Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reader Asses: #10

Let's get right to it, shall we?


I think these photos are some of the most professional we've seen in my series. Beautifully-lit, aren't they? And the subject is perfection—that ass is beautiful, and those balls are amazing.

Donnie hails from Finland. I'm pretty sure that if the Finnish Visitor's Bureau were to use him for an advertisement or two in selected publications, their number of tourists would probably triple.  Damn, Donnie. Thanks for sharing!


Continuing in our international tour of asses, Mr. YB hails from Canada. You can tell he's from the great frozen north by the wooly socks, right? But let me guess. You didn't even notice them, because like me, you were mesmerized by that hole. That submissive pose always gets me every time.

Of course, the other way by which you might have recognized YB as a Canadian was by that uncut meat poking between his legs. That's one reason I love those Canucks.



Every time I look at this picture, that's what I do. Because that ass is simply beautiful.

FF is a 19-year-old twink teen Latino bottom boy, as he describes himself, who's ready for a man to fill him with cock, cum, and love. Doesn't it make you want to go out and buy a bottle of lube and a bouquet of roses? I know it does me.

FF, you're one sexy boy, and you'll have many years of fun ahead of you. Enjoy them, my friend!


Now, I find this a particularly sexy photo. Nate is a reader who corresponds with me on occasion, and he sent this to be shared after an evening on which he was fisted for very first time. Thus the open hole.

It's an inviting sight—particularly with Nate's sexy face hovering in the photo's corner. Beautiful photo, Nate, and thanks for sharing a special night with everyone!

God damn, I always get randy after pulling together another reader asses column. Of course, I'd love to display your ass and hole for everyone to see, so consider sharing and read my original call for photos to see how to contribute.

And a quick reminder. If you'd like to enter the drawing for the jock I'm wearing and using as a cum rag for an entire week, make sure to visit that entry and leave a comment before Monday morning so that you can be in the running. I've had the thing on for two straight days now—overnight, too!


  1. Damn! So many sexy asses, I don't even know where to start. Wish I had all of them in front of me right now to munch on. Thanks so much to the guys who sent these in!


  2. Ace,

    Remind me to put yours in, next week. :)

  3. Mr Steed, I did notice YB's socks/slippers, and could tell as well something about the yarn and the stitch. Then again, I'm a yarn nerd. This observation was but a moment, as I too was much more attracted to the body on which the socks rode; such a tempting man! Did find the rosary pinned to the headboard a tad kinky, but we all worship in our own way, eh?

    Another brilliant array of manflesh! Dare I hope that the remarkable Nate is anywhere in my vicinity? Would Donnie be impressed that my large loom is Finnish? Or FF care that I can mutter obscene suggestions in his ear in Spanish?

  4. If I was to send in my ass photo you would have 508 less

  5. @Rob: I'll be sure to. ;)

    @cyberi4a: Don't say that! This is a no-judgement sharing of asses. I'm sure we'd all love to see yours. :)


  6. Yes, people ... every ass and hole is beautiful in some say. Size, color, texture ... works of art as individual and alluring as snowflakes!!

  7. I my friend, I just saw my bubble butt in there, not to bad for a 55 year old butt. I think people loved it too. I forgot to took out the rosary from the wall. If you want to put more my friend, i gave you the ok to do so, if people want to see it. You were mesmerize by my hole and whay hanging between my legs my friend, i didn't know you'll love it that much.
    Yep, i'm a Canuck and proud of it but not the snow we had today.


  8. Hey...I love when you post your readers asses. can i make a request for a few about your readers cocks? i'm a ass man but also a huge fan of cocks. Thanks

  9. FF would love it if anyone were to utter obscene things in his ear. I would know, I'm him!

  10. Ranter,

    I agree. Every ass and hole is beautiful in some way.

  11. Chris,

    I originally was staying away from asking for pictures of dicks because A) Why get competition for myself? and B) Mr. Gloryholejunkie originally came up with the Reader's Dicks feature and I thought my feature would feature the flip side.

  12. FF,

    I'll mutter obscenities in your ear, son.