Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank-You Thursday

A couple of people have been really nice to me by purchasing gifts for me from my Amazon gift list, this last week, and I wanted to thank them.

First off is a gift from someone who very thoughtfully purchased a book by the comics artist Patrick McDonnell, whose Mutts daily strip is the only one I follow.

I love Mutts, and reading through the strips the week after I lost my oldest pet really resonated for me. So thank you, reader. You know who you are. I very much appreciate the kind thought after a big loss.

The second gift was more for my genitals.

Someone anonymous—I truly don't know who, because Amazon doesn't tell me and I didn't get a gift note—purchased for me a pair of Calvin Klein underwear. On their first outing, I met up with fuckboy Franco and stuffed them in his mouth after I'd been wearing them all day, in preparation for mounting him.

He models them well, no?

Thanks to both you guys. I'm a grateful man.


  1. And at just what, exactly, is Mooch so excitedly point? Nice composition.

    Damn, I'd like to bump into Franco. You just made him even hotter. I love seeing a guy with dirty underwear in his mouth.

  2. Ah. I love modeling for my wish list shoppers. I'm glad you are posting pictures too. OK, maybe it is just because I like looking at sexy pictures (especially of you...and Franco too) but still.


  3. Hi Rob,

    Just want to say thank you for those great photos. You deserve all the gifts that peoples give you because you're givin us great posts to read and also telling us a lot about you.


  4. Would love to see you spunk those fuckers up and make it a part of your next mile stone.