Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reader Assets: #22

Oh, my trusty readers. How I love you guys. I put out a call for more dirty photos for the Reader Assets feature and what do I get? A whole bunch more photos for the Reader Assets feature.

It's like Christmas in my email box, every day. So long as we all realize that the only the wrapped and under the tree is . . . well, it's all pretty much unwrapped in these photos.

I know you guys like this feature a lot and I'd love to keep it going. If you're interested in participating, all you need to do is send an email to the address in the blog sidebar with a subject of 'MY ASSETS.' All I ask is that your photos are of you, and not some random porn actor—unless you're a random porn actor, of course. I ask that you be of an age to release such photos, and that you realize that by letting me publish your photos here, there's the vaguest chance that they might be seen by your pastor, your significant other, your boss, and that cute barista you've been flirting with every Tuesday and Friday.

I ask you to take a moment to think about the last point (the visibility issue . . . not the barista) because lately I've had a spate of guys sending me photographs and asking to be a part of the feature—then turning around a couple of days later and asking me not to include them, after all. A couple of times it's happened after I've already posted the photos, and that's a little bit annoying. Not just for me, but for the readers who notice they've been pulled.

I think it's highly, highly unlikely that your sister is going to notice your nude ass on my blog. I doubt your boss is going to associate the birthmark on the inside of your pelvis with your weekly progress report. Your wife is probably not cruising the gay sex blogs (though to my married female readers, and I know there's a significant population of you: hi!). So far I haven't broken up any relationships or gotten anyone fired. But if you could think about that little issue before you hit the send button, I'd appreciate it.

Let's go! I have some hot ones this week.


Nick is one of my oldest readers. We've corresponded pretty basically since I started the blog. And he's a fine, fine man too, isn't he?

His ass is one of those perfect specimens: round, muscular, and of a shape that fills out a pair of jeans really well. What's sweet about Nick is that I don't even think he realized how hot an ass he has; you might not be able to tell from these photos, but he's pretty shy about showing off his goods. Why he's shy, I don't know. That last photo alone is enough to make my laptop start smoking from overheating.

Nick sent me a buttload (excuse the expression) of photos. It was hard to whittle them down to my favorites. I'll have to include more of him in a future round of photos.


Our friend Darwin is a top man—so no ass shots in this set. You guys are getting a good look at his fucktool, though.

Darwin wanted me to point out that his legs are one of his best assets. The man jogs 30 or more miles a week. So you know he's got stamina.

It's nice to see one of my hot top readers showing off. We need more of you guys!


This is Ed. Ed is from the U.K.

It's my opinion that Ed should be in porn. Dirty porn. Nasty porn. The most rough-and-tumble kind of porn there is. And I should be in it with him, as his top.

Ed makes me want to do depraved things to him. Things involving my hard dick, those boots, that jock, and that beefy, furry ass.

Ed is pretty much my wet dream come true.

Readers, thank Ed for the photos and ask him for more. Ask him to star in that porn flick, while you're at it.

That's it for this installment. Remember to thank the contributors and let them know they're appreciated and lusted after!


  1. Color me speechless. DAMN, that's a fine grouping of man flesh. Gonna make my flight home that much more pleasant.

    Thanks, y'all!


  2. Hi Rob,

    Great photos again this week. As you said, Nich has one perfect bubble butt and Ed, OMG that man is gorgeous. Thank you again for those great shots my friend,


  3. I agree with you about Ed. The way Ed thrusts his fine round hairy ass at the camera, and then so proudly puts his hot little hole on display makes me want to beat off right now.

  4. Mr Steed, a fine collection! You may curate these exhibitions for the next decade or three, please.

    @Nick - were you to gift me with those views in person I would leave you no doubt that shyness about your wonderful 'assets' is unwarranted. Unless the shyness is a tactic to attract a particular kind of man who enjoys tempting a shy guy to get less so ;-) (I am the Pig Whisperer, so you know I'm in that category...)

    @Darwin, I can easily see myself enjoying everything you offer. Since I mostly top these days but still really enjoy bottom pleasures, it's fun to imagine I could enjoy your cock for more than just a handle...

    @Ed, I agree completely with The Breeder here, and add only that the boxers are terrific (one of my fave types of playtime underwear), and that I want to be in the porn with you and Mr Steed, too.

  5. This is always the perfect way to wake up, and if I hadn't had to rush out and deal with some stuff, I would have posted my regular long-comment sooner. I hope thes guys can forgive me.

    Nick: Do you have any idea how badly I want to dive into your ass and lick that hole? These pictures are taunting me and my inability to get your flavor through my computer screen. I would give you so much pleasure with my tongue, and then even more with my cock. You have NO reason to be shy.

    Darwin: As a fellow top, I have to say that you are an amazingly good looking man. I would love to draw a load out of that cock with my mouth and sample what I'm sure is a fine vintage. On top of all of that, if you ever feel like switching, give me a call. I'll treat you right.

    Ed: Hi, my name is Ace. Your friendly bareback blogger from Boston. Now that we've been introduced, you should know I'm checking flights to the UK where I will knock on every door to get at your sexy, bearded, body and that damn-good ass. I'm having so many dirty, filthy thoughts about you, your boots, my cock, your hole, some piss, etc., that I can't even write them all. Good show.

    Thanks to all the guys in this week and all the past week's posts! I love Readers Assests and really hope more people send their stuff in. Or resend. It will save me from looking back for my old favorites.


  6. Awesome contributions this time! They really make my day. And I definitely want to see (much) more of Ed. I wouldn't mind if he showed us hundreds of pics, I'd watch them again and again!


  7. Heh, heh, heh. I'm not sure if Rob was protecting me, or got confused be the return address on the email I used to send the pics, but "Darin" is none other than Kevin

    Thanks for the comments, Folks; and Ace, any time.

    Thanks to Rob's suggestion of Steamworks Toronto for my visit, I'm moving pretty slow today after clearing the chambers three times last night. I took a large room and it was clean and comfortable. It's a great layout, and cleaner than the other two Steamworks I've visited. After a four day buildup, I had two very quick encounters in a blackout room (one tight squirmy little bottom that made me think of Johnny, then oral from a an older gentleman with an amazing mix of talent and experience. Then I spent two hours in my room with the best kisser I've met in a couple of years at least. I will have to write about him somewhere.

  8. Amazing pictures! Not sure what other wives are up to, but er, I do cruise gay sex blogs (but since I do, why should it bother me that my own husband is having fun too? ;)

    All men look fantastic!

    @wKevin, your legs are amazing. Amongst other things ;)

  9. Ed here. Glad you like the pics guys- plenty more where they came from. I love to show my man pussy off. Breeder- I'd love to feature in the future perhaps lol. Feel free to email.

  10. You need to fuck Ed. And then blog about it.