Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: Relocated Edition

Hey guys. It's me, I've landed, and finally have internet service again, and am happy to report that the move went well.

Mind you, I'm still mostly living out of cardboard boxes, and my movers were a little bit liberal and fanciful with their descriptions of what was inside—when I went hunting for some pots and pans in a very large box marked Pots/Pans, I found a collection of Christmas cookie cutters, frosting bags and decorator tips, all my bottles and jars of spices, each wrapped individually in about a yard of paper, the racks from a microwave over I haven't owned since 2007, several novelty coffee cups, a lot of assorted good china that I've never once used in my history of owning good china, more gravy boats than I thought it was possible to own, and then down at the very bottom of the box, one teeny-tiny square flat pan intended for the making of individual grilled-cheese sandwiches.

The actual pots and pans I was seeking I found in a box labeled 'kitchen/lamps.'

Oh, I admit that my own approach to packing was just as haphazard. Some of the boxes I made have labels like 'gloves/cat food/stock records', or 'sheet music/binoculars/computer software', but at least I have a vague memory of what went into them. With the stuff the movers stuffed into boxes, though? It's like Christmas with every new rip of the packing tape, as I discover all kinds of crap I didn't remember having.

At any rate, I hope to get back to a more regular posting schedule this week—though if I have to take a day or two off to switch over my driver's license or take care of business here, I trust you'll forgive me.

I'd like to thank everyone for the supportive comments and the countless great emails you sent during the week of my move and the week after. I haven't answered a single one of them, I've been so swamped, but I've been very, very grateful for them all. You guys are some good people.

Let's get to some questions to start the week off.

If you do not have a tattoo, would you consider getting one? If you do, would you consider getting another?

I would consider getting a tattoo if I could decide on the right design and placement. However, I've never thought of anything I've really wanted inked on my skin, nor have I really discovered a place on my body I'd like that something marked. I'm open, though.

do u use any cosmetic product 2 keep ur skin firm or 2 look great?

I moisturize. A lot.

can you tell whether someone is a top or bottom just by looking at him

Yes. Absolutely. I look at every gay guy and think to myself, "Bottom."

How often do you go online?

Jeez, I think it's easier to tell you when I am not online. I'm usually wired in some way, whether it's working at my computer during the day, or with my tablet reading at night. When I'm away from my desk, I have my phone with me for instant internet access at any moment.

That said, however, I'm very careful about my net access when I'm with others. I won't interrupt a conversation or meal or movie or night out to surf the web or catch up on Twitter. Occasionally, if it's the kind of casual get-together that allows it, I'll dip in. But if it's the sort of time with friends in which we're supposed to be enjoying each others' company, I would prefer to do that than post about it on Facebook.

Besides your blog, in what kind of outlets does your writing, erotic and otherwise, appear?

I did have that short thing in that place, and then those other things, and then the thing in that other place, too. So it's out there.

Is the first ice-breaking question you ask on a date, “What kind of music do you like?” Do you lose your erection if they readily respond with Lady Gaga, or do your pants fly off at the mention of Explosions in the Sky?

No, I really don't judge other people by their musical tastes, because my glass house built from Bananarama remixes is too fragile for me to throw stones.

library blowjob or truckstop buttfuck?

I like both. But I'd pick the buttfuck every time.

What words would you use, to describe an orgasm, to someone that's never had one before, so they would be able to form a mental picture of one?

I'd say it was like holding a bundle of fireworks in your belly, then releasing the pyrotechnics from every pore of your skin, all at once.

What are the words you would use, to describe what you look like, to someone who's blind?

"You know how it sounds when the gals go all giggly over Bradley Cooper? Well, I look just like him."


  1. Rob, I'm sorry but you can't look like Bradley Cooper. I say that because I don't like his work or his voice. I do like your work and voice. Can you look like Ryan Reynolds, instead? Tkx, mwg

  2. Mwg,

    Did I type Bradley Cooper? I totally meant Ryan Reynolds.

  3. Welcome to the east coast, my friend! I'm glad things are moving forward, even if slowly. At least you know where the good china is for you first dinner party. LOL Hope you find Connecticut as fun and interesting as Michigan.

    Hugs & tugs.

  4. Hi my friend,
    Glad you finally got your internet access and that everything went well. Glad to have news again from you. Hope that you're adjusting well to your new place and hoping that you will get on track of new encounters.
    Nice having you around for more my sexy friend.


  5. Be sure to let me know when you're feeling like things are sorted sufficiently to plan a proper welcome ;-)

  6. I LOVE the answer to your last question!

    And words du jour: library buttfuck! Hey! It happens. Not as much as it should. Okay, so it's happened once. =/

    And I'm glad you are moved. I'm home in the country for a week, so if you DO get back on a regular posting schedule, I have the privacy afforded by an empty house to comment. :)


  7. And, RedPhillip, if your proper welcome involves what I think it might, give The Breeder and extra bump and kiss for me please. :)

  8. Writer, I have my hopes for what The Breeder may welcome by way of celebrating his arrival, but that will of course be his call. I promise to dedicate a great portion of whatever bumps and kisses occur to your credit in recognition of your affection and respect for our host.

  9. Welcome home! You see, it all went well and you have been agonizing over all this. After a few months it will be but a memory. I hope you make new, good friends.
    Tip: When you meet someone new shake their hand and look at them in the eye...if they look down or away and don't make eye contact, that person either has something to hide or is not really interested in meeting are not important enough. I use this and it seldom fails me.