Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: Mailbox Edition

I am a little behind on my email correspondence. I know this to be a fact because the night before last I looked in my Pending Mail folder on yahoo and saw that it had over 200 messages in it, beginning back before my move and continuing all the way through it up until the present day.

Even after I went through and deleted the notifications to comments on this blog that I needed to answer (and I might just pretty much call those a wash, I'm thinking), I still have over a hundred more personal notes to address.

Blog-related email has been kind of low on my priority list lately, and for that I apologize. It's just that I've had a ton of little moving-related things to do—driver's licenses and new plates, insurance, banking arrangements, cleaning, catching up on dental and eye appointments and what-have-you, and by the time I get home, that email just seems less like fun and more like work.

I'll get to them—I swear. It might not be in the timeliest of manners, but I will get to them. In the meantime, though, just know that no, I'm not offended with many of you. A couple, yes, but probably not you. I'm not ignoring you. Well, I kind of am, but I plead extenuating circumstances. And lastly, I honestly promise you'll be hearing from me eventually.

In the meantime, let's recap some of the questions I've been getting at

I'm about to go on a 350 mile road trip. Looking to get my cock in some guys mouths or asses on the way. Your advice on how to succeed?

I occasionally have some luck placing ads in the places I know I'm planning to stop along my longer road trips. Once in a while I'll get a good Craigslist hit. Typically, though, I have better luck simply showing up and getting online and finding someone once I'm there. Apparently pre-planning is too much for a lot of people.

What TV show makes you laugh the loudest?

The Inbetweeners, of relatively recent shows. I Love Lucy, from the classics.

Do you think love conquers all?

Romantic love can be a powerful motivator. At the same time, people do a lot of stupid shit in its name that they regret later. So no, I don't think that romantic love should conquer good sense or studied decision-making.

Are you going to make it to IML this year? I know you are moving in June, but hope that won't keep you from making it to Chicago. I know a couple of ppl who'd like to meet you...

I'm moving the weekend after IML, so I won't be there. I wish I could meet those friends of yours, though.

How many days can you go w/o beating off?

if I'm having regular sex on a daily basis (or close to it), I can go without beating off for weeks. I think three months was about my longest period, recently.

If I'm not having daily sex, about five days is about all I can stand.

What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?

I rarely have a problem telling someone I love them, though very often I fear the word 'love' scares people away, despite its many possible connotations.

Telling someone I don't love them back, however, or even telling them that I'm not attracted to them in that way, is difficult territory. Abrupt as I can be sometimes, I don't get a lot of pleasure out of hurting people's feelings.

Have you ever ended a friendship? I mean actually making a choice and ending it, not just drifting apart and losing touch.

I did it quite recently, in fact, when I asked a friend to apologize for some hurtful remarks he'd made to others about me. When he refused, I ended the friendship.

The time since has been remarkably awkward, as it's put many mutual friends in the unenviable position of having to be stuck in the middle of the argument. In addition, it's meant I've been excluded from their activities and get-togethers.

However, if my friendship isn't worth the price of one apology, then I'm not going to continue giving it away.

May I ask, why do you inquire about a person's HIV status, if you don't use it as a factor when hooking up?

If a person would like to choose to discount a person as a friend, partner, or one-night-stand because of his HIV status, he are free to do so. Never mind that for every one of those relationships there are many, many activities in which they could engage, including sex, that wouldn't result in the transmission of the HIV virus--if that was indeed what he most feared.

So if a person want to discriminate that way, he may feel free. I will think he's narrow-minded and ignorant, but it's his choice.

I inquire about my sexual partners' HIV status because I like to be informed. I do not make my selections based solely on status, however. There are many variables and shadings that are more important to me.

My choices are not your choices. And you're free to think about my choices what you will.

What's your favorite position for breeding?

Doggie. Hands down. Pun intended.

Where's the line where a guy becomes a troll?

For me, it's when his attentions begin to demand some kind of response from me that I don't want to give.

A guy who hits me up for sex once whom I decline, and then who politely nudges me from time to time to see if I might have changed my mind, might be a minor annoyance. The same guy who hits me up the moment he sees me, every single time, refusing to take no for an answer, or who follows me around even when I've made it clear that I'm not interested, is a troll.

I don't fault a guy for trying. I do get upset when his persistence implies an entitlement.

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  1. I think your readers will forgive you for not going back to posts from weeks ago and commenting. I won't. But everyone else will. (kidding)

    I like your answer to the HIV question. I like to know too, not because I sero-sort or discriminate, but simply because I like to know. Some people like to only have it one way or the other, but the truth of the matter is, there are plenty of things that you can do with an HIV+ guy that won't get you infected. And plenty of people taking the meds don't even have enough in their blood to spread it.