Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Quick Apology

I fear I wasn't able to post as much as usual, or as much as I wanted, this last week. Between a trip to the dermatologist and a continuing misery from my affliction, I didn't have a particularly great start to September. It doesn't help that the cure is about as annoying as the symptoms themselves.

Never in my life did I think the highlight of my day would be the showers I took, morning and night, to scald my skin in submission.

The good news is that I'm on the road to recovery, though, and intend to be posting more regularly this upcoming week.

Which brings me to something. I was lying in bed this week at four in the morning, wishing someone would skin me alive like Willow did to Warren on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, feeling itchy and sorry for myself, when it occurred to me how very kind many of my readers are. I've had readers send me emails wishing me well, and readers who've checked up on me on Twitter and Facebook, and readers who've texted me or helped me get through the long nights by chatting to me online, and readers who merely by speaking up with a cheerful word really managed to lift me out of the doldrums.

You guys are great. Thank you for your many kindnesses, and your patience. I've met some amazing people through this blog, and that makes everything worthwhile.


  1. Don't worry about not posting, you have to think of yourself first. Glad to hear you are getting better.

  2. Hang in there. Things will get better for you soon.

  3. If you've met amazing people through your comments, it seems you're reaping what you sow. You have a personality that draws people in and I suspect many of us envy your upbeat take on nearly everything you record. Get better soon, we'll be waiting.

  4. Being the ever maternal person I am I'd advise you not to shower too hot, but then I have a similar (permanent) condition and know how good that feels, if only for brief moments.

    (Mine flares up for apparently no reason from time to time, and the only relief was often to end the relationship I was in: I have a slight allergy to other people's sweat.)

    Apart from the cortisol cream you might be taking you should regularly put (non-perfumed/organic/nonallergenic) body lotion on, as often and as much as possible. Too much isn't enough.

    And I find being naked in the sun helps a lot (if you're not allergic to sunlight that is :)

  5. Glad that you are on the road to recovery! Relax, breathe and know that we are all here for you!

  6. Awww, I hope you're okay. Don't worry about your blog. You just need to get better. :)

  7. Hope your itching stops. Would a BJ help?

  8. Hi Rob,

    You deserve all the love that we give you cause you brought us in here and cherish every day we know you, i know i am my friend. I hope that your health is going better and that you recover well man. Take the time you need to get strong and we will be waiting for you.
    Take care my sexy friend.


  9. Hope you're all better now, keep up the good writing when you can!