Friday, September 2, 2011

Reader Assets: #18

After my last couple of calls for readers to send in both front and back views of themselves for our regular exhibitionistic feature here, I received some really good email. The kind of email every guy likes to wake up to in his inbox. All I can say is that I have some super-hot readers.

If you'd like to join their ranks—or if you have sent in photos before and have some new ones you'd like to share—drop me a line. I post all body types here, all ages, and all shades of skin. The only thing I ask is that the photographs you contribute are of yourself, and aren't of some random hot guy you've lusted after on the internet.  So fire up your mail client already and send an email to the address in the sidebar. Put the words 'MY ASSETS' or 'MY ASS' or 'MY COCK' somewhere in the subject line. And then give me the name you'd like me to use when I post them in my blog—or if you'd like to remain anonymous, tell me that, too.


Our friend Jelle is from the Netherlands. Never have nether lands looked so good, right? (You'll have to excuse me. I home in on the bad pun, every damn time.)

But seriously—that's a juicy Whitman's sampler of images he's chosen to share with us. A beautiful deep hole, a hot stiff uncut dick, a pair of bulging balls, a long rope of sperm—it's like a five-course meal.

I love the photos, Jelle. I know my readers will, too—you've made a lot of fans today.


Continuing in our international journey today, we have Filip from France, showing off his best  assets. Filip has not only included a video for my readers' pleasure, but has thoughtfully provided his email address so that you guys can contact him directly.

I'm a fan of the whole hooded-and-kidnapped theme, of course—but Filip has the beautiful, lean body to thoroughly pull off the cock-hungry and willing-to-do-anything look. Fucking beautiful, mon frere.

Let's hear it for him in the comments!


I like a guy who improvises. And John here is the MacGyver of sex toys. When his puppy outgrew his chain, what'd he do? Turned it into a nut harness. It says something about me that I totally see the logic of that one.

John's got a great tool there—but the balls are what I keep focusing on. They look full and heavy. A lot of my readers are totally going to want them in their mouths, or emptying in their holes. And I don't blame them!

Our friend Ethan appeared in our last installment of Reader Assets, but he's back with an entirely new set that will set your salivary glands on overdrive.

The last time, Ethan showed off a spectacular hole. In this batch, he's appearing with his boyfriend. Ethan showed off his ass the last time, but this week he's displaying his top skills as he plows his lucky boyfriend's hole. Both of these young men are 100% versatile. And 100% yummy, too.

What's nicer is that Ethan sent in these photos to cheer me up when I was feeling poorly last week. And you know what? That kind of thoughtfulness is the best possible palliative ever.

Send me more photos! And let our brave contributors know how much you appreciate them!


  1. I can't believe no one commented on this hot set of pics--Thanks, guys!...I was vacationing (and plundering hole) in Louisville this weekend or I would have have, um, filled the void...

  2. FelchingPisser,

    I think everyone was on vacation. It's a shame. This was the best collection yet.

  3. I will comment, and say that I think my boyfriend's ass, red from a hard spanking, and lubed and ready for my dick is a sight to behold. Plus, Jelle's cum shot pic is just really hot.

  4. Ethan,

    I agree. Your boyfriend IS hot. And so are you, fucker.

  5. I like to thank my fellow "asseteers" for giving me great company here on my favorite blog! Filip shows that on our side of the Atlantic nice and very hot treasures can be found. My fantasy goes totally wild when I see John and his chain; it looks awesome. And Ethan showing himself and his boyfriend in action is great (and very, very sexy).

    Thanks for posting my pics, a little dream come true.

  6. Jelle,

    Those are beautiful shots. Thank you for sharing them. Send me more. :-)

  7. Those pics of Jelle are absolutely hot! A fat dick and gooey sperm, he can cum and fill me up anytime! :D