Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Morning Questions: Road Trip Edition

Gentle Readers,

I will be away for most of this week, as I head on a road trip across the country to the state where I'll be moving in a couple of months. I kind of thought it would be nice to, you know, actually see the darned place before I move there.

Fear not, however—I've got you covered. While I'm gone, I've loaded up my blog to give you some dirty photos and a few sexy past journal entries. Save for the travel expenses at my end, it'll be like I've gone nowhere at all, right?

My bank of questions at is running low. Very low. If you've ever had a hankering to ask me anything dirty, now would be the time. Surely we haven't scraped the very bottom of the barrel that is my sexual life, have we? The nice thing about formspring is that you can ask what you'd like anonymously, and no one will judge you for it. Least of all me!

So, shaving? 1) the back? 2) the cock? 3) the balls 4) the hole. For your sex partners - and for you? Kirk in Atlanta (no back hair, shaved cock, balls, and hole)
I would never ask a guy to shave himself--unless he was into that, in which case I'd possibly help him.

I find extremely smooth and shaved guys very sexy. I also find hairy men sexy.

I don't have any back hair (that I know of). I trim my own pubes short, and shave around my dick. I also shave my balls. My hole I leave alone--it doesn't get much attention anyway.

Sadly, I also have to shave my ears.

How'd you first meet Scruffy?
He messaged me on Manhunt. I answered back and was pleasantly surprised to have him in my bed within twenty minutes.

I saw him three times in the space of a week, and after that we started to see each other as regularly as possible. He's quite easily the favorite of my regulars.

It would be interesting were Scruffy to breed you...just once...but one knows that that will never happen.
I never say never. I think it'd be interesting to see how and if that worked--but I don't know that he's wired that way any more than I am.

Have you been taking Scruffy bare from the beginning?

Does Scruffy read your blog?
I don't know. I doubt it. I don't think he'd find any fault with anything I've written about him, though.

With the Eagle gone, where's the uniform/fetish crowd in Detroit?
Most of the Eagle crowd had migrated to the Hayloft long before the Eagle closed, along with the R&R downtown. I've never been to the latter. Someone should take me.

Did a certain French professor "breach your backdoor?"
Yes, he did, though I think honestly he preferred oral. (This question obviously is of interest only to those who went to my small Southern college, but I've discovered there are several of you reading.)

if an 18 year-old virgin asked you to breed his virginity away, would you do it?
If he asked me, yes, I would.

Have you ever done any acting, either as a professional or as an amateur?
I acted as a kid in community theater. I also acted in college, but not since then.

When did you most recently bottom to anybody?
The last time I bottomed successfully--that is, full penetration, and my partner getting off in my ass--was about seven years ago. It may be closer to eight, at this point.

Which is the bigger event, the fucking or the breeding?
I enjoy the fucking more. If the sex is really good, I don't need to shoot to be happy.

Conversely, if the sex is not that great, I'd usually kind of like to shoot and get it over with. That consideration isn't as big for me, though.

I don't like the word "breed". Makes me feel like a fat farm animal. Silly?
I think the word's intent is to objectify you, to turn you into little more than a receptacle for the stud's semen. Silly? No. Your feelings are your own and you should honor them.

Many tops get off on the concept of using you like an animal, though.

Is it weird that I feel intimidated by you?
I believe you. I just get so intimidated by so many other people that I naturally scoff at the notion of being intimidating to someone else.

What academic degrees do you have?
I have a B.A. and an M.A. I studied for a Ph.D. but dropped out when I realized I didn't want to be an academic for the rest of my life.

is there anything you won't do?
I have a few sexual limits, including anything that draws blood, involves feces, extreme pain, or me cross-dressing.

More importantly, I won't deliberately be an ass or hurtful to someone unless they've done something richly to deserve it. I won't make a date and then simply not show. I won't misrepresent my age or stats or what I'm into, or use photos that aren't of me. I think those things are more important in the end.


  1. One of those comments has given me a thought... I know you like to be rimmed but fear that will lead to penetration... what about getting Scruffy to do it? The way the two of you fit together.. i think it's pretty safe to assume that wouldn't lead to penetration unless you wanted it to. Just a drunken thought from Australia.


  2. Jamie,

    Scruffy rims me all the time. He usually likes to shoot while I sit on his face and he buries his mouth and nose up my butt.

    Good times.

  3. Have a safe and successful trip, sweet friend. Remember, it's never too early to start building your "stable" in the new state.

    And a few other things: (1) I have a bit of back hair, but no-one has ever complained about it. (2) I trim around my crotch and shave my balls. (3) I occasionally have to trim my ears and such. Aargh. (4) I wouldn't assume I could fuck you after I rimmed you. But I'm confident I'd want to. :)

  4. What is your forumspring username as i cant find a link. I tried mrsteed64 but it doesnt work

  5. Hey have a nice trip and bla bla bla hehe.

    Im going to San Diego tmorr to do Porn. NO I PROMISE NOT WITH Joe Serna! :-D

    Man, hugs and kisses from


  6. Have a safe trip! Glad to know that you'll still be here in spirit.

  7. Doc Rob,

    The trip is going well so far. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Ear hair is the worst part of growing older, I'm convinced.

  8. Anonymous,

    Try looking under 'meetthebreeder,' which is the same as my Twitter handle.

  9. Lucas,

    What sort of porn do you do? I'd be interested in seeing it.

  10. Luv2,

    I'll have web access as well. Thanks for your good wishes, though.