Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reader Asses: #14

Oh, I've been liking this series of entries. Anything that gets me a steady supply of pretty asses (in my in-box, anyway) gets my enthusiastic support.

But a question for you guys—do you want to continue to see the asses? Or should I be asking guys to send in photos of their junk as well? Let me know what you think.

In the meantime, we have. . . .


I'm telling you guys something. All that exercise this guy is doing is really working out. Jesus. Look at that perfectly round, furry crack. I want to mount and fuck the hell out of it.


Nathan's been not only good enough to include some photos of his hot butt, but of a guy deep-dicking it as well. For a moment, by the pubes alone, I thought that was me topping him.

I only WISH. That is a hot, hot ass, Nathan. It looks even better with a dick stuffed in it. Thanks for sharing the photos!


You know, every now and then I get a set of photos that tells a story. And what I really admire about SeattleBottom's series, here, is the pacing of them. They start off small and modest, with a small photo of him gulping down a dildo, rectally. Then he picks up the pace by bending over and assuming the position. By the end, though, he's on his back, legs lifted to heaven, hole exposed for everyone to admire . . . and use.

Gawd, Mr. SeattleBottom. You really know how to tease a horny guy, don'tcha? I love it.


Oh, Mike. I love your meaty, round ass. I would write a poem to it if I had enough synonyms to describe how perfect and round it is. And it would be a dirty poem, too.

I also love the way you steady your phone on your hip to keep it steady for the shot. That is the sign of a truly dedicated Ansel Adams of ass self-photography.

Let's give these guys a nice round of applause for sharing today, readers—and as always, if you'd like to participate, read the original entry for details on what to do.



  1. Cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks cocks plse

  2. Nice series and thanks guys for sharing. These are all amazing asses -- legs -- backs -- you name it. Why not let the reader who is submitting his pics decide what they want to share?

  3. I am a Top who can very rarely be flipped. I have found that many Tops and almost all who say they are Versatile, are actually bottoms. I think you have stated that in this blog at least once. Therefore if most of the readers of the blog would enjoy getting Topped, then cock pics might be more desired. I like both cock and ass pics though. When I see your posts that are "Reader's Ass's", I feel slightly let down as I come to your blog for your writing. It has a soothing, introspective quality that is in total sync with my views on sex and life. Basically sex for my brain. Whatever you post is great with me. I have started a blog, inspired by your own and it is a much harder task than I had envisioned. I imagine that the "Reader's Ass's" posts give yourself a break from writing daily. Thanks for keeping all of us stimulated (physically and mentally).

  4. Alas, once again I am forced to look at four incredibly beautiful, meaty, delicious, hungry, hairy...I'm sorry, I lost my train of thought. I'm forced to look at four great asses that I can't even run my tongue over, much less shoot my load into. Still, I have to say that swimbikerun's hair crack get's me going. Mike's round cheeks just scream to be spanked while I ride him hard. Seattle Bottom has a great pucker I would gladly finger open before shoving my cock in. And as for Nathan: I'm super jealous of the cock already in his hole.

    Great pics guys! Thanks a bunch!


  5. """""Let's give these guys a nice round of applause for sharing today""""""

    Or maybe a pat on the ass for sharing....hehe

    For your question, let them share what ever body part they would like and what you feel comfortable showing.

  6. ..from swimbikeFUN. Thanks guys. was not sure how many guys go for those hairy holes! :0- No issue on sending a cock shot but I was just trying to keep our author happy while he in a little bit of a dry spell. ...happy or frustrated ...not sure which!
    I must have made a mistake when I wrote: my profile name was swimbikeFUN :0-

  7. Those are four really amazing bubble butt you just shown us today man. I'm all boned uo again seeing that. You can still pur those in there but you can sometimes show some people junk, as you call it, in there too. I don't mind if you put mine in there. You already have some but if you want moe, i can send it to you my friend.


  8. Swimbikerun and that's my idea of the perfect set of book-ends...

    This is my favourite group in this series to date...

    Cheers (again) mate!