Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reader Asses: #4

A couple of weeks back I requested that my readers send me photos of their beautiful asses, so I could share them with the world. You guys responded with an avalanche of ass. I got—and still continue to get—so much ass that for the first time in my life I can almost say I have too much ass. I had to designate a special email box to hold it all!

This week we've got another four asses on display. Beautiful butts, all of them. I hope you guys will share your enthusiasm for them in the comments.

And if you've sent in your ass and we haven't gotten around to it yet . . . don't worry! It's not because I haven't found your ass worthy of inclusion. All ass photos I receive will get included in here, eventually. I'm merely displaying them in roughly the order in which I've received them, so don't feel slighted.


Young Master E. is a southern boy whose ability to handle a vibrating dildo is unparalleled. (Either that, or he has all of the business end of a garden hose up his rear.) I've seen his other photos and guys, this young man is a looker. Definitely an Ass I'd Like To Fuck.


There's just something about those asses with a just-paddled look, isn't there? The redness just makes me kind of want to get in there and add to the damage. Or fuck the hell out of the butt. Or something. Lucas' beautiful butt already makes me horny, but that red welt is the cherry on the cake.


BtmBeef is one of those brave readers willing to share his email (which I've linked to his name above), for those readers who'd like to contact him directly. I'm also proud to say he's a fellow blogger. Follow his perfect ass at the iSuck uFuck blog (and do...because he's good).

Versatile RAW Piggy Bottom

Last, but definitely not least, we have frequent commenter Versatile RAW Piggy Bottom showing off his assets. It's hard to tell how versatile he is exactly, from these those, but I'm definitely getting the raw bottom vibe, somehow! That's a beautiful ass, Vers RAW, and I'm proud to have you visiting here.

Let's have a round of applause for all these fine butts!


  1. Sustained ovation from this not-so-humble commenter. Not a one I wouldn't *love* to tongue, finger, and fuck. Good thing I have a buddy heading over later for me to make use of this inspiration. Thanks, guys for sharing! And thanks Mr Steed for general awesomeness.

  2. RedPhillip,

    I know, they're all great. I haven't seen a single bad reader ass yet!

  3. Yeah, that just paddled look really makes me want to lick the just-paddled ass. Yum.

    A very good selection. Hey, how far is E. from me? ;)

  4. Your readers look to have very experienced butts.

    An experienced butt can amaze men (anywhere within reach) who might be sporting a boner seeking a warm hole into which to ejaculate. Why, some claim that straight men barely know that they weren't with a woman the way some men can suck and milk off dicks into themselves using only their powerful and experienced butthole muscles.

    Milk-juicing buttholes are special. Your readers look to be quick generous with their backsides. In a good way, of course.

    It funny how women's favorite male body part is the butt. Supposedly they LOVE the male butt because it marks something about the thrusting power when their men mount them.

    So different from the way that many men scope out man ass. I mean, often, we're just looking for one that can suck dick up into it like a nutmilking machine.

    One time in Vegas I was in a XXX porn house where this SILENT man with a tiny and smooth as a baby's bottom ass was standing in the back. Casual as all whatnot he was taking ONE cock up into him after another. Barely a flinch or groan or anything out of him as he stood there like he was some fuck toy into which men (looking for butthole) could do their penny's worth of screwing and unloading.

    AMAZING butthole. So amazing that it makes one wonder HOW some men were raised, forgoodnesssake. lol

  5. Oh, I was supposed to send you photos of my ass after the last time I got paddled?


  6. Also: Fireman Ass gets triple bonus points from me... -M.B.

  7. M.B. -- I know! Both the fireman's kit and the pose had my heart racing and an instant hardon.

  8. Good call, M.B.: Fireman Ass gets triple bonus points from me, too.

  9. Writer,

    E. has a cute little butt, doesn't he? I get dibs.

  10. Mr. GHJ,

    You always leave the bestest comments.

    I have seen guys like your Las Vegas porn house bottom—smooth-assed, horny, and taking anonymous cock after anonymous cock without effort or even a word. It's pretty much as if they've been trained for it.

    Do women really intellectualize their ass appraisals like that? I never look at an ass and think, in that split-second I'm evaluating it, "Wow, what a fine set of muscles that would be for the purpose of thrusting and cyrating!" or "Gloriosky, what a musculature that strapping young fellow has. I bet he could pick up a dime with those cheeks, which bodes well for our lovemaking!" No, I pretty much think, "Nice ass!"

  11. M.B.,

    You're supposed to send me all your ass photos. Period.

  12. Anonymous,

    I know, right? Applause indeed.

  13. Rob-

    Just sent another ass picture... although not of the kind you're expecting ;)


  14. The Breeder - The theory is that primal & subconscious forces are at work when women assess MALE butt. They tend to be very into small, muscled, high butts on guys because it signals to their cavewoman brains that such a male is good for breeding - and is athletically superior. The thrusting of a male is somehow tied to the BUTTOCKS to which many women find themselves attracted.

    Conversely, while men can appreciate such a small, tight, muscled buttocks, they mostly think its good for riding.

    Although...men who bottom for other men look for similar butt traits as do females, because, again, certain buttocks qualities signal to them a good fucker/top or stud who can MOUNT and thrust.

    Cavemen must have had great asses. Buts its all also why they claim the primate exhibits are terribly popular with people. The butt as sexual signaler is so flagrantly raw and on display amongst those damn hairy apes.

  15. Mr. GHJ,

    That is absolutely fascinating. I guess it makes sense, in a way. Either that, or several academics have made quite a career out of collecting pictures of rumps.

    It seems to me that the primate cages are the ones parents flee the most, once the beasts within start flashing their butts and flinging the poo. Apparently they think the poor kids will be traumatized by the display of red, inflamed asses. Me, I'm more traumatized by the poo.

  16. Well, this why I'm a penis man, myself. :o)

  17. (Wonder if cavewomen are drawn to men who say "Gloriosky!") ;-)