Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: D Edition

The number of public followers I've accumulated on Blogger seemed stuck forever on 471. Then it started to inch up again over the last week. Now it's at 499.

And you know I have a tendency to celebrate when we reach milestones like 500. In the past I've given away pairs of spunked-up shorts that were, I do believe, quite gratefully received by the contest winners. I'm perfectly willing to do that again—I never seem to run out of the raw materials—but I thought I'd open up today's entry and ask the question: What kind of contest prize would you like to see for a random-draw event when I reach my 500th follower?

All I ask is that the suggestions be realistic. As much as a night with me sounds like a good prize (I hope!), it's not going to be realistic for everyone to hop on a plane an get to my city in order to wine and dine me and take me to bed. Notice how cleverly I didn't even bring up the possibility of me hauling out my credit card, there.

If you've got some good ideas, though, share 'em in the comments. Or mail me privately. I'm all ears. Otherwise, it's all underwear for the masses again! Not that it's a bad thing.

More questions from again, today. Feel free to pop over there and ask me what you'd like, as long as it's not abrasive or abusive. And have yourself a good Sunday, guys and gals.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot? If so where?

Although I enjoy beaches and wooded resorts, I tend to enjoy taking vacations to some of my favorite cities—Chicago, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles— so that I can not only take advantage of their cultural attractions, but meet several of their men as well.

If i'm not being indiscreet.. when/why did you switch from pure bottom (in the Earl[y] days) to 95-99% power top?

I wrote about the incident that began the transition in my blog, in an entry called 'The Fulcrum.'

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an archaeologist. I was highly influenced by the collection of artifacts from King Tut's tomb that toured the US during the nineteen-seventies.

Have you ever played hookie from work for the express reason of hooking up with someone?

No. I would simply invite them to bend over my work desk.

Have you sought or considered sex therapy/counseling to deal with your current mental block against bottoming?

Not beyond the counseling I eventually received after the incident that was at the root of it. Bottoming isn't something that I generally crave with anything more than a faint regret. If it was something I genuinely wanted regularly and found myself unable to do, I'd probably be more interested in overcoming my issues about it with action.

I know I can do it, because I've done it; the circumstances simply have to be right.

Love your blog and the fact that you are so grounded. The March 2 post was outstanding. Best to you and keep blogging.

Thanks for your compliments and good wishes!

Damn, those are some big balls (literally) you have there (your recent "smile" picture you posted) - but I'm digressing... Ever tried roids? How does bodybuiding make you feel (in any aspect)? the Dr.

Nope, I've never tried them. And do I look like a bodybuilder to you? I'm that 98-pound weakling upon whom the bodybuilder kicks sand.

In your blog you say you had been collared, what exactly did that mean to you, then? You were already submissive and obedient to Earl, so I'm curious if being collared took you to another level, or....?

A lot of today's leather and BDSM community talk about education, when it comes to their particular brand of play; I've known submissives who've been given books or texts to read, homework to write, their own blogs to keep about the experiences to which they're subjected.

I had none of that in my several years of time with Earl, the man around whom much of my sexual life revolved in my mid-teens. I'd show up to his house, wear the collar he'd leave me on his kitchen table, and then do whatever the hell it was he had planned for me that day. I didn't get any training other than what I got during the particular event. It was the same approach to advanced sex as throwing someone who can't even dog paddle into a watering hole is to swimming.

I knew certain things about the collar that made sense to me at the time. It was a badge of ownership. It allowed him to grab hold and direct me, when he needed, or restrain me when I was too eager. It was humbling. But most of all, it was one of those rituals that, by automatically following it without question, made me more his boy.

Have you ever had an experience when you were simultaneously having sex with two or more men who were related to each other (two brothers, a father and a son, cousins, or whatever)?


Have you told your partner about all of your past relationships?

No. That would take more years than I've already invested in the relationship.

For the tops, Have you ever fucked a Fleshlight? How does it compare to the real thing for you?

Even when it's soaked in warm water to feel more like the temperature of hole, a Fleshlight feels very different from the real thing.

It's not bad, or even inferior. Just different. A real butt is going to be warm and is going to react in way to being fucked that a Fleshlight can never approximate. However, fucking a Fleshlight can still be a fun and pleasurable activity, I've found.

What rights should the father have if his unmarried girlfriend wants an abortion?

I'm afraid I side with the girlfriend's rights on this one. It's her body. Her choice.

Do you have a favorite 'toy' as an adult? What is it? (Note: toy can mean whatever it means to you...)

If we're talking sex toy, I'd probably have to say my collection of cock rings. I keep going back to my trusty rubber rings over and over again, but I enjoy substituting some of the others for a change in sensation.

If we mean other toys, I'd have to say my iPad. I use that thing more than I ever expected. At this point, I use it more than my laptop.

You're the coolest man on the net!!

I know, right?!


  1. Oh, a Mercedes Benz would be

    don't worry about prizes...we get enough satisfaction from your blog period.


  2. Hey Rob :) Thanks for always answering our questions!! As for the giveaway suggestion, I think a pair of spunked-up underwear (or a jockstrap!) would be MORE than satisfying! I'd love to be on the receiving end of that shipment... ;) Keep up the awesome work. XO

  3. A jock strap but please wear it for a week first

  4. Since you posted this, you are at 500.

    I went back and read 'The Felcrum' and it shows how each person needs to try both ways of gay sex. While some may know they like it both ways, I think most will know right away which is right form them.

  5. i would love to have you fly to my city and fuck me silly. .... hell that is enough to make me open up another account just to be in the running.

  6. You definitely are the coolest man on the net.

    I'm drawing a blank on suggestions for your upcoming milestone - it is afterall (and sadly) Monday morning. But I wouldn't mind a pair of your spunked up underwear. Granted I wish I could be freshly spunked. LOL

  7. You, Sir, are a giver. It's one of the things I love about you.