SouthWest clerk adds helpfully. I look. No surprise, really, about the weight. Leather chaps, jeans, camo pants, leather shirts, wrist restraints, harness, shoes, on and on. I remove the travel bag filled with the sundries I often take to play parties. Oops, get the lube out of there--no liquids. Ok, that should take care of the weight, be easier to carry than a pair of jeans and give the screeners something to talk about as they see the x-ray of the dildo I use to double fuck my boys…

“All set?

“All set.” The bag is back on the scale.

“Oh, very, good--you got it down to 44 and a half.”

An endless line for screening. And yes, I swear to God, my bag is backed up for a second look. Maybe the aging TSA agent really likes the idea of the tit clamps in there….

Two perfectly boring flights--only slightly enlivened by a cute attendant who would NOT smile at me--but kept looking at my bulge.

The most expensive cab ride ever--and I am at the hotel.

Check in--fast and smooth. And they actually have my name--surprising, since I had no part of the reservation process. Up to the third floor--and I am suddenly all but weak kneed. The elevator REEKS of poppers. Obviously, someone’s bottle has not survived the flight and has dripped through the luggage. Oh, does the Hyatt know what they are in store for?????!!!!

My first roommate arrives 2 and ½ hours after his projected time--glad I didn’t wait for him at Dulles where he suggested he could pick me up…Matt is a guy I met at CLAW in April. He gave me my first lesson in flogging. I then fucked him and pissed up his hole. He fed it back to me and we have kept in touch ever since. Short, billy-goateed, shaved head...leather is his life. A true leather man--his leather family takes precedence over anything. And he has a large, involved one. He was constantly at their beck and call during the first 24 hours. To the point that our appointed play time vanished. We’d agreed we’d play the first night then be free the rest of the weekend…play again if we felt the urge. But not now--well, quick---online to BBRT---where I had been turning down countless guys all afternoon ‘cuz of Matt. I just felt it--now I would get no one….No problem, as it turned out. I had the perfect opening to MAL…

HotCumLoads is taking loads on the 11th floor. He’d love to entertain. I walk in. This full, round, hairy ass is in the air as he is sucking a long slender cock, attached to a nicely developed, 40ish top sitting against the headboard. HotCumLoads is in his early 40’s, looks younger, has a great cock on him--which gets very hard as I strip and start to tongue his hole. “I’ve got three loads up there for you, Sir.” This turns both tops on more than I can express. We go for 90 minutes--taking turns up his hole--all three fighting to lick the cock clean when it pulls out--before the other one goes in. Spit, gob, ass to mouth, rimming of the other top--he LOVED my tongue down his throat, up his ass or on his cock. HotCumLoads repeatedly sits on my face--he can squeeze a little out each time…so I get an additional taste of some nameless man’s cum. It’s the silkiest ass I’ve had in ages. I cum first. I eat out a good portion of my load and snowball it to HotCumLoads. The other top leans in to get his share from our mouths. He fucks the boy as he kisses me and unloads in his ass. I clean his cock. HotCumLoads knows the drill. He sits on my face and makes the most erotic noises as I eat his ass out.

Spent, I head downstairs. Matt is wrapped around a sleeping guy who looks JUST LIKE Matt. He wakes, waves, pulls on jeans and carries the rest of his leather in a messy bundle out the door. We all fall asleep. Hello, Washington!!

MAL Day Two: Friday

Woke up early, dammit. Good bagel with egg and coffee. Food taken care of--I’m suddenly horny.

On BBRT. Only getting hit up by guys in the city--and I can’t entertain easily with the roommate. Where are all the guys in the hotel???? My email flashes.

“Hey.” It’s cumfilledbiker--sounds promising. “I want you to seed me.”


“I’m taking loads all day.”

“Got your first one yet?”

“Any minute. He’s on his way up.”

“Write me when you’re loaded.”

“You got it.”

15 minutes go by. It’s cumfilledbiker again. “Mission accomplished. Come on up. The door will be ajar, I‘ll be on the bed ass up.”

I go up to the 11th floor again. He’s almost across the hall from last night’s fuckfest. The door is ajar. He’s 40ish, dressed totally in leather riding gear--the real stuff, the kind that you wear on your bike not just in the playroom--his ass is up in the air as promised. And dripping cum out of his hole. I moan--not really aware I make a sound until I hear myself. Fully clothed, I kneel behind him. My tongue dart’s out--tasting more anonymous seed. My cock hurts, straining in my shorts. My shirt comes off while I eat, making more guttural sounds. I never get my pants off over my boots; just pull them down as I pause in lapping up the seed. I plunge in deep with my tongue---my trademark rimming technique. He gets vocal, making my cock even harder. I slap his ass with my hard cock.

“Fuck,” he hisses. “It’s huge. Fuck.”

“That’s what I’m gonna do.”

My cock glides halfway in with the residue of cum I’ve left.

His breath comes fast. “Shit”

“Take it.”

And he does.

After several minutes I pull my cock out slowly. My cock head is designed with that super flared helmet that pulls the seed out as I withdraw. I bend to lick it up. He pants. I eat…I roll him over and snow ball the load into his mouth. He’s now erect, his cock straining against his leather jock. I fuck him for awhile on his back--trying to see the eyes behind the aviator sunglasses. I continually stop, pull out my dick and eat the seed that drips out with it.

“I thought you were just gonna felch me. Fuck, that’s huge.”

“You want me to stop?”

“God, no….” the rest is lost as I hobble onto the bed and slap his mouth with my cum slicked cock.

It continues in the same way for a time--but he’s showing signs of exhaustion and I realize this is an appetizer--I’m not gonna get off.

“Okay, boy. Do something for me.”


“Email me after you get each load. Will you do that?”

“YES, Sir!”

I pull my self together and return to my just waking roommate. He tells me roomie number 2 will arrive this afternoon. Oh, joy.

My light blinks on BBRT.

It’s bbcumboy. “I just got in.’

“Welcome,” I type.

“I want you to be the first up my ass.”


He tells me a room number on the sixth floor.

“Cleaned out?” I ask--always wary.

“Give me ten minutes.”

I give him 30, telling him so, and head to the sixth floor.

He opens the door. The boy is young, with just a little extra weight, the remnants of a silly faux-hawk, but overall a delicious freshness. We kiss for maybe ten seconds, and he’s on his knees, undoing my pants. He gives good head. I reach down behind him and feel his hole. He whimpers. It’s a long process to get me all the way in. But it’s worth the time. I fuck him doggy for quite awhile, flip him, eventually he ends up riding my cock. He is careful not to blow fast. I relish young skin on my tongue, hand and cock.

“Daddy--do you want to get off?”

Wow, I might have--but the moment we talk about it, I am suddenly no where near blowing.

“Your profile says you like piss.”

I smile. “I love it.”

“I’ve only had one guy piss in my hole.”

“Then you’re gonna have another one.”

I flip him over so I am lying on top of him, balls deep. I want to watch his face. I will myself to piss. I can actually feel things in my cock shut down one function and get ready to do another.

“Here you go, boy.”

It starts slow.

“Oh, fuck….” His eyes glaze.

And I keep going. And going. I have no idea I have so much piss in me.

“Oh, my God!” His ass is now on fire--the piss raising the temperature of his butthole. “Shit, Daddy.”

I start to fuck in it, slowly. He groans…then we get all responsible and stop not to make a mess--oh for my playroom, dammit. He evacuates it all in the bathroom as I start to dress.

He comes back in the room, grinning. “That was so hot.” We agree to fuck at the party we both are going to tonight and I take my leave before his roommate arrives…

I have coffee and realize I could eat. I flick thru the quick connect ads on BBRT. There’s a gorgeous man saying he’s in the hotel near the host hotel. He’s built and beautiful--and I’m scared to make the first move. I ‘screw my courage to the sticking place’ and write. Bingo. He would love for me to be his inaugural load. YES!! Thank you Grandpa--I just know it’s your cock I inherited--and it opens so many doors…..

The Phoenix Park Hotel is very different from the Hyatt--relentless with “Colonial Charm.” Everything in it is old--and to be fair --I guess it is a historic building. TimberWolf opens the door. The pics don’t lie. Worked out, but not to the point of excess. Hairy in all the right places. And a nice guy. We go at it like animals. After the two sessions I know this is the one that will get me off. After a little initial sucking, I eat and fuck, eat and fuck, eat and fuck. Soon I feel it---and then he feels it, warm, sticky and I’m talking in tongues. And he’s a great kisser…


And I can’t get into my room. The new roommate is there. And he’s arguing with someone on the phone about his insurance or something. He’s a big bear. As I later learn…you can’t shut him up. He talks to fill the silence, saying little and repeats it and repeats it and…

I head down to the Vendor’s Mart. I look for a new harness but don’t see what I want. Nap time. Late dinner.

As I’m dressing for the orgy, Matt, roomie one, comes in with his Aussie look alike from last night. They strip down and Matt sits on the Aussie’s cock. He looks over at me. “I can take both of you on.” I go over and lick the cock as it’s entering his hole--the Aussie is a little amazed that the quiet guy is doing that. I fuck Matt’s face a little, straddling the Aussie, then decide that this is just not what I want. I leave them to it…

And the orgy…

148 guys had responded that they were coming. Yeah, right--but if a third of them show, it will be a good group--and that’s pretty much what happened. I would say about 50 guys trooped through the door, never more than 20 at one time. I stayed over three hours. I lost count of the number of asses I fucked--well over 30. The party was thrown by 4 black men, 2 tops, 2 bottoms, and I guess they are an MAL tradition. There were all types there, all ethnicities, leaning towards African Americans. The best players were: a totally hot Middle Eastern bottom, a hot young Black boy, one of the host tops with a super curved shaft and a piggy Hispanic. Both TimberWolf and bbcumboy were there. Hottest moment: five bottoms were ass up in a row on two beds with five tops filling the holes, then we moved to the next-- all the tops shifting down one--and then again--and then again--until we’d had the all the current available holes. I made sure to play with all four hosts--the main top loved me licking his cock straight from what ever hole he was fucking--and the bottom host, gapingffhole, who’d invited me, really loved me--calling me “one nasty man…” Um…yeah….

I did get off. But I’ll be damned if I know in who…

MAL Day Three: Saturday

Not too surprisingly, I took the morning off. I lolled around, wrote up some of Friday and then began to get ready. I was headed off to make my first porn. Weeks ago I had applied to the new porn studio (Bad Seed Media) run by model Chris Neal--the huge dicked star with more-tattoos-than-God--of Dick Wadd, TIM and countless others. I’d made the cut of the 200+ who applied. I walked out of the hotel in time to cab to Chris’ hotel across the Mall. In the Hyatt front driveway was an ambulance… ah, one more drug addled fag does too much Tina…(at the filming, the producer was getting texts from someone at the Hyatt saying that the Presidential Suite was under lock down for possession and Police were fingerprinting anyone who knocked on the door. That busted party was on the same floor, but the other end of the building from the one I went to on Friday—mine being drug free.)
I arrive slightly early, sit and begin to sweat. I call up to Chris’ room, closer to 1 o’clock. The producer, slightly older than I, meets me and takes me upstairs. He looks an academic type and proves to be, retired now, and the boyfriend of Chris. We did all the paper work proving I was legally in the country and (don’t laugh) of legal age. There is a hot little Hispanic boy who looks to be about 12, a cute young man of maybe 28. And the bottom: Jayson Park. I am thrilled….he’s a hot, no, HOT fucker. We strip. I suit up in leather as requested. FAR from being a gangbang—we’d been told 24 guys, Chris had whittled it down to 10, then just the 3 of us have shown up to top Jayson….ok, it could still be hot…With just three, the guy who has been helping with the sign in decides to play too--a slightly over weight, bookish type in his late 30’s. Also on hand is an observer (hotter than two of the players) who is hoping some day to start his own porn studio, and the director/cameraman, a short Hispanic--who really seemed to know what he was doing, but kept bowing to the judgment of the his boss, the ex-prof. And no Chris Neal. Well, he is filming for Dick Wadd…where I should have been…if I’d known about it…

We begin. The four of us ringing Jayson on the floor. He pays oral attention to all of our cocks…well, not the cute Hispanic‘s. He can’t get hard. Finally in broken English he makes is clear that he is not a top. Oh, boy….one down.

We begin filming again. Jason has us all hard. Well, almost. Now it’s the accountant’s turn to stop proceedings and say he can get hard if he eats some ass. He eats Jason’s. He eats the 28 year old. Nothing. Break is called. The accountant gets a phone call--he has to leave. Two down.

We go back to Jayson on all fours on the bed, me eating his ass, the cute 20 something boy, who has a luscious looking ass that I never get to taste, is in his mouth. I rear up and start to fuck. Jayson is taken aback at just how big I am. But he’s a trooper---and a pig bottom. I fuck standing, but in an odd, knee bent position since we are using a frigging hide-a-bed. After a bit--and making sure I do extra long strokes to show off the length of my dick, I slap his ass and motion for the 20 something to take his turn. But he can’t keep it hard once it’s near ass. 

“Nerves, guys. Sorry.” This goes on for a good twenty minutes. Jayson and I don’t really stop, but we’re just playing--he loves to suck. Another break is called. I’m afraid the kid will bail. I pull him aside. “I’m pretty sure I have some Viagra. You want it?”

“No! Well, yeah. Maybe I do.”

The producer/boyfriend chats us up for the “Making of” reel. I pray the big V will work. It mostly does. He can fuck, now, just not in very long stretches. We build up the end of the bed with towels to make it all easier. At his most rampant, we even manage a double fuck---and one that actually feels good to all concerned. Then Jayson starts to bleed. Not heavy. Just spotting. We stop. We take the double penetration again. Blood happens again. Stop and take it once more. This time, it’s been decided that I will cum first (Are they crazy!!!!) We roll out of a pretend double fuck. The young one goes into his mouth, I eat and plow and shoot, doing that good money shot of the first two squirts on his hole then plow it in. Jayson cleans my cock, making sexy noises. The boy starts to fuck, but wilts. They decide to reverse his cum shot…look like he just pulled out to cum. He jerks. And jerks. It happens--he’s able to push some in. Jason spins and has him in his mouth. I dive into Jason’s ass. My cock is still hard enough to enter him. Jayson gasps. “I’m pulling his cum out with it,” I snarl.

“Stick it in my mouth, Sir.”

And I do.

Some where in one of those breaks for blood cleanup, two more guys had arrived. Only one would go on camera. Seeing the director later, he said that that went fine, but I didn’t see it, even to felch. I was gone after 3 and half hours….I pray the editor is a wizard….

Late, late lunch, since I didn’t want to eat just before filming. I find the guys who work at The Leatherman with my brother. They greeted me as if they’d always known me. I describe a harness I’d seen at the big group session, something that I thought would fit my thinner frame. Cirtone, found it, put in on me, then said “no--we’ll do this” and pieced together a great looking harness from different ones lying about. He was dead on. I looked in the mirror and it is perfect. Just what I wanted--but didn‘t quite know it. And they would take no money from me. “You’re part of the family, now, too…” he said, kissing me. I will admit to tearing up a little as Cirtone hugged me again.

I am tired. I come upstairs and sack out. I hadn’t slept well, worrying a little about the filming--doing that dreaming that I’m not able to sleep thing. I wake up in time to do a quick gangbang hosted by RawTop of the infamous blog. Two bottoms, both blindfolded, taking all loads. One is a slightly full bodied, maybe mid 30’s guy. The other is none other than TimberWolf. His pic on RawTop’s blog is nice, but nothing as good as in his profile shots or as him in person. There is a group of three or five of us as I get there. I start on the ass of the guy I hadn’t done yet. Another awkward bed to fuck on. This one has a projecting board all along the side--my shins are still black and blue from hitting it repeatedly. The newbie loved my tongue. Amazingly, I really couldn’t taste load--even though I went in right after some guy blew one. We fuck for a while. I switch over. I wondered if my Canuck recognizes the rimming technique. I know he moans and yelps as I enter him. Some one else wants to jump into him, so I go back to the first guy. I pick up speed and blow a load--incredibly fast for me…but bed has begun sounding more entertaining.

As I was dressing, Jayson shows up (he and RawTop are FB’s). We hug, talk for a minute about the shoot and laugh a little. I walk out and the director is there in the corridor. He and I walk to the elevator. I ask how he thought it all had gone.

“Great. There is like 70 percent footage we can use. Usually we throw out about 50 percent. “

Well, well. I hope he knows what he’s talking about….

MAL Day Four: Sunday

A later start to the day, finally catching up with some sleep. After an omelet, I go back to the Vendors Mart: getting some poppers on sale, some porn for one of my boys, trying to find a good piss party outfit for another, saying goodbye to the Leatherman guys. As I am surveying the Mr. S display (and trying not to gasp at the prices) who should appear but Chris Neal. And his partner. And the director. And a couple of the guys from the Dick Wadd shoot. I introduce myself.

“Oh, so you’re Charles.” He goes on to tell me he’d heard about me from Jayson and his BF. “You two had a good connection, I hear.” We talk more. He wants me to keep in touch. I also learn the Dick Wadd shoot had been no walk in the park, either. Blood there too, from an over steroid-ed bottom. And not a little bit like ours, “scary amounts“ according to Chris…Oh, and he IS shorter than he appears on film…

Well, that meeting of course, sends blood racing to my cock. I go up to the room and get on line. I look at a gorgeous boy with a fabulous full shoulder tattoo, who is taking loads. So handsome that once again, I don’t write him. I look at others. My email flashes. It’s the gorgeous one--Pissboi2. “I want to make you happy and take your piss and offer you my many times fucked over hole.” I head out the door and up to his floor. He answers, wiping some jizz off his lip as he smiles at me. An older man is toweling his cock as I walk in. I go right to slapping his face with my instantly erect cock. The other guy sits down--dropping the towel, his eyes riveted to us. I tell him it’s fine to watch. In reading the sub boy’s profile, it had stated that he’s owned by a top who could not attend. The boy has been directed to let us do anything to him. He has a camera on his computer, so he can record all the action--so the top would know how well he did.

I start with lots of slightly forced oral. A finger in his mouth that he starts sucking, then two. I pull down, so I can add my cock. Before I get far, there is knock on the door. A bear of a man walks in. He’s there to have his piss drunk. PB has him fill a glass, which he chugs it. A hot leather cub has followed him in. He watches and pulls out a fat cock with a big PA. The bear sucks the cub to hardness as I penetrate PB, leaning him over the bed. The cub wants a turn. I step aside. He fucks him brutally. PB is moaning encouragement. The cub cums almost at once. He watches, his eyes glazed and shining, as I lay on the bed and have PB sit on my face. Heaven.

More guys are let in. One middle-aged guy just jerks. Another is a very hot 30 something man from somewhere in the Middle East, with a foreskin that won’t stop. PB and he have an instant connection. Soon all others are gone and it’s just the three of us. We trade off on PB’s hole. When the other top pulls out, I need to work overtime to suck all the foreskin clean after it’s been up PB’s incredibly self-lubricating butt. I bend him over, so I’m standing and he can still get the other top’s cock into his mouth. I slip into him yet again and feel my cock warn me of impending orgasm. Shit! I flood his guts with cum. I guess it’s a small load after the whole weekend of play. The other top gets up and grabs my shoulders and pushes me down on my back. PB has risen--standing on the bed--waiting to sit on my face.

“Eat your fucking load,” the top hisses. He swallows my overly sensitive cock as PB slowly lowers his dripping ass to my mouth. He’s facing the other top, and the seal of his generous bubble butt is complete--I can’t breathe, only open my mouth and accept my cum. Fuck, my nuts had been working overtime---it’s a huge load…mixed with his ass juice, the Mid-East guy’s precum, and likely the PA’d cub’s remains, too…I can do nothing but lie there and swallow gratefully. The other top has lost his erection. I can sense they are waiting for me to go so they can get back at it. I drag myself into my clothes and all but stumble out the door…

In some ways I could wish that was my last scene….but it wasn’t. And for the first and only time of the weekend, I have time wasters online. I’d waited until both roommates had left (around dinner time) and realized I could now entertain locals in my room. A couple in Maryland had been after me. I let them know. Great they say, leaving in a few. And they never budge off line. Now it’s getting late. (So many guys have left the hotel.) I go up to RawTop’s Sunday gangbang as an easy, quick solution. His new boys have flaked, but TimberWolf is there again and blindfolded. A guy ahead of me touches him--and the Canadian calls it quits. He’ been going, solo, for 2 1/2 hours of gangbanging and is sore. Back to my room. I find a boy taking loads….he is close to quitting. I zoom up to the 11th floor. His boyfriend meets me at the door and informs me he is done, whether or not the load taker thinks so.

I’m walking back to the elevator. And a man comes out of HotCumLoads room. I’d noticed him back online earlier….I go in, the door having been left ajar. He smiles--it widens as he places me. We both go at it as if we’d had no sex all weekend. Neither wants more than a quickie of what the other can give. The symmetry of the weekend is complete--I’m shooting my last load in my first ass of my first MAL.


  1. Very hot. Can't wait for a deeper read later today. :)

  2. Sounds like a great time! Glad that you shared your experience!

  3. Great pics. Great cock! You are one hot fucker to look at. No way I would be able to accommodate that horse cock but it would be fun to suck and play with your cockhead. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Rob for posting.

  4. Wow! That story is right up my alley! No wonder I have such an amazing connection to our Breeder if these are the types of hot fuckers he's friends with! My last MAL was 1996. Sounds like I have to make a return. Thanks for your careful journaling, FelchingPisser. Two of my favorite hobbies are locked up in your name!

  5. After picking up a few souvenir loads of my own at MAL this year, I enjoyed reading Felching Pisser's hot coverage of his own MAL contributions.
    I wish he had given both my holes a workout.

  6. Great report! Didn't make it to MAL this year but almost feel like I did. Will look forward to your Bad Seed Media debut. (Always fun to read about Chris Neal; he was a North Carolina "neighbor" and occasional fuckbuddy pre-porn career but post-tattoos. Spent some quality time up close and personal with that Old English "Strength" when it was new and...others.) Thanks!

  7. WOW...I don't know what else to say...WOW...I had to stop because I got so excited. I can't wait to finish it now... I do hope he has a blog 'cuz i definitely wanna follow him...

  8. One thing is missing: a video!

  9. Thanks guys---I'm glad you enjoyed it--whether you said it here or all those guys on BBRT who wanted to see/know more. MAL was a great time...I've often sent reports of really great encounters--and occasionally really bad ones one--to various friends. I'd be honored to occasionally write something again, here. I'm not sure I'm up for the responsibility of a blog. One of the great things about this one, after that fact that Rob is that great mix of hot-nasty-talented-loving-honest-sexually driven guy who writes like we all wish we could, is that he is dependable. There is almost always a posting here. I know me, and I don't ever want my sex life reporting to be one more thing I feel I have to do...that said--did I tell you about the guy I tied to the fuck bench at Steamworks and offered his ass to any man who happened by???

    PS: @throb919 I don't know know why that genteel Southern accent of Chris Neal's took me SO by surprise-that gentlemenly drawl coming out of that hot, delightfully twisted man....

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