Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Thank-You

Aren't these nice?

Not the cat. The trunks.

One of my readers bought them for me.

He got them from my Amazon Wish List.

They fit really well.

So I wanted to thank the reader who chose them. It was a thoughtful gift, don't you think?

And that's all I really have to say for now. Thanks, kind reader!


  1. Yes, they are, and they go well with the socks.

  2. Very nice. Can I pull them down with my teeth? I really really want/need to suck a good good dick.

    (At least until it's sloppy enough to fuck me with.)


  3. Rob,
    Those are really nice boxer. They go very well with the person wearing them. I just wish that i can send you some also or something else. I just love these photos of you, always looking so sexy.


  4. Sorry. I got lost in my thoughts remembering what lives under there and how it felt in my ass. Thanks for the pictures, sexy.


  5. Cheri, you sexy beast! (And closet-hipster?)

    You look fabulous, of course!

  6. At first I thought 'what cat?', then I noticed the upper corner you can see a little of a cat face.

    Maybe it's my eyes as it took a second to see a weenie in that one

  7. Kevin Shea,

    Hey, I'd just gotten home from church. (I needed to muddy up the sacred with a little profane.)

  8. Writer,

    Just go easy on the waistband. I know how you bite. :-)

  9. Countess,

    Why thank you. Why am I a hipster? (I'm not denying it, mind you.)

  10. Cyberi4a,

    The cat always weasels her way into photo sessions.

  11. Hello Rob,

    Can we see more pics of your lovely dick...
    If not, can "I" see some! ;-)

    Esp with precum?
    (I love the headline pic where you've drawn a thread of precum from the tip of your dick... Yum!)



  12. Rob,

    My pleasure fill be finally meeting you again and letting you have my body once more. But enough about my fantasies... ;)


  13. Oh, FC,

    I think my dick's overexposed. The internet, in fact, called me last month and said it'd seen enough of my dick on it.

    But if you want some links or profiles to look at, check the sidebar and you'll find some to Xtube and other sex sites.

  14. re: "I think my dick's overexposed"

    [sarcastically] Yeah, 'cause clearly that stops everybody else.

  15. Why am I a hipster?

    Maybe because of the Chuck Taylors Converse. Of course they are worn by many these days but they still are still popular with subcultures. If you'd chose your shoes solely for comfort you could go for other brands.

    Because you use Instagram and or Hipstamatic for your pictures and also because you tweet from a Mac.

    Also because of the way you look at others (your partners), their clothing, their behaviour and attitude.

    And lastly because of your humour and the pop culture references you use.

  16. Nice underwear and black is always a winner.

    As far as I can see from reading your posts you seem like fashion.

    This is my blog about fashion. Take a look. ;-)