Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reader Assets: #19

Just a quick intro this week before we get to the good stuff, as I've been rather busy here. I've got a great selection of men who are bearing their all for you guys (and gals!) this week—and of course, I'd be happy to include you in one of the next editions.

Just send me your goods using the email address in the sidebar. Back side, front side, with face, anonymous—we take them all, here. Make sure you put the words 'MY ASSETS' in the subject line, and make sure the photos are of you and that you're of age to share them. If all that's good, you'll be seeing yourself up here in no time.

Well, some time. But you'll see yourself up here.

Let's get started, shall we?


Aw, come on. I don't have to introduce this guy. Y'all know BikeGuy from his journal, which is one of the best-written blogs out there. Not only is he an all-around great guy and total pig bottom, he's also hot as hell. And a good writer, which is a rare combo.

If you don't read him, you ought. If you haven't fucked him . . . well, get in line.

About time you submitted to be in here, Bike!


My new best friend Davey is twenty and from Colombia. Having spent an evening with a Colombian just this week, let me say that between what my encounter and Davey's pics, Colombia's my new favorite country.

I mean, jeez. Look at that beautiful chest and waist—and that isn't even mentioning the beautiful dick and that big ol' puddle of cum. Beautiful, Davey.

If you guys want to get in touch with this hot boy, he's asked me to tell you that his email is . Get him while he's hot! (Which should be a real long while.)


Okay, you guys might go a little crazy over this one, because Josh—a young British follower of mine—has a bit of a secret.

He's still a virgin.

He's had a dildo in his ass, he tells me, but never a real dick. He's offered me the chance to take his virginity—which I would love to do, trust me, because that furry ass is fuckin' beautiful. But the distance and the matter of the Atlantic Ocean is a bit of a problem.

So, if any of you guys a little closer to him want to slip your dick into a virgin hole, Josh has asked me to tell you to contact him at .

Now, on this one you might want to hurry. A guy can only lose his virginity once.


Rounding out this week's assets (get it? rounding out?) is Will, who'd love us to see his butt. And what a butt it is, gentlemen. I think we can all agree? I love that face-down position and the white briefs yanked down just below the cheeks.

The butt is perfection—round, slappable, and definitely a nice home for my dick. I'd love to get to know it better.

Hear that, Will? You know where to visit. Soon.

Let's hear it for all of this week's exhibitionists. It takes a lot of guts to get up and show off in front of thousands and thousands of strangers!

I'd really like to see more of you guys up here next! Send me your photos!


  1. What? No comments yet? I don't get on blogger until 4pm and still no comments? Come on, guys (and gals)! This is a great bunch. Fine, I'll just have to do my usual long-as-hell comment to take up this space.

    BikeGuy's ass is one that, frankly, I need to get up into. That man has a fine hole and it looks like a nice home for a cock like mine for a night. I think a butt like that would keep me coming back for more. A night with him is one that would not include a lot of sleeping. The fur just adds to the amazing package that is BikeGuy.

    Davey, I must say, MUCHO GUSTO! I had a fun night with a fiery female from Columbia that is one of my most memorable sexual encounters ever. I'd love for you to be her male counterpart, if you know what I mean. And trust me, I know enough Spanish to talk dirty bilingually, if you know what I mean.

    Josh. Josh. Josh. How is that furry ass of yours still clutching it's cherry? If you were closer to me, that cherry would be mine. And what a sweet one to have. I think I could spend an entire day just munching on your forested hole before diving in and showing you what sex is all about.

    And Will. You know the perfect position to get my cock growing. The thought of slapping that ass before spitting on my dick and plunging right in is enough to get me off. And keep the briefs on. I have a thing for underwear.

    Thanks for your pictures, guys! I definitely appreciated them, and I'm sure that many who didn't comment did too. Man I love Readers' Assests. Let me wipe up my drool and thank you all again.


  2. Ace,

    I've been a little puzzled at the lack of response to the last couple of Reader Assets pieces. I know people love the feature, because I get a spike of hits every time I do it.

    But yeah, those photos are really good, aren't they? All my readers are sexy.

  3. Good Steed, if all your readers are not entirely sexy, they are absolutely sexier for following you here. I tell you one and all, being a Breeder's Reader is a major plus in my book and y'all go to the head of the line for whatever fun's on offer should we meet up some day.

    You curate a good exhibit, gotta say. All your contributors are brilliant, nary a one I'd not pleasure and be pleasured by. (I confess to serious meltdown over Josh for his outstanding furry ass. )

    You shame me to resolve to have some photos made to offer you and the gang.

  4. Rob,

    I think I missed the last Reader's Assests post comments because of the giant shitstorm my life had become, but I usually find these posts wonderful and love commenting on each guy for the beauty and sex that he is. I think what is great about these posts (and you blog) is you show other men how they are beautiful even if they are not the Hollywood standard for men. Frankly, I prefer the real men to the fakes any way.

    And RedPhillip,

    In spite 'a all them fancy words and such, if you was thinkin' 'a sendin' out some pics a' yerself I reckon that'd be mighty fine 'a ya. I would even ask 'at ya send them out my way too, I b'leave you have mah email.


  5. Rob my friend,

    Love when you put pictures of readers assets and can i say that bikeguy as my vote. I also a reader of his blog and followers. like you said, he is a great writer don't cut you out cause for me, you are the best and he by your side on that. I send you post of my front assets but if you don't have them anymore, i will send you more. Thank you again for that great post and keep them coming my friend.


  6. Want to thank all you studs for sharing your assets with us. That furry butt of Josh's won't be a virgin long after this post. Some lucky english stud will be knocking on his door very soon.LOL hal

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  8. RedPhillip,

    You have good taste, my friend. That furry ass is munchable.

    And yes, you should totally be sharing your assets.

  9. Yves,

    I love BikeGuy's blog, too, and always have. We can both be his fanboys.

  10. Hal,

    I know. The thought of someone else getting there first makes me sad.

  11. Bike Guy's dick is hot! he actually UC...he calls it a coupe uncut...says that the the operating physician (or the rabbi?) left a little skin overhanging