Monday, April 18, 2011

The Follower 500 Jock Giveaway Contest

Yesterday in my weekly Formspring roundup, I asked for suggestions for a contest this week to celebrate my approaching 500th public Blogger follower. My frequent commenter and good friend Yves promptly stepped up to the plate and registered himself so that he could be number 500. And thus I must keep my part of the bargain.

Tempting as the contest suggestion was that I fly myself to a lucky winner's house for a weekend of servicing, it's a little out of my budget. What I can work with, however, was the proposal that I wear a jock for a week and then send it to the lucky winner. Therefore:

What you're looking it is my oldest jock. I had it as a senior in college, where it saw action in many an intercollegiate badminton tournament. (I'll leave it up to you guys to decide whether I'm kidding or not.) It's still in great condition, though the cup has lost some of its tone.

I'll be wearing the thing for a week, night and day, starting tomorrow or Wednesday. It'll see service as a cum towel, too. Then at the end of that week, I'll be sending it off to one of my (need I say lucky?) readers.

What do you need to do in order to win? Simple. You have one week to comment on this blog entry with a statement that you'd like to win the dirty prize. You don't have to be registered with Google or Blogger, but if you prefer to comment anonymously, please leave at least a name or nickname by which I can identify you. Do not, do not, do not give me your personal address in your comment. When I announce the winner next week, I'll ask him to email me with those details.

If you prefer not to let the world know you're after my soiled underwear, email me directly for a chance to win.

I'll keep the contest open until Sunday evening. When midnight strikes and Monday begins, it'll be over. I'll use my random drawing application to sort through all the names, and the first name drawn will be receiving a cum-stained packet shortly after that.

So what're you waiting for? Comment already.


  1. I'd love to win your jock. And I promise never to wash it but to wear it and shoot my load in it too. :)

  2. dirty. Of course I'd love to be the lucky recipient of a jock soiled by the most magnificent Breeder! Count me in. Maybe I'll win this time?! :)


  3. I would LOOOOOVE to be on the receiving end of that sticky package! :)

  4. Oh, whoever gets that jock will be very, very lucky bastard! Count me in!

  5. I can't believe someone wants to add his own cum to your sacred baby juice! When I win (not if, but WHEN), I'll treat that crusty, jizz-soaked jock like the royal jewels. I'll sample the real stuff when we eventually meet and I suck out a fresh load!! Yeah, get that strap wrapped up and ready to send to me!

  6. Intercollegiate Badminton tournament???? Is that one of those Olympic events they have but we never see on American TV?

    I still have my old high school jock and it's been decades since I got out of high school. How could you give away something that special? But at least your jock would have some company at my place :-)

  7. To be, or not to be: that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to win said holy, cum-filled jockstrap and suffer such outrageous fortune. To sleep, perchance to wet-dream and add to the deposits of Rob and to rub my own more semen into the cloth. And with respect - my entry given to win - with desire to smell, chew, taste and savor those delights offered. For not to win, subjects me to one who would bear the whips and scorns of time and despair. I entreat the gods to favor me with a gift well chosen towards my behalf. (With apologies to William Shakespeare.) Anonymous Rimmer [I'm sure there will be much better entries --- just trying to raise the bar here. An Haiku would be stunning but such is not my talent.]

  8. It is an art work
    And I would use it as such,
    If that prize be mine.

  9. @Anonymous Rimmer: It's a random drawing, so we entertain our host for his and our amusement only. Your final sentence inspired me, btw, poor effort that it is.

  10. Actually, shouldn't #500 be getting the prize?

  11. I'm quite tempted to make my cumslut boyfriend wear it when he goes out to the baths. As much as it should be cherished, it might be more in the spirit of the original wearer if the jock saw some man-on-man action in the seedy recesses of baths and a college library...

  12. Thank you for the kind words my friend. I know i'll love to win that nice prize of yours and thank you cyberi4a for saying that but it must be fair for evereyone to win. I know Rob is a blog friend, and i hope i'm a good friend to him but let him decide who will be the winner.
    I know if i win, i'll wear it and jack myself in it thinking about my friend. Bless you my friend and keep it cumming.


  13. Hey Rob,
    Yes, definitely include me in the contest! I'd love to receive your jock, keeping my fingers crossed...

  14. Hey sexy papi!

    Count me in also! I would love, love, love to hold, sniff, wear and add something into that jockstrap! YUMM!
    *fingers crossed*

  15. Oh man, you know I'd love to win that! Sign me up!


  16. See, that's a piece of history I can get behind.

    I'm in, of course.


  17. If I win it, can I come up and remove it from your sexy body with my teeth?


  18. I'd like to win your soiled jockstrap.

  19. I'm a frequent lurker of your blog. You always give me great stroke material and having your jock would make me rub one out five times a day.

  20. Please include me in the drawing.

  21. I have two different subs who want that jock since they will now never meet you. Both suggested I use it as a gag while I hose down their insides. The second one suggested, when told someone else had said the same thing, that they share it in a joint session so they could snow ball the reconstituted cum...

    I love creative boys...

  22. @FelchingPisser: Damn that sounds so hot! Just the idea of watching two boys fighting to lick that jock gets me hard.


  23. Ive been in the market for a new jock, but a used one would work out even better.

    Way Harsh Tai

  24. Having sampled what that jock supports, I really don't think I can go on living without it. Please!

    The Professor

  25. I would love to win your wonderfully smelly cum stained jock! I imagine myself wearing it over my face so that I can huff the tangy rich scent of your crotch and cum while my Daddy punch fucks my asshole with his big fists. A little bit of heaven on Earth for this pig bottom! Best regards, Jay

  26. @collegeboy24 hey i would love ur cum rag jock. i love older studs like u and love ur blog. one day i wish to get owned by ur dick ;)
    hope i win ;)

  27. A
    Needing -
    Opening -
    Throbbing -
    Wanting Wishing Willing
    eXpanding (to welcome)
    (in other words - please enter me in the contest!)

  28. i like to win your jock so i can sniff and jerk off thinking of how many well breed ass's you did. also to get high off your man jizz sent. i would also wear it while breeding assholes too.

  29. anonymous post to sniff was from thirdwheel

  30. I would love to win your jock which holds such a beautiful cock. A cock that I want to pound away at my hole.

  31. If I comment twice will that increase my chances?

  32. I'd love to win too...although it probably isn't that smart for me to enter since if I do win I'll probably just end up with my face buried in it all day and never get anything done other than cumming

  33. I've loved soiled jocks since I was in high school and since I read and sometimes jerk off to your stories, I would definitely be honored to have that filthy jock to wear as an oxygen mask anytime I jerk off or am getting bred.

  34. Guess I have to join the pack and say please let it be mine I'm def the most deserving of the group. Your bud Rob06901

  35. I love smelly/stained/worn jocks.
    Secretly I wear the same underwear everyday for
    One week, then sniff it and use it like a cum rag before I throw it in the laundry pile.

  36. I would only wash your hot jock in my mouth! I am sure it will be clean by the time I finish sucking on it ;-)~~~~~~~

  37. I would love to win that jockstrap.. I am getting hard just thinking about the things I would do to myelf with it..... I need to go jerk of right now.


  38. Holy fuck, yes's RawFkrMe from twitter. Let me know when you need my address...I want that cum filed jock wadded up in a ball, pursed to my nose while I jerk off...

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. I'd sniff it and show it off to my friends.

    Then I'd wash it and wear it for a week and send it back. :3

  41. mmmm i wish you were in nyc so that i could go to "the original", the source of all the spooge and scent, and service you for fresh cream. whereever you are, I have A LOT of free airmiles.....

  42. Pick me PICK ME!
    I would love to win your soiled jock strap. I would even consider paying for the delivery considering your wearing it when you deliver it. of course you might have to pump a few loads into me over the weekend.

  43. Pick me, pick me!!! I have a wonder home for your well used and well loved jock...I would no doubt blow a massive load sniffig your amazing man scent from such a glorious prize!

    Butyboi....hrnyflguy on Twitter