Monday, August 30, 2010

Don't Call My Name

In high school I was quite proficient in Spanish. I was skillful enough, anyway, that when we had a week-long Spanish class trip to Mexico, I immediately made friends with a narrow-waisted, shiny-haired Mexican gentleman from the street outside the hotel, who out of a fondness for me more or less single-handedly saved that week from being a total disaster for everyone by acting as our personal tour guide. Though to be frank, I’m not sure it was my weird-ass high school Castilian accent that charmed him as much as my little butt and my white-blond hair.

But that’s another story altogether.

While I was out east, I had Tuesday to myself. I slept in a little bit, had breakfast, took my shower, and then hopped online to see whom I could have over for some fun. Almost immediately on Adam4Adam I was messaged by a guy in my vicinity who said: q rico tu huevo ilike 2 cock baby sexy col my bb!!

Now, admittedly, my Spanish is way rusty, but I couldn’t make heads or tails out of that message. My eggs looked delicious? I gathered he liked my cock, but did he want me to call him baby? Or color him bareback? Or something else entirely? It was a mystery.

I wrote back something like, I’m sorry, I don’t understand, and got back a couple of question marks. Obviously the guy didn’t comprehend me, either—and it was a shame, because he was a gorgeous man, judging from his photos. His age hovered in the lower twenties while his dick sized soared to about nine fat inches. He was way bigger than I. My favorite photo of him, though, showed him slouching back in his computer chair, muscles pumped and his nipples betraying little dark fringes that were the only traces of hair on his golden chest. He looked thoughtful, and wore a pair of rectangular glasses much like the frames I usually sport.

I wanted his ass.

After a few more abortive attempts at communicating, finally he sent a single-word email I understood: Hotel??? I responded with the street address and my room number. A couple of minutes later, he sent me a time that seemed to indicate he’d be there a half hour.

He was prompt. I heard a knock on my door just as the hour turned, and when I opened it, he stepped in and smiled broadly. His teeth were white, even, and sparkling. He said something to me in Spanish that I failed to understand (I blame it entirely on his lack of a Castilian accent), though I thought he was saying something about it being easy to find the hotel, or something similar. “I’m glad you made it here,” I said, hoping I was in the right ballpark.

He raised his eyebrows. “¿Que?” he asked.

“Never mind.” I put my hands on his narrow waist, which funneled down to his ample butt. “I’m just glad you showed up.”

“¿Que?” he asked again.

We were rapidly devolving into a Fawlty Towers routine between Basil and Manuel, so I shut up and let my mouth do the talking. His own answered back immediately, as they pressed together hungrily. I loved how full his lips were against my own. They felt like cushions I could fall into, over and over again, without ever diminishing their plump softness. His hand rested on the cage of my chest, as if he was feeling for my heartbeat. I pulled away for a moment and rested my fingers atop his. “Rob,” I said, telling him my name.

He understood, and pulled my hand onto his own chest. “Alejandro.”

Thanks to Lady Gaga, that was a name I was unlikely to forget. “Tu estas muy guapo, Alejandro,” I said, running my fingers through his hair and wondering if I should’ve gone with an usted.

He seemed delighted with my lame attempts at communication, however. “You . . . sexy, papi!”

I’d like to say I pushed him down onto the bed at that point, but in point of fact, he was so overcome with puppy-dog enthusiasm at my rudimentary Spanish that he leapt on me and made me tumble to the mattress. I’d planned to remove the bedspread, because whenever I see a hotel bedspread all I can think about are those local news sweeps month exposes in which reporters run black lights over the bed linen to reveal all kinds of disgusting stains and dried fluids. But Alejandro was such a hungry kisser and so determined to take off my shirt and then undo my pants that stains were the last thing on my mind.

He had my dick in his mouth within a few seconds of me landing on my back. I was already hard and the insides of my shorts were slick with precum; by the time my head reached his lips, there was so much juice flowing that he stopped, looked up at me, and asked a question I didn’t understand. I think he was asking if I’d already shot.

“Just suck,” I whispered, pushing his mouth back down on me. The combination of his warm throat and those soft, pillowy lips made me sigh, deep from my chest. Idly I reached down and played with his brown, hairy nipples while he slobbered over my inches. In the dim light of the hotel room I could tell his eyes were closed as he relished every sensation of my dick sliding in and out of his mouth.

He licked my balls next, and kissed the insides of my thighs. Then he was back on my cock, muttering to himself in those moments when his lips were sliding up and down the exterior, rather than eating it whole. It sounded as if he were dirty-talking to himself. Then he pulled himself up to kiss me again. His legs straddled my hips, so that my dick was rubbing first against his own, then slipping back and between his butt cheeks. I reached around to feel his butt cheeks. The round globes of them filled my hands. He gasped when I pulled them apart and exposed his most private spot to the cold air of the hotel air conditioning.

My turn. I pushed his face into the pillows and assumed a spot behind him so I could rim his butt. He smelled not only of soap, but of a scent I recognized from my college days, when every frat boy on the make wore Polo. Alejandro had not only washed himself out thoroughly, but had sprayed his ass cheeks with cologne for me. I preferred the natural scent to the artificial, so I buried my nose and mouth as deep into his butt as I could. He responded by helping me out. His hands grappled back to lift and pull apart his cheeks, urging me in more deeply. Again, he swore in Spanish, and I found it deeply arousing.

I’d retrieved my mobile bottle of lube from the car earlier that morning. It was still warm from baking in the glove compartment the day before, when I squirted a dollop into my palm and spread it onto my red and steel-hard meat. He wanted me inside him almost more than I wanted inside him; his hips ground back and tried to seek out my dick’s tip even before I’d maneuvered it into range. “Calm down there, tiger,” I said to him. “You’ll get what you came for.”

He responded with something I didn’t understand. To my ears, though, it sounded like, Fuck me. Fuck me.

I slid into him. He opened like a fast-blossoming rose, spreading out so quickly and effortlessly it took my breath away. I had to stop when I reached the base, out of the unusual fear of shooting too quickly. When I encounter an unusually submissive bottom, the way his hole spreads to accommodate me and then grips down to keep me in often leaves me wanting to fuck hard right from the start, and Alejandro was begging to be banged. I didn’t hold back, and immediately began pounding his ass hard. With every collision of my hips to his ass, his cheeks vibrated and danced to my rhythm. His hands reached out and clutched one of the pillows. With a little whimper, he pulled it to his face and buried his nose and brow in its cool white cotton.

I fucked him on my knees, and then lying atop him with his legs pulled together, and on his side. But my dick best liked him in a doggie position with his ass in the air. At the bed’s edge I slammed in and out of him as his hands frantically played with his enormous uncut meat. From time to time I let my own hands slip down and between his thighs, where they would come away soaked from the precum leaking from his copious foreskin.

Alejandro could tell by my breathing when I was close to shooting. He responded by pressing his forehead against the mattress, as if he was attempting a headstand. His back arched. He seemed to watching me fucking him from underneath and upside down, as he beat his dick to a climax. We ended up shooting at the same time. I clenched and let loose only a split-second before he.

Alejandro’s load landed with a splat on the hotel bedspread. My dick slipped out of him. A moment later, my load slid from his well-fucked hole and dripped next to his own. So yes, gentlemen, when later this year or the next a news reporter investigates unusually large semen stains in a Stamford hotel in order to generate shock and horror ratings for the local stations, those will be mine, thank you very much.

We dressed fairly soon afterward, saying very little, and exchanging a quick kiss before I let him out into the hallway’s bright lights. We didn’t really need to speak, though. When in unison both of us had roared and groaned, then panted, and sighed, then at last we’d spoken the same language.


  1. Wow! I'm breathless



  2. Breeder -- Fucking HOT! Welcome back.

  3. Something tells me he's a regular in the making.

  4. James,

    Thank you! Now, take a deep breath.

  5. Sammy Bear,

    Glad to bone you, as always. And thanks!

  6. Fella,

    I would love to see Alejandro regularly, once I move.

  7. very nice. thanks for story.

    I am addicted your blog (and if I was having sex with you I'd probably be addicted to that as well ;) )

    anyway, your blog got me into the mood to write, it's off topic, but I thought i'd share with you my post to another site.
    my first time bare. it happened with this dude i was dating. You know how it goes.

    You wake up next to each other. In that cuddle position. He's behind you and says good morning by rubbing up against you. There's caressing and some nibbling and he's stroking your dick as his cock rubs against your ass.

    It's early and your still bleary-eyed and you're feeling it. You're feeling him. And he's feeling you. Hands are groping. The slow rubbing starts to increase a little. Sometimes his dick rubs against your hole and then gets stuck a little. And you know you want it. You question... should I? I really shouldn't.

    Then he pushes and rubs some more. And you feel the heat from him at your hole. The feelings really start to ignite in you. Before you know it, your hand is reaching back and positioning his dick. Right. About... THERE. Yes, that's it. Right where it should always and rightfully be.

    The urgency becomes greater. The pace quickens and his dick is now a little bit in you. He's pushing against you. Slow and rhythmic. It feels so good. You can't help but push back. Grinding against him. You just want more. More. MORE. HIs pace really starts to pick up and he's no longer just a little bit in. You went past that threshold. You can feel his length in you. His hardness. He's so big and it hurts, but in a good way. He's now fucking you. Sliding in and out. The friction, so good. You reach back with your hands. Groping his ass. Feeling his muscles contract. And you add to his strength by pulling him into you even more. Wanting him to pound you hard. Harder and faster. Wanting to feel his cock come out of your throat. Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster.

    And well, you get the picture.

    So, that's what happened to me.
    -scott nyc

  8. Whew. . .holy fuck, Rob. I'm presently in my office--good thing no-one is around to see how my khakis are tenting.

  9. Sex, the universal language!

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  11. Asinque, a parte de yo tener q escribirte en inglés, también me puedo comunicar contigo en Español/Castellano?!
    Yo sí lo hablo con el acento Castellano al q te refieres y espero que no haya ningún mal entendido, ya que las señales de mi cuerpo y cara te darán suficientes razones para hacer el amor algún día... ;-)
    Me ha encantado la entrada de hoy. Sigue con el buen trabajo hombretón!
    Un abrazo calurOSO!

  12. One: I love this..."When in unison both of us had roared and groaned, then panted, and sighed, then at last we’d spoken the same language."

    Two: I love the commenter just before me: Esteban! YUM!

    Three: I was trying to go one day without getting Alejandro stuck in my head. Thanks! ;)

  13. Scott,

    Um, yeah. Whew. I get the picture. And what a picture it was--thank you for that!

  14. Rob,

    No office hours? Students walking in unexpectedly?

  15. Esteban,


    I'll take the hug gladly. :-)

  16. Writer,

    Yes, Esteban is kind of fuckin' beautiful, isn't he? And you're welcome for the earworm, but surely it's better than the Snugarena.

  17. Translation: So, besides of me writing in English, I also can communicate with you in Spanish/Castillian?
    I do speak it with a Castillian accent which you refer to and hope that there will be no misinterpretation, when all of my body language and facial expressions will give you enough reasons to make love some day... ;-)
    I loved today's entry. Keep up the good work, papi!
    A warm bear hug!

    Thanks Writer! And Breeder: Wouldn't mind playing your Manuel/Basil... ;-)

  18. Esteban,

    I didn't really care what it said. You're so pretty I would've agreed to anything.

    Your #1 fan

  19. :-p

    That's sweet! *blush*

    I am getting all feelings from the 'Invisible' guy (August 10)
    "are you sure you want me?"


    Off to bed here...
    Hoping for sweet daddy-boy dreams! :-p

  20. Rob -- Welcome back ! missed your blogging. I had whiplash though, from your close cross-references to Fawlty Towers and Lady Gaga !!

    Have I missed you mentioning where you are heading to? Might have to put it on the travel schedule!

  21. Welcome back! I hope to hear about more encounters with Alejandro in the future.

  22. Jim,

    It'd be easier to visit while I'm still in MI!

  23. Luv2suk,

    I hope to get together with him more after the move. Keep your fingers crossed.

  24. I just have to say...I love being presented with a cock that precums a lot. Yummy! But one that precums so much that someone up close and personal thinks you already came?!? You have GOT to stop making me fall in lust with you!