Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reader Assets: #23

You know what? It's been a damned long time since we had a Reader Assets column up in here.

How long, you ask me? Four months! That's way too long!

Let's rectify the situation with some of the photos my butt has been sitting on—pun intended—since then. These photos are of actual readers who've decided to share their naked goods with the rest of you. So let's hear it for them in the comments . . . and see below how you can share you own goods in a future edition.


Marky's been posted on the Reader Assets page before. He tells me that after all the nice compliments you guys gave him, he found the whole experience so liberating that he's totally reassessed his feelings about his own nudity and his own body. I think that's pretty damned impressive, especially for a guy of the age of fifty-six, don't you?

Of course, if I had a dick and load and ass like his, and the fur to go with it, I'd be reconsidering being nude as much as possible too.


If this were RuPaul's Drag Race, I'd be trying to think up comments for these photos like Ru does during the final runway. In Kellogg's case, they'd be remarks like, "Mmm, dish me up a bowl of that!" or "I'm in the mood for some . . . Special K!"

Or maybe I should've just gone with a simple, "They're grrrrrreat!"

All I know about this gentleman is that he's also in his fifties, that he works out every day, and that he's got some boyfriend at home who's no doubt made very, very happy by having that bowl of Sugar Pops in his bed.

(RuPaul, are you reading this? I'm available for freelance work.)


I don't know much about Jordan; he didn't tell me a lot in his letter, other than that he's read my blog for quite a while.

What I do know is that he's a bottom. And he's got quite a bottom! I love the roundness of that ass. And what's that hanging out from between his cheeks? Oh yeah. A big old dildo.

Hard to argue with that.

Pakistani Pussyboi

Our friend Pakistani Pussyboi is a fairly frequent commenter within these pages. I think he's one of my finest, hottest readers; I envy the man who got to empty his load into him between the first two and the last photo here.

He's got the prettiest, firmest, hairiest ass, doesn't he? Damn. His photos get me right where it counts, every damned time.

Let's give all our assets for the day a big round of thanks and applause! If it weren't for them, people would be using the internet for dreary crap like Wikipedia and homework.

Send me your assets! 
If you're interested in participating in this feature, all you need to do is send an email to the address in the blog sidebar with a subject of 'MY ASSETS.' All I ask is that your photos are of you, and not some random porn actor—unless you're a random porn actor, of course. I ask that you be of an age to release such photos, and that you realize that by letting me publish your photos here, there's the vaguest chance that they might be seen by your pastor, your significant other, your boss, and that cute barista you've been flirting with every Tuesday and Friday.

I've basically got no more assets to run through, guys—so unless you start sending me yours, it'll be another long, dry stretch until the next round of porn here. Share with me! It's fun!


  1. I was wondering if we were going to get a set of Readers Assets again recently and almost sent you an email asking about it. I guess I got my answer, though. Time to do what I love to do!

    Marky: I remember your pictures well, and how could I forget that ass and cock? I'm glad you've rethought how sexy you are because you have NOTHING to worry about there.

    Kellogg: You're fifty? You could have fooled me. Not that I care so much about age when my mouth is watering just looking at that dripping cock of yours. Your boyfriend is lucky, for sure.

    Jordan: What will it take to get you to send in more pictures? Perhaps if I offer to take them for you, with that dildo removed and replaced with my cock? In any case, that bubble of yours is wonderful, thank you for sharing.

    Pakistani Pussyboi: I recognize your name and am happy to have a smiling, winking hole to place the name with. I can say with certainty that your hole is perfect for eating, fucking, and felching; my three favorite things to do to a hole!

    Thanks again to everyone who has sent their pictures in. And guys who haven't, please do! I love and miss these posts.


  2. Another great set of pictures. Thank you guys. I hope more readers will be sending you fresh material. Lord knows, we've all seem more than enough of me...

  3. Clean-up on aisle Marky! Nice pics from everyone!

  4. wow thanks Rob, glad I get the juices flowing! I am blushing red!

    Ace -- ANYTIME buddy, ANYTIME.