Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: Pity the Invalid Edition

First of all, let me apologize for the brief hiatus I had to take, the last couple of days. I came down with a chest cold in the middle of a week of snow. Nothing to exacerbate a cough than having to shovel the driveway in the frigid air every couple of hours, let me tell you.

I seem to be on the road to recovery, though. Thanks to those on Twitter who've been sending me good wishes and virtual chicken soup, all week.

Secondly, I'd like to thank those of you who added my special profile as a friend on Facebook over the course of the week. I went from zero buddies to over eighty of them in no time flat. I usually post special notices as well as notifications of blog updates on my account, so if you haven't added me yet . . . you know what to do.

Once again I'll be rounding up some of the questions I've answered over at, this Sunday. If you've got questions you'd like answered—something personal about me, or advice you'd like to hear, or just some oddball query about my personal habits—bop on over to my profile there and let loose with your queries. I'm always happy to answer them as long as they're not abusive or super-repetitive. (I've told everyone how big my dick is, several times, thanks!)

With Earl you mentioned being bound and gagged and fucked in his sling. Do you do any of that to your bottoms?
I don't own a sling. I have bound bottoms, yes. And I've fucked restrained bottoms in other men's slings.

Do you think your wisdom could be effective in moving our race forward?
I think the amount of wisdom I possess could probably fit into a good-sized thimble and would barely be effective in moving forward a potato sack race. But thanks for your confidence in me.

Do you have any issues with body image? (Looks, weight, features, or anything else) if yes, what is it and have you done anything to deal with it?
Yes, often. I have issues with my looks (they suck!), my weight (I'm huge!), my features (they turn the unwary to stone!), and just about everything else (it's all tragic!). And I more or less have had them all through my life.

What I basically do to cope is to recognize that any spiraling negative thoughts I might have are overcritical and, in the end, not really relevant to the quality of my life as it now stands. Then I try to be a little kinder to myself.

For the most part, when I manage to do that, I'm happy with myself as I am.

Does your friend Felchingpisser have a blog i can follow?
Nope. That's why I let him post his experiences in mine.

He'll be posting a new escapade later this week, in fact.

Hmm... if legality wasn't an issue what's the youngest age you'd have as a bottom?
Legality is always an issue in these types of questions. From my own history, I can state that I was happy to have started when I started. I recognize, however, that my precociousness doesn't suit everyone--and there are men of double the legal age who are still not suited to be having sex.

Have you ever had someone who totally worshipped you physically? What special things did he do to show you, or was it more for his own enjoyment that he did it?
The men I've met into cock and body worship have varied in talent and skill, but I've had a couple who were very, very good at what they call worshipping. Usually it involved total oral and manual attention to every inch of my body for very long periods of time, alternated with a lot of outright piggy sex.

I like those men.

Do you still swim and play tennis? What else do you do to stay slim?
Thank you for thinking I'm slim. My ego appreciates the strokes.

Despite my father's best efforts to turn me into a killer tennis partner and college tennis player, I always hated the game. So no, I no longer play tennis and never will.

I enjoy swimming. I walk a lot in good weather, and occasionally do yoga. Mostly, however, I watch what I eat.

What would it take for a guy to get to top you?
1. A lot of attraction on my part.
2. He'd have to inspire me to trust him.
3. He'd have to be willing to take it easy on me. It's been a while. And most importantly (and maybe even contradicting #3),
4. There'd probably be a point at which he'd simply have to hold me down and just do it.

What if a guy wanted to lose his virginity to you, topping and bottoming? Would you let him?
Since I haven't had the opportunity to do that before, I find that idea very attractive.

i need to be fisted now, never had it before, help me in Atlanta.
I know that in Hotlanta, that partyin' town, there are plenty of fisting tops who'd be more than anxious to help you out. You need to find one who's worked with first-timers before, however, and you need to communicate with him your experiences and limitations so that he can work with you.

Fisting's not always a 'now' activity. It's one that requires some experience and training, and a lot of preparation. If you're willing to put in the effort, however, I know that there are men who are willing to work with you.

Would you lick my feet while you fuck me?
I have done that with guys, yes.

If your sex life is normal, why would 400,000+ read you? Your writing may be OK, but so are too many other gay sex blogs to count.
I believe people read me because I'm relatable, approachable, and because I help them put their own sexual experiences into some kind of perspective--at the very least, they know that their impulses and desires aren't unique. They know that it's possible for someone to appreciate them for their sexual desires. It's precisely because I communicate the normality of my experiences, while celebrating the unique moments that make them, that keeps my readers coming back.

And above all, they read me because I write about these things well. My writing is much better than OK. I know my strengths. Don't be such a Bitter Betty.


  1. Nothing has ever pushed me to want to comment as much as this posting

    TO: The guy that said "Do you think your wisdom could be effective in moving our race forward?" You are my current HERO in that I have always thought gays to be a race in themselves. I like your attitude...

    TO: the guy that said "If your sex life is normal, why would 400,000+ read you? Your writing may be OK, but so are too many other gay sex blogs to count."...

    I have a sex blog also. I chronicle my sex life so I can reflect when I am too old to chase cock/Men. I have only a few readers, Breeder being one of them. the blog is more for ME than to build a following. I would like if if peeps took an interest but....its not a priority. With regards to this particular blog, I feel a Brotherly type kinship to Breeder because as he states in his reply to you, he DOES INDEED have the ability to be "relatable, approachable, and because I help them put their own sexual experiences into some kind of perspective--at the very least, they know that their impulses and desires aren't unique." Many times I have read his postings and sat and thought "DAMN...I have felt exactly like that..." It's nice to know someone who has experienced the same things I have and to discuss them even though it's in this eletronic format. I drive him nuts with I guess I am a big fan. You are correct; theres a million+ sex blogs out there. only a few seem genuine like this one.

  2. Itz,

    First of all, you've never once driven me nuts. So get over that.

    I wish the second guy's question was more of a genuine question and less of a determined attempted put-down, but I'm glad to have someone verify the claims I've made for myself in my reply to him. I'm very happy to be relatable to you, and to others who read me on a regular basis. Even on those occasions on which I'm not relatable, I'm proud that I'm accessible, and understandable.

    Thanks, Itz. I hope you've been getting some readers from the blog links that appear when you update, in my sidebar.

  3. FURTHERMORE...a trained chimpanzee can sit and post picture after picture on Blogger, Tumblr, or any of the other journaling formats available on the internet, and call it a "blog", when in reality it's nothing more than flat 2-dimensional, mindless crap of no intellectual value; it's simply pictures of naked men in sexual situations gleaned from from the internet or someone else's "blog". To sit and weave a story about one's personal experiences in a manner in which the reader has to THINK is an art and requires brains & intelligence. To read, understand, and relate requires the same brains and intellegence. Nobody likes a bitter queen....

  4. Oh. I hope you're feeling better. I've learned in life (I think I saw it in a cartoon once) to just let the snow pile up until I can't get out of my house. Its cozy.

    But then I realize it would be BETTER if I had a tunnel system underground to all my favorite gloryhole places.

    So I wind up shoveling.

    Drink plenty of fluids (your choice to swallow). :O)

    I think its nice that you get questions. MY people just anonymously comment to say that they hope I get throat cancer from sucking so much cock.

    :o) So that's always nice.

    Whatever happened to simple questions from people like "What did your dad's semen taste like?" lol

  5. Mr. GHJ,

    Salty, with a certain tang, and a scent of Clorox. Oh, wait. You were talking about your dad.

    I thought Chicago was the land of Al Capone's tunnel system? There isn't one connecting you to the Bijou and your other hot spots? That Capone has some 'splainin' to do.

    If it'd make you feel better, I could send you the questions I get that run along the lines of, "How does it feel to be the right hand of Satan?" or "Does your wife know what an AIDS-riddled adulterer you are?" or "I hope your dick falls off and someone picks it up and chokes you with it," which is not so much a question as the questioner's personal fantasy, it seems.

  6. Really, your Q&A's are wonderful. Even when some anonymous, brainless git of a dullard doesn't really ask a question so much as try and stay atop his high horse.
    For the record: you are not only relatable, but honest, caring, forthright and open! As for your writing skills: you are a God among men! No, really! If the IRS had you working for them, not only would be all be happy to hand money over to the government, but we'd do it naked after having orgasms just reading the instructions for a 1040 form! :-P So, I may think your writing skills are awesome. So sue me.