Monday, April 25, 2011

And the winner is. . . .

Thanks to everyone who entered last week's Follower 500 Jock Giveaway Contest. Between the comments and the guys who entered via email, we had close to seventy-five hot and sweaty guys wrestling for my dirty jock.

Ah. The mental image. I like it.

Now, I've been working on the thing for almost a week now. I didn't wear it over the weekend because the straps were cutting into me after four straight days—but it did see cum rag duty. I've already put the stinking thing back on this morning, and I'm going to wear it a few more days to fill out the week.

There can only be one winner, though. After entering all the names into a lottery application written expressly for purposes like this, I've simulated a random drawing. And the winner is. . .


I swear, guys, his winning has nothing to do with his offer to pay for personal delivery. Nor the part where he said I'd have to pump a few loads into him while I was there. It's kind of a tempting offer, though.

Gingerbeard, hit me up via email with your mailing information and all your naked photos, and at the end of the week I'll send you your prize. (Okay, only one of those two items is necessary. I'll let you sort out which one.)


  1. Congratulation to the winner, i'm sure he'll take good care of it and he 'll appreciate it a lot too, i'm sure i would but it's the draw who decide, well maybe next time i'll be more lucky.
    Thank you for letting me dream about it for a while my friend and keep up the good work.


  2. This was rigged, he only said he sold the most girl scout cookies to win the

  3. Now now cyberi4a, don't be a sore loser. We all wanted the jock! lol
    I for one would love to hear about a personal delivery, or collection maybe?

  4. Man, if Girl Scout Cookies had been involved, I definitely would've rigged it.

  5. Congratulations to Gingerbeard, you lucky sonuvabitch!

    And thanks to the previous comments, I now have a craving for girl scout cookies. There goes my diet.


  6. Everybody had a chance to win so it's the luck of the draw that decide not the breeder. He won fair and square and hope he will take good care of it. Thank you for the contest my friend, you're the best.


  7. Darn it :( I was hoping for this one! Maybe I will just have to mail you a jock and request that you wear it for a week and send it back. :)