Friday, October 28, 2011

Reader Assets: #21

And we're still going strong, with this semi-regular feature in which I feature—solely for your salivation and sexual pleasure—the photographs of readers who've chosen to share them.

Now, I have a lot of readers. (For some reason, this week in particular, I have a LOT of readers.) So many readers, in fact, that if even only ten percent of them sent in a photo or two, I could have a whole freakin' Reader's Assets blog. Which I'm not planning, by the way. Don't worry. I like gabbing about myself too much for that.

The point is, if you haven't yet sent in photographs for the feature, consider it! You can show as much or as little as you like. There's no requirement to show us the parts of yourself you'd rather keep secret, like your face or your pimply kneecaps. We want to see the parts you're proud of, whether it's your pert little butt, your ginormous dick, or the feet made shapely after decades of tortuous Chinese binding. (Okay, I could probably skip seeing the latter.)

Simply submit photographs of yourself to my email address, which is available over there on the sidebar of my blog's main page. All I ask is that you label the email with the words MY ASSETS, be of an age to share such things, and assure me that the photographs are of you, and not some random porn actor . . . unless you are a random porn actor, of course.

I'm near the bottom of my small collection of photos, so hear my pleas and show me your junk!

Let's get started with this week's batch.

Anonymous D.

This particular reader wished to remain anonymous. I suspect his motivation arose from the recognition that once these photos got out there, men would be beating down his door if they knew who he was.

Anonymous D., I told you this when you sent these in, but it bears repeating: I love your ass. It's small. It's squeezable. It's round. It's fucking perfect. I love that shot of you on the bed with your big ol' feet pointed at the camera and your ass raised in the air for mounting. But you know what really drives me wild? All those scratch marks on your back in the first photo. I'm imagining they got there from your fucks clawing away with passion as you drove in them.

Yes, my mind works like that. I need a cold shower.

Anonymous K.

Remember that underwear I modeled a couple of weeks ago, that one of my readers purchased for me? Anonymous K. was the kind donor.

And you know what? I think the underwear would look a lot hotter on him. I mean, look at that ass. It's fuckin' beautiful. And hairy! I love it. A couple of my readers have surprised me by saying they thought I only loved smooth asses. I posit that they haven't been paying attention, because whenever someone sends in a furry butt crack for the the Reader Assets column, I start raving like a lustful madman.

And you guys should see the rest of him! (I have. Maybe if you give K. enough compliments, he'll be prompted to share some more of himself.) Anonymous K., you're a hot, hot man.


Now, young Jelle has been with us before, in Reader Assets #18. He shared some pretty spectacular photos with us then, but he's outdone himself with this batch.

I mean, look. He jerks off on the dildo.

He shoots on the dildo.

Then he fucks himself with his own load.

It basically sells itself, doesn't it?

The cum shot alone is worth a million bucks. I say we give him a lot of compliments here so we can see what else his dirty little mind comes up with.


I've got to say: Tyler's got it going on. Hot ass. Hot dick. Hot body. He's a master of the over-the-shoulder ass shot. And I don't know how he managed to get that first shot, with his legs lifted in the air (I like those socks, by the way!), but it's a classic.

You can just look at Tyler's photos and tell he's a good-looking stud, can't you? Tyler, I hope you're versatile, because I suspect there are as many guys out there who'd like a shot at that dick, as much as they want your hole.

I know which end I want.

Let's hear it for all our Reader Assets contributors this week. It takes a bit of courage (and maybe a shot or two of tequila) to muster up the nerve to share intimate shots like these—so let's all show our appreciation with a big round of virtual applause in the comments.

And remember: I want to feature you in this column, next time.


  1. Best way to wake up today was to see this post. Everyone who knows me knows that Reader's Assests posts are like the frosting on the Rob the Breeder cake for me. So let's get started!

    Anon D: Rob is right, man. Your ass is wonderful. If you're reading this comment, know that I am officially offering up my services as an expert rimmer should you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods. I'm also great at the other stuff too.

    Anon K: Thank you for sharing that forested ass with us. Gotta love a guy with cheeks begging to be pried open to discover the delicious hole within. I would excavate that any day.

    Jelle: A similar if not the same set of anal beads remains one of my favorite anal toys to this day. I played with it well into my career as a top and you make me want to break it out. Plus, I love it when guys fuck their own cum into their ass. I've done that too. Very sexy, and what a nice package to go with. One last thing to say: keep sending pics!

    Tyler: Man, you are built! I can tell that you must have an amazing face to go with that powerful body. Don't worry, I will still dominate you while my cock gives your prostate a well-deserved work out. Of course, I expect some hot cum down my throat as a reward.

    Thanks to everyone who has sent in pictures! You guys are so hot.


  2. All the asses are HOT. Anon K's ass especially does it or me with all that hair. It's not only the tasting/rimming but the feel of that ass hair against my face cheeks. Thanks guys for sharing.

  3. Rob my dear friend,
    How do you want me to go to bed after seeing those photos. Just love Tyler's photos, damn he is one sexy stud. Wouldn't mind doing a flip-flop with you.
    Anon D and K, those are great looking ass also, love to munch on them.
    Jelle, that is one set of hot pic that you just send man, ouffffff.
    Can't go to bed right away.
    Rob, you did it again man. Thank you.


  4. Fucking hot hot hot....thx

    Keep up the good work!

  5. These pictures are all marvelous. All these beautiful men. I have to say Jelle's performance is particularly impressing. This could be a wonderful video as well.

    (I hope the models don't mind the attention from one female of the species after so much praise from the gentlemen.)

  6. I for one would love to see more of Jelle's dirty mind at work. The cum on the dildo as he impales himself on it is great.

    I wonder if he has ever used a Devil's Dick to lube his hole prior to getting fucked. I can attest to the fact it works really well and it feels cool (cold actually) sliding up into you. Then once it melts the cum gets whipped into a frothy, foamy mix as the cocks churn it in your ass as they fuck you.

    Perhaps his next set of pics could be of his well used hole with foamy cum oozing out of it (?)

  7. Another great set. Thank you, gentlemen!!

  8. Thanks for the comments! It’ll keep my dirty mind alert. I had to look it up but immediately I loved the idea from Cali-P so I’m starting to save my juice as of now. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone give me a hand or (devil’s) dick?


  9. I definitely want to flip with Tyler. Sigh.