Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reader Asses: #11

A special edition of Reader Asses today, as I bring you first an ass that I know close up and personal.


Last week, in an entry called Someone's Poem, I wrote about spending a very special night with a 21-year-old boy who drove up from Ohio to meet me. After I spent several hours opening him up for the first time in over two years, I went back home. These were the self-photos he took with his phone an texted to me when I climbed into my own bed.

I didn't take these photos, but I certainly got that hairy ass wet in them. Thanks, Ace!


Near and dear to my heart is my good friend Writer, the first Breeder's Reader who went out of his way, early in my blogging career, to make a place for me in his bed. I commemorated the evening in a post that remains one of my all-time favorites.

Writer's a special guy, and has a damned hot ass. Not only is it hairy and perfectly round, but it looks awfully good when he's topping some lucky guy, too. Don't you folk agree?


Dan is one of my readers from the UK who chastises me for saying ass instead of arse. Danny, I'll call it whatever you fucking want as long as you keep sending in photos like this one.

Props to the unusual underwear choice, the hot open hole, and the position of submission, my friend. That is one ass I'd like to come across in a dark club or a hotel room. Pun totally intended.


What infuriates me about Tyler's incredible jock butt is that the guy used to live very close to me—and yet I could never get him to come over and let me pay attention to that beautiful thing. Could the guy be any hotter? I honestly don't think so . . . and he seemed like a pretty hungry bottom at the time, too.

Tyler, come on back to your old home town and let me chow down on what you've got between those cheeks. I promise you won't regret it.

And there we have another edition of reader asses. Did you like 'em? If so, let the contributors know in the comments. And please—I love my mailbox full of ass photos. If you'd like to be featured here in a future edition, follow the link and send me your ass!


  1. Yum! Tyler's ass is ABSOLUTELY my favorite of the ground this time around. Love a tall jock's bubble butt...mmmm.

  2. Oh, man! Another really great collection of asses this week. I just want to get down and eat out ever single one of them. Tyler's is so hot in the jock, and I'd love to get closer to Writer's ass while he fucks another guy, and Dan is in the perfect position to just slide right in.

    Of course I think my own ass is pretty nice too. ;)

    Thanks for sending in the pictures, guys!


  3. Lucky,

    Tyler does have a good one. I think they're all pretty fucking hot, though!

  4. Ace,

    Thanks for contributing. And by 'contributing,' I mean 'backing up on my dick.'

  5. Looks like I'll have to send one myself doesn't it LOL

  6. They are all super fine rumps ... I'm from Ohio and I would love to give Ace's ass a fine licking!!

  7. Writer has always intrigued me ... so not only is his head shot sexy but his ass is hot and delicious and o' so rimmerable. Now I have to make two trips: one to Jimbo in NY and Writer in Kentucky -- or should I say "Please fuck me". Lucy you Breeder for having him first. God is your ass hot Writer. Anonymous Rimmer

  8. I'm happy to back up on your dick anytime you want it. :)

    @ Ranter: Where in Ohio are you? Would love to have your tongue on my ass, but I'm leaving Ohio soon so time is running out. LOL


  9. I find myself scrolling up and down the screen from one ass to another in this set, trying to decide which one I want to make love to FIRST. Dan's is so marvellously round. Ace's hair drives me CRAZY with hunger. Tyler's ass is part of an incredibly perfect body that looking at him makes my hands itch. But ultimately, I don't think I can stop my heat-seeking missile from honing in on Writer first. That patch of hair just above his butt, combined with the mind that I know controls those beautiful melons, is simply irresistable....

  10. Jonking,

    Yeah, it's an unusually good batch this week. I highly recommend Writer if you're ever in his area. :)

  11. @The Breeder thanks for posting me, especially among such hot asses. As you know, our night together was very very special to me as are you. BTW Tyler and Ace are my favorites of this bunch - wouldn't mind taking some time with both. LOL

    @Ace You're ass is very hot, and I'd love to fuck you sometime. I haven't read Breeder's post about you, yet, but will get right on it.

    @Anon Rimmer Thanks for the compliment and the email. Hit me up again, maybe we can make a Kentucky trip possible LOL

    @jonking *blush. Thanks, man.

  12. turns me on seeing my ass posted on here with such other fine specimens. i want you to know i was just as disappointed that we never got together when we lived near each other. I think your cock and my hole could make some beautfiul music together. Hopefully, we can remedy that soon.

  13. @Writer: Dude, if you let me get my tongue in your hairy crack as badly as I want it there, you can have me! :) Hope you enjoy the post on me too. :)


  14. Oh wow I been so busy with uni work lately that I never did see I made it into readers asses (or arses LOL!) over a month ago!!! Thanks Mister B for putting mine in this cheeky line-up, and for that you can come across me wherever and whenever u like!