Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Morning Questions: The Itch Edition

Many of you guys have been concerned about my health, since I had to take off a few days, week before last. Thank you for your kind emails. Those of you who've written have been so solicitous and so discreet, in fact, that I gather from the way you handle me with kid gloves that you're all worried I have something fatal, and that I am slowly expiring by degrees on a fainting couch.

No, I don't have anything wasting. Nor do I have anything sexually transmitted, thank you. The truth is much more mundane. Ever since I moved to my new home, I've been breaking out in an itchy, blotchy rash that is intolerable enough during the daytime, but has been absolute torture by dark. Until I visited my doctor, I was averaging about three and a half hours of sleep a night. I visited the doctor after a particularly bad weekend in which I didn't sleep at all. He helpfully determined, as I've said, that I didn't have leprosy or scabies, and that I probably was having an allergy or a sensitivity to something in the environment—though he couldn't determine what.

So there you have it. No fainting couch. Just me and my new ultimate sexual fantasy of meeting a man with nicely-manicured fingernails who has a desire to do no more than crook his digits and just rrrrrrake them over my skin, starting with my feet and scrrrrrraaaaaatching his way up me, inch by vigorous inch. Oh yeah. The idea is giving me a hard-on, right now.

Let's get to some questions from (And if you have any, please visit the site and submit yours. You can do it anonymously!)

So, how are you adjusting to your new surroundings? 
Slowly, but surely. I don't feel quite as homesick as I did last week, or the week before. I've managed to drive places without feeling totally lost. And I can navigate my way into the city on my own. Baby steps, right?

have u ever opened the bathroom door accidentally, while someone being naked inside or peeing?
No. Mostly because both in my current household, and in the household in which I grew up, no one ever shut the bathroom door unless we had company.

How do/would you handle being in social situations with an ex trick or fuck buddy that you're on good terms with but you have a new boyfriend who's not comfortable with your friendship?
In a situation like this, it's the new boyfriend who has the issue—not you or your former lover. Be cordial and let him work out his own issues.

Any chance of seeing more videos of your sexcapades sometime?
Very likely. When I find some willing partners to make them with me. And a camera person.

Are you still doing cam shows on cam4?
I do, but not with any particularly predictable schedule.

Thoughts on Edmund White and his work?
White is a highly influential artist and rightly one of the most venerated gay writers out there. His prose is often beautiful stuff.

Gay life has changed so much in the last thirty-five years, though, that a lot of his works seems awfully dated today. It's not just him—most gay writers of the era look antiquated, with the accelerated rate of change over our landscape in that time period. That doesn't make his books any the less interesting or beautiful, but their relevance to the modern reader is going to vary.

If the men's room isn't available (and it's a 1-seater), do you use the women's?
No, because the women get mightily upset at the notion a penis has invaded their territory. The only situation in which I'd even consider such a thing would be at a gay bar frequented primarily by men, in which the women's room was a mere formality.

Not to be rude, honestly: What's the most offensive question you've ever received?
The questions that I've received that have barely been able to veil their hostility have all been uniformly offensive to me. Usually they come in two forms: either they accuse me or heavily imply that I lie about my health and serostatus, or else they come laden with judgmental words like 'adulterer.'

It's a shame that people have to use anonymity in order to take jabs at people whom they've never met and who have no direct relation to their life. Sad, really.


  1. Sucks you are not well, I had the same issue with some a new washing powder.

    Do judgmental people really have that much of an effect on you. Probably not, so let them have their little moment of glory being keyboard warriors.

  2. Good you're feeling better (I hope), sending best wishes your way ...

  3. It seems the internet was made for that (well as per Avenue Q it was made for porn) but really it seems that it was made for spineless twits to lash out at anyone and everyone under the safety of anonymity. Le sigh.

    Well, I'm glad you aren't wasting away. And I hope you figure out what's causing this rash. I'd hate for you to have to cloister yourself away like Julianne Moore in Safe. :)

  4. I long time ago a few months after I moved to southern California from northern California I started having sinus issues and was told it more then likely was due the drier climate of the south compared to my 30 years of living in the moister climate of the north. Now after 13 years of being back in the north my body seems to have changed again and I rarely have a sinus issue as the years here have passed.

    Sounds like you are having the same issue in some other form. Have an allergy test done, it mostly likely a native plant or tree in the area around your home.

  5. Sounds to me like Lymphoma. Get a complete blood count and chemistry panel. See a hematologist.

  6. Mind,

    I suspect my detergent might have been playing a part in the condition.

    The judgmental people don't, in large, affect my behavior or outlook. However, they can be the most strident and persistent of posters, and they get annoying very, very quickly.

  7. Writer,

    You had to bring up that movie! It's all I think about some nights!

  8. 10:57 Anonymous,

    It would be quite the coincidence for lymphoma to affect everyone in the household at the same time, wouldn't it? Thanks for keeping it alarming. :-)

  9. That two bathrooms with a single seat thing is one of my pet peeves. If the door locks and there's only one toilette, why does the room need to be sex segregated rather than unisex?

    If the one with the symbol wearing pants is locked, I have no compunction using the one with the symbol wearing a skirt if unoccupied.

    Then again, back in the day, my friends and I would shamelessly take the $1 Long Island Iced Tea on the if-you-wear-a-skirt night. Sure it was intended for the ladies, but an offer is an offer.

    I was a sight in my hiking boots, plaid flannel shirt, and black spandex miniskirt. Well, the skirt didn't belong to me. I did learn that wearing a miniskirt with boxers presents some unique challenges.