Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reader Asses: #2

And the ass keeps coming in. I asked for photos of your butts to share with the world—or at least that small portion of the world that visits my blog—and you guys have been responding with some of the most mouth-watering, juicy photos of your rear ends that I've had the pleasure to see.

I'm hoping to keep this an ongoing feature, so please! Keep sending in your photos! See my original post about the project and send me your butt.

Anonymous Person

This unnamed New Englander tells me that the top in the photo is a former regular fuck buddy whom he misses. You know what, anonymous? If I was fucking a butt like yours on a regular basis, I'd probably miss you right back. Isn't that a beauty?


A bottom who knows how to finger his hole is always a good thing. A bottom who knows how to finger his hole and has low-hanging big nuts is even better. Let HornyCub know how hot that butt is, guys!

Dirty Dave

Now, I have to confess something. I am fascinated by what I am assuming is Dirty Dave's closet. And by fascinated, I mean that I'm utterly jealous of all the walk-in space he has for his clothing. But you know what? I didn't even notice that closet the first four or five times I stared at Dirty Dave's photo, because I was mesmerized by his beautiful butt. That is one ass that I would love to work over.


AJ is one of my Twitter buddies, and I can confidently say that the rest of him is just as hot as the butt he's bending over and showing here. One of these days, AJ, I am going to visit and mount you. One day very soon.

I'm going to be on a personal trip over the next few days, so we'll have another round of reader asses this next Monday. Tomorrow, we'll have another open forum topic on the subject of nudity around the home.


  1. AJ's pic is kinda dark. Do you have any brighter one's? Hey, AJ, I'd like to see more. ;)

  2. Yay! I made the list! :D I feel like somewhat of a celebrity lol.
    And thank you for your compliments ;)

    @ Writer, sorry. I took it with my phone in the weeeee hours of the morning when it was just daylight. My curtains weren't even drawn yet lol.