Friday, June 17, 2011

Reader Asses: #13

I haven't had a chance to show off some reader asses in a good long while—at least since before my big relocation. And you guys know there's little I like better than some hot reader asses. Want to participate?Check the end of this entry to find out how.


I know nothing about Joseph beyond his name and the fact that he has one hell of a sexy body going on there. He's also got an eye for a camera angle—and one of those perky butts that looks good from any side.

Joseph, I'm putting you on official warning that if we're ever in the same city together, your hole is in danger, buddy.


Mark's a Twitter buddy of mine, and a very hot one, too. I like seeing him from this angle.

I haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing him live on cam like this, but Mark, if you'd like to show off for me sometime, I could take an entire session of watching you finger that hole like you are in the second photo. I'd give your nuts reason to swell a deep red.


So Rich from Chicago has given me a couple of photos here—one with a big black dick splitting wide open his hole, and another with an enormous pink dildo filling him. But you know, Rich? I still am not sure how much I like that ass. I'm pretty sure I like it a lot. Just about 99% certain, in fact. But maybe you'd better send me a whole lot more photos, just so I can be totally sure.

Another set with you getting fucked by poles of all colors would work just fine for me.


Jake describes himself as a Montana man—bi, married, and closeted. Jake's wife is one lucky woman, from what I can tell here. Not only has he chosen to share his juicy backside with us today, but he's sent us a shot of his sexy front as well.

Jake, I have a feeling these photos will make a lot of men (and women) very, very happy. I envy your spouse.

That's it for today. If you liked the photos, be sure to thank the contributors. After all, they get nothing more than the thrill of sharing their stuff with you. And of course, if you'd like to see your good featured here, send them in to me! My original guidelines can be found on this page.


  1. A big "shout out" to everyone for sharing their asses. It's always a pleasure to view. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Mark and Joesph are amazingly the ballcap that Joe is wearing.

  3. My my my. What wonderful asses you all have. The better for me to fuck you with, I think. Seriously though, thanks to everyone for sending these pictures. I'm gonna look at them one more time...for...academic reasons.


  4. This is indeed a SUPERB collection of butts. Rich clearly knows how to make a cock feel fabulous, Jake's ass is one I'd really REALLY enjoy stretching a bit, and Joseph's back and neck drive me crazy. But Mark - ahhh, Mark - the shape of those thighs, the suppleness of that hole, and the fucking ATTITUDE on his face as he fingers himself have got me absolutely drooling out here.....

  5. Sorry - forgot to sign that! The last comment is from me. I must have been REALLY distracted by Mark's butt (please notice how he's got me babbling in capitals.....)

  6. Wow my friend,
    There is some great looking bubble butt here.
    Love a man with hair and great legs, big plus for me. Thank you for those great photos my sexy friend.