Friday, March 23, 2012

The Million-Visitor Milestone

Early in the day yesterday, my blog passed the million-visitor mark, with eight hundred people publicly following me through Blogger. That's not page hits—that's unique visitors. It's taken a little less than two years to get there, but hey. That's a lot of people who've made their way through my little back alley on the internet.

Although if you think about it, I've only slept with about eight of my readers during that entire time period. Eight out of one million equals . . . me not getting laid from this blog all that much.

So to remedy that, I'm hosting a special smut celebration. My Latin buddy, The Mover, gave me a copy of the 51 Photos he took of me last month—and I'm sharing some of the highlights here. I hope you guys enjoy.

Happy million!


  1. Love the pics! Love your writing just as much. Here's hoping this post generates many more opportunities to put your skills to use


  2. OMG! What a treat! Now my saliva glands are on overload and my ass is twitching! @mh4head

  3. There's that sexy man I remember so well. I'm talking about the one relaxing and basking in post-sex glow. I so enjoy your blog and am glad you've had so many people check your stuff out. You're incredibly fun, sexy, and a great person. Thank you for letting me be one of the eight.


  4. Thanks for sharing, now I know what I would see from my view if we were together :-)

  5. Thank you for sharing those great photos of yourself. I knew you were a sexy man but damn Rob not only that, like the younger men says you are a hot fu***er my friend. your writing is amazing and i love reading your blog a lot. You are incredebly hot man.


  6. Oh hells yes! Congrats on the milestones.

    I sure hope I join the roster before, say, you hit 25 readers. ;-)

    Sloppy kisses, my friend, wherever they'll do the most good.

  7. oh fuck,i just fell in love with you all over again,not that i ever fell out bur seriously i really did fall again!

  8. Rob - hearty congratulations on your million reader milestone. And getting a better glimpse of you, the the man behind the sexual icon, is a great treat. You say you had hook-ups with eight men you met via the blog - I am sure for each of those guys there were dozens and dozens you reached out to and helped in a non-sexual way, and I am among those kind of guys you reached through e-mail words.

    You are a gifted writer as well as an unusually robust sexual master. Putting them both together has brought a lot of pleasure into the million readers, and for the 999,992 you did not bring to an orgasm in person, we got something big from you too!

    1. I have to agree with Jayson here. Despite not getting any physical contact, I get plenty of other support from your writing.

  9. Really hot man I love this blog.

  10. Rob, congrats on this milestone, and thanks for the scaldingly hot pics. I never understand why you occasionally disparage your body. You're absolutely fucking beautiful.

    Love ya, buddy.

  11. Nice pix. Thanks for being brave enough to share these. It helps to have the visual to go with your well-told stories. Sometimes in those you may have been a little too modest. You're a good-looking man.

  12. Pretty beau with XL equipment who also writes well = perfection!

    Congratulations ;)

  13. Rob--count me as one of the million that loves you too much.


  14. rob,
    Thank you for the little porthole into your life. You my friend are one in a million!

  15. Rob,

    You are a very sexy stud. I look forward to when we are able to meet in person and you breed me.


  16. I will always be your fan, Rob. Keep it up :-)

  17. I will always be your fan Rob. Keep it up. :-)