Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reader Asses: #9

We've got more reader ass to plow through today. And given how good looking they are, that was the right choice of verb.


TJ's not exactly the shy type. Nor is he a stranger to the camera, either. This sexy man has been in a couple of releases from Manhunter Videos, as well as in one of TIM's gangbang scenes. I think we can all understand why he's in demand, after these photos. Beautiful ass!

If you're in the Maryland or DC area and want to mount TJ, check him out either as TJWolfePrnStr on Manhunt or TJWolfe on BBRT.


I already knew that frequent commenter Throb was a sexy-assed fucker. You'll just have to trust me on how I knew. Let's just say that there are many parts of him to admire.

I love this self-taken photo of his ass that he managed to grab with his phone's camera, though. It's not exactly in focus, but hey. If I were kneeling down behind him at this range, I'd probably have to pull out my reading glasses to see clearly, too. But trust me, I wouldn't be wasting time fumbling for my readers . . . not with muscular globes this beautiful right in front of my lips.


My boy J. seems to have snuck into someone's bathroom in order to take these photos of himself for me. I'm especially fond of the first shot, in which his ass makes a coy appearance over the waistband of his jeans, then flirts with the camera as it shows off its juicy, perfectly round self.

You know, if I had an ass like J.'s, I'd be wearing a bright red belt to call attention to it, too.


I can't overstate how hot are these last two photos of the day. I mean, fucking beautiful. Look at the curly hairs on that firm round ass.

Cubinwpb has a blog he maintains. Wouldn't you like to read about the adventures of the man who owns that beautiful ass?

Let's have a big round of applause for today's butts! I know the guys who contribute their photos to this little project of mine love to hear your comments about them, so be generous with your praise.

And if you'd like to participate in Reader Asses, in which I show off the finest views of my finest readers, I'd love to have your pictures. Read the original post in which I solicit them, and email me!


  1. TJ is intoxicatingly wet where it counts, Throb is a stunning work of art, J is absolutely adorable, and cubinwpb makes me ache to MAKE him wet......a delicious set of photos indeed! Thanks, guys!!!!

  2. Jonking,

    I agree with you. An outstanding set.

  3. And a fantastic pride of arses they are! To one and every hole - thanks for sharing with us. And thanks to Rob for these throbbing-inducing pics. And yes, TJ, is intoxicatingly wet. Just love the thought of having the ass hairs sliding along side my cheeks as I tongue my way to nirvana.
    Thanks again everyone. Anonymous Rimmer

  4. Rimmer,

    I think we'd both be competing for the privilege. Or perhaps we could take turns.

  5. Like I said once this week somewhere else, camera's were added to cell phones to make it easier to take naked body part photos and post them to the internet. So you know it was invented by a horny

    Butts surrounded by jock straps always look cute

  6. cyberi4a,

    I'm a big fan of the jock-framed ass myself. It's like wrapping paper for the butt.

  7. You make me blush. I can feel my cheeks reddening. (The ones on my face, too.) Thank you, kind sir.

  8. That's some nice asses in there man, love those posting and those bubble butt too. Can't wait for the other ones next time. Throb919, you have a nice butt man. Keep them coming my friend. Have a great evening.


  9. Yves,

    Thanks! I'm sure they appreciate it.

  10. Throb,

    Thanks--and thanks for contributing your butt.

  11. Wrapping paper for the butt.hahahah.... XD that's a good one dude.

    Hope everything is well.


  12. Thanks William. I hope you enjoyed the butts on parade.

  13. All around amazing -- extra kudos to Tj, and cubwpb.... I think my tongue might break off in there. Just my idea of the perfect ass...


  14. Thx for the + feedback! Dinner is served!