Monday, February 14, 2011

Reader Asses: #3

I hope you guys don't mind, while I'm out of town to visit the family, that I'll be sharing a Valentine's Day round of reader asses with you. What's that? You like asses, too? See, I didn't think anyone minded overmuch.

My reader ass feature, of course, is when I take the photographs my readers have sent me of their beautiful rear ends and share them with the world. If you'd like to participate—and I hope you do!—please read my original post and send me your photos as instructed within.

And of course, please let the men who've been brave enough to share their dirty photos with us know how much you appreciate each and every one of them. Because I surely do!


Christopher, Christopher, Christopher. This photo is designed from the ground up to incite a top man to do damage to your hole. The submissive posture over the unmade bed, the towel, the nuts dangling between your legs . . . mmmm. What the Breeder would do to you!


My new friend Lucky is 25 and lives in Wisconsin. Apparently they make other fine things than cheese, there. Actually, after viewing these photos, I'm not really sure who's lucky--me, the 25-year-old, or the guy dicking him? Amazing photos, Lucky!


Spaniard, under another nickname, is one of my frequent commenters. English is not his native language, he tells me, but then he writes comments with a fluent command of the language that outshines mine. And then he has the nerve to have a PERFECT ass—meaty, lightly hairy, and slightly red from my handprints. Okay, that last part was my imagination working overtime. But you can see how the photographs inspire it to do so.


Eddie is another reader who's spoken to me off the blog, on my Adam4Adam profile. He gets a lot of compliments on his ass, he tells me. Gee, I wonder why? It's just one of those typical round bubble butts that makes me lose control of my salivary glands, right? But then he had to go and dash my hopes by telling me he wasn't much of a bottom. Eddie, my friend, you might not be much of a bottom. But you've sure got a hell of a butt.

Many thanks to all my readers for their butts, in this latest edition of the Reader Butts project. We'll have another installment next week, sometime. Happy Valentine's Day, guys!


  1. Very, very nice round of asses. Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy some ass tonight. :)

  2. HEllOo, Spaniard, and your ass.hehe...

    I like your imagination, by the way. :)


  3. Thanks to Christopher,Lucky,Spaniard,& Eddie for sharing those erotic photos. Christopher is in the receiving position--wish I were there to deliver. Lucky is allready getting his reward. Spaniard's hot buns have a reddish tinged to them--maybe a little spanking would really make them sparkle. Eddie's bubble butt is too hot and needs immediate attention.

  4. It appears, Mr. Steed, that your readers would keep your large penis very busy.


  5. @Writer,

    Aren't they all good asses today? I love my reader butts.


    I know, Spaniard's butt makes one drool, doesn't it?


    I'm glad you like them all, too. I would have a difficult time choosing between them if they were all lined up in front of me.

  6. Mr. GHJ,

    Ah, just like you and your reader's dicks, isn't it? If only we could get them all in the flesh.