Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reader Assets: #20

Yes, it's the twentieth anniversary of our reader assets feature here on ABJ. Twenty installments of my readers showing their good stuff for other readers to appreciate. It has been good stuff, too.

And you know what? My supply of good stuff is running low. Dangerously low. So. If you haven't yet succumbed to peer pressure (you know you wanna!), it's time, my good readers.

Send me your asses.

Or your dicks. Or your combo shots with both. We take them all, here at the readers assets feature. We lay them out, and then we wipe off the drool when you guys are done.

If you're interested and of age to share your pics, simply send me your dirty photos at the address in the sidebar. If you'd like to include your name or email or links to other profiles or blogs, that'd be awesome. If you have a name under which you'd prefer to appear, like the sexy porn star you are, let me know what that is. All I ask is that the photos are your own!


If you're not read reading FelchingPisser's blog, which I plugged here just last Sunday, you're missing out.

You know, I've seen a lot of photos of my buddy's dick, certainly. But I think this is only one I've ever seen of his backside. Apparently the sightings of my fellow tops' asses are about as rare as Yeti spottings.

To wit:

The Breeder

Yes, it's the only known shot of my flat ass in existence. I never could quite master the art of the over-the-shoulder self-taken butt-shot.

This photo would've been taken about a year ago, judging by the mess o' books in the background of my old house.

Save your kudos on this one. I know it's not my strong side.

So let's go to someone who looks good from all angles.


Now, my buddy NakedSF (the link is to his Twitter account, for those of you who use the service) is not only a very good friend of mine, but he's been an actor in quite a few porn flicks over the last few years. (The link is just a sampling.) The movies are all good. All. Good. Trust me on that one. Especially his scene, which make my heart race.

What also makes my heart race is the perfection of that ass. Look at the dusting of fur over the cheeks, and the abundance of the stuff down in that cleft. Beautiful. Sexy man, sexy face, sexy furry chest, sexy ass, beautiful soul . . . is it any wonder he's one of my favorite people in the world? Check out his films and let him know what a hottie he is.


Yes, gentlemen (and ladies), it's one of our very own frequent commenters, RedPhillip, showing us his all. Back, front, and cockringed-up and ready to go. (And that's a cast on his leg from some recent surgery--not a sock. Wish him a speedy recovery, would you?)

One of the things I like most about Phillip in these photos is his engaging smile, which so perfectly mirrors his sweet nature and his generous comments here.

Oh yeah. He has a big dick, too. No, I wasn't overlooking it! How could I overlook that big thing?! It's fucking amazing.

You're the total package, RedPhillip. I hope you know that.

And there we go with another installment of our Reader Assets. Make sure you give our participants a big round of applause (you can skip me to save wear and tear on your palms)! And remember . . . I'm running real low on assets. So low that I can't do another column until I get some more photos from you guys. So send in your contributions. Don't be shy.


  1. Are you SURE you don't want another cock shot??????? I have more!

  2. The pictures are all gorgeous! I envy the lucky men who get to play with you ;)

  3. The self butt photo takes pratice to get right.

  4. I'm rubbing my hands together partially because they're cold and partially because I'm excited to once again be giving my review of all the pictures you have posted. That's right, ALL OF THEM. Time to dive in.

    FelchingPisser, dear god, let me taste that ass. I would like both cheeks and the hole they hide from me in my mouth. If you happen to be wearing those chaps when I do it, all the better. I love my skin rubbing on leather and will do about anything to make it happen. You might want to bring a book though, as I will be eating you out for hours.

    Rob, you're getting it too, you sexy fucker. I've already seen, sampled, and loved your ass. The way is tastes is extraordinary and the way it took my finger was the perfect mix of resistance and eager sucking on your hole's part. And it is not the flat mess you always make it out to be, but, if you want, I can give you "Ace's Tips for a Bouncy Ass the Boys and Girls Will Love (TM)" next time we meet. Your ass, while only part of you, happily makes up the whole that I can not wait to see, smell, kiss, touch, and make love to again.

    NakedSF, you already know from me telling you this on twitter, but Daddy, your son is ready to serve you whenever. I would love to roll around with you, my mouth latched to your cock, teeth to your PA, then sneak my way back to that amazing ass and go to town. You are so fuckable in any position and as either top or bottom. I just wish there was a picture of your pit I could imagine I'm smelling.

    RedPhillip, another friend from twitter, I have told you before and will tell you again and again, you have a cock fit for sucking and an ass that looks lonely for some cock. Two things I am totally willing to help you with, by the way. Get better soon, because what I do to you will hurt you all over again.

    Thanks everyone! And more people send pics! Maybe I need to send some again...Hmm...


  5. Wow - thanks Rob - you have put a huge smile on my face (and turned me into a pile of goo) - thanks!! The feeling of admiration is totally mutual - I adore you and admire you and the life you lead. If only more people were as open and loving.

    And as you know, I always have more pics to share, so if you ever want more, just say the word... ;-)


  6. Ok--Now that the shock has worn away--since that pic wasn't quite sent for this....

    Rob--I've had my tongue there, too. It indeed is a meal unto itself.

    Naked SF--Sweet Jesus--the things I would do with that gorgeous butt...

    RedPhillip--You already KNOW I have designs on your ass.

    Ace--Two words: "rim seat"--you under it, me on top in chaps with Finnegan's Wake.

  7. It's hard to imagine a more incendiary collection of hotness to stand among. I'm flattered to be on the same page with you guys.

    FP - I can get down with gear any time, most especially when a guy knows how to rock it. Which you do, of course. I'm keenly anticipating your designs going from 'as drawn' to 'as built'.

    Steed, don't dis that ass. I'll make sure you get a decent photo (before, during and after the rimming I plan, for example), and you'll be able to at last have an objective view of the tasty thing.

    NakedSF, FP pretty much captures my sentiment. I'll add that I hope you *do* share more photos with our host, that he may share them with us. So that I can salivate and throw wood and leak and drool. ;-)

    Ace, I doubt what you do to me will require screws to put the pieces back together ;-) As to hurt me? You're welcome to try. Hurt me in a way that doesn't feel good? You'll have to try harder. Our meeting will happen, sooner or later; we're on intersecting orbits.

    Our kind host and Blogfather has curated a brilliant collection of manflesh over the months. I love that I'm part of it. But Steed! What's with the mushy stuff? 'Sweet nature'; maybe if I roll around in syrup sweet.
    Why ya wanna make me blush?

  8. FP: Read it out load while I eat your hole. I want to hear you pronounce those words.

    RedPhillip: Well, I don't play to break you to pieces, but I do hope to give you a nice little ride around town, if you know what I mean.


  9. re wishes that he had forwarded for posting a photo of his frontispiece~ginger, hopefully! 'twould have been a blessing to see & keep!

  10. C.L - the very image you desire is I believe the second I ever posted to my Tumblr page, The Pig Whisperer. Ginger Firecrotch could be my drag name/alter ego. In fact, I should consider inventing backstory... Imagine something along the lines of 1950's-60's pulp novels with content-based pornography charges barely evaded. Ginger Firecrotch would like to be captured in a graphic novel, which means I need to collaborate with an artist...

    Oh! Sorry! Got carried away. If our kind host is willing, he can insert links to my Tumblr. ;-) Or I can send the photo to him for publishing as a sort of Reader's Assets: #20.1 -- a patch, not a major upgrade.

    Remember, if you visit the pig on Tumblr, second to last as you scroll back in time of posting.