Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Morning Questions: Jock & Undies Edition

It's always been a tradition of mine to thank readers for their gifts in this space. It's also been a tradition of mine, in the last year or so, to be horribly late about getting around to all the things I need to get done.

So, in the spirit of honoring one tradition, and trying to eliminate the other, let's share a few images of me wearing, in this case, gifts chosen for me from one generous and sweet-hearted reader who really likes his underwear.

Thank you, reader! I've been wearing them in good health. The black-and-white jock in the middle made an appearance in my "Flood" entry a few weeks back, in fact.

I'll be getting around to my other gifts soon, I promise. In the meantime, let's check in with some questions from Stop by the site and ask me your burning questions, and you'll be able to read the answers both on the website and, eventually, here.

Are all the stories you posted on your blog, such as the delicious, "Cherry" non-fiction?

At the top of my blog, there's this statement: "And yes, the events of this journal are factual."

Are those words really not plain enough?

I don't write in my blog about the sex life I imagine I could have. I don't write about an idealized sex life I want to have. I write about my sex life, as I experience it. It's non-fiction.

I often change names and details to protect the identities of my sex partners. But as those who have met and romped with me and found themselves featured in here will attest, my entries are pretty damned accurate about what transpired between us.

In your days as a bottom, or even the few times you did as an adult, did you ever orgasm through bottoming?

No, I never did.

I came close a few times. And there were times that I had extremely intense orgasms while bottoming as a result of either masturbating, or being masturbated by the top.

But I never had a spontaneous orgasm like the ones I've often induced in my own bottoms, nor did I experience the 'anal orgasm' that some of my piggier bottoms get when they're being banged right.

What if a man wants you for your mind, not your body? What do you think of it, and how do you feel about it? How do you/would you react to this attitude towards you blog?

I'm not really convinced that anyone would hook up with me for my body. My dick, sure. I've traded with that commodity my entire life. My body? Eh.

I'm more accustomed to—though not blasé at the notion of—people desiring me because they've been in my head through my blog. It's highly flattering to be desired in that way.

Except, that is, for the times that I've been told by people that they could 'overlook' my appearance because my writing is so hot. Thanks for nothing, right?

Have you ever considered writing a piece that answers questions from the famous "Proust Questionnaire"? Why should Vanity Fair Magazine and its elite fossils have all the fun?!

I'm afraid I'd stumble over 'The military event I admire the most.' I'm not really in the habit of assigning an admiration rating to military events.

Many of the other questions on the Proust Questionnaire are intriguing, though. Some I'm sure I've answered here. Others, someone could certainly ask me.

Do you, in your heart of hearts, wish you were living back in Michigan?

Much as I miss my family and friends there, no. I don't. Every news story I see coming out of Michigan lately is either about the anti-intellectual or anti-gay politicians who've taken over the state assembly and who are working hard to limit the freedoms of not only the sexual minorities living within its borders, but also its teachers and workers.

I regret leaving friends, fuckbuddies, and familiar places behind, but after having lived in a more enlightened area for nine months, I can see that I'm in a better place for now.

Everyone does--on what occasions do *you* lie?

You've asked a difficult question. You're correct in that everyone lies, at times. I try to keep my falsehoods to a minimum, but they sneak in.

I lie socially, most often. I pretend to remember names when I don't. I say I'm enjoying myself when I'm not. I agree to do things I don't want to do, and pretend I'm glad to do them, to keep peace.

I will lie with anonymous sex partners about certain things—which should have been obvious when in May of 2010 I wrote a blog post about Forty Lies I'd told to have sex. Nowadays I don't lie to expedite getting into a person's pants. If a guy has a specific fantasy in which he needs to believe, however, I'm more than willing to let him believe it of me. That's lying. I would never lie about my HIV status, however, or tell someone that I love them when I don't.

I will quite often tell "I'm busy" lies to guys who are pests online.

These are the most frequent lies I tell. If they jibe with what you thought I might say, excellent. If you think I'm lying now . . . that's your perception.


  1. Nice new undies! You fill them out well (no surprise there). And the question about lying is really close to something I've been dealing with an awful lot lately in order to hook up: lying to say I've had sex with less people than I actually have. It is something I'm not used to at all, but aparently my experience can be daunting to people. Who knew?


  2. Rob,
    I agree with Ace on that, nice jocks on a great looking jock or stud like you. I saw some of these also at a store near my place and i almost bought one also beofre xmas (the black one) but it looks better on you my friend. Some peoples think that you are writing fictionnals stories, maybe because they don't know you enough. A sexy man like you always have some great encounters. For the lie one, you have to if you want to keep something personnal, everybody does and that is ok. Thank you for those amazing photos of you, always a pleasure to look at you man.


  3. Gentle Breeder

    I am in love with your underwear shots. Do I need to buy you some underwear to see more of those?


  4. The lie question was interesting as everyone does lie to a point, but everyone doesn't lie to be dishonest. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy are all lies we heard as children and will pass on to all children as we age, but it's to share and keep the only childhood magic we all want to still believe in.

    Many years ago someone said to me you don't have to lie, just don't tell the truth. Example to clear that one up is if someone wearing what you think is an ugly shirt or dress asks you if you like their new item, you don't have to lie and say yes but answer in a way that makes the other person think you like it. Get an excited voice and say "Where did you get it?". They will think you like it and inside only you will know you meant 'Where did you get it so I don't shop at a store that sells ugly crap like that'

    Does that last undies say 'I (heart) Papi'?

  5. I'm not a big fan of war, or of military events in general, but there are some I admire. Hard to see the downside of the Berlin Air Lift, for example (except that it was dangerous, but it saved a bunch of people from serious hardship). The Rescue at Dunkirk was pretty heroic too.

    I dunno, maybe you don't admire those. They WERE parts of wars (one cold, one hot). I'm as antiwar as the next guy, but those were both saves with little or no killing on the part of the "good guys."

  6. They say that clothes make the man, but you clearly make those clothes look good. *drool*

  7. 'Except, that is, for the times that I've been told by people that they could 'overlook' my appearance because my writing is so hot.'

    From what I've seen of you in your profile pic and blog header, you are wayyyy hot - though your writing is too...

  8. I am formally from Michigan and have to agree with you. I just don't miss it and just don't want to go back, when I do I am depressed of the lost of how it once was. In trying to recoup the past they have sold their souls to the devils

  9. I am formally from Michigan too. I don't miss the place as is it now, the good people are leaving. they have let the devils take over trying to recoup the past, but it can't happen. It's depressing to go back and see the place